golf iron

The 7 Best Golf Irons 2019

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The 7 Best Golf Irons 2019 A good iron will help you improve the majority of your shots and also help you achieve your best golf performance. When selecting the right iron for yourself, there’s a number of consideration to make. First of all, you want to consider the weight […]

golf shoe

10 Best Golf Shoes for Men

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10 Best Golf Shoes for Men Getting the right golf shoes might be an uphill task sometimes for golfers. Therefore, to make this easy we have researched, reviewed and tested quite a number of golf shoes. And finally, we came out with 10 of the best golf shoe suitable for […]

Putting tips

8 Best putting tips

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8 Best Putting Tips If you wish to improve your putting skills, here are 8 putting tips to learn from. Putting is a golf stroke used with a club called a putter when you’re on or just off the green. Having the best or most expensive putter is not enough […]

8 Best Golf Putters 2019

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BEST GOLF PUTTERS The putter is one of the most favorite club every golfer uses. However, it is sometimes difficult for golfers to select their favorite putters because of the variety of putters available. Nevertheless, in this post, we have researched, tested and certified 10 different putters that will serve […]

best golf shirts

Best Golf Shirts

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Best Golf Shirts for Men Golf shirts don’t just need to look good on you, It also should be able to enhance your performance. When searching for a perfect golf shirt, there are few things to consider before making an order. However, a good golf shirt should have an anti-odor […]

golf rangefinder

The 7 Best Golf Rangefinders of 2019

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The Best Golf Rangefinders One of the most fun and useful innovations in golf has been the golf rangefinders. Golf rangefinders are devices that measures the distance of a target from the observer.  Golfers use  rangefinders to have a clear idea about the distances of the target (generally flag). However, […]

golf rules

Golf Rules

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GOLF RULES FOR PROS AND ARMATURES The number one golf rules is to play fair. Even on the back cover of the rule book it states to:  play the course as you find it  play the course as it lies and  if you can’t do either, do what is fair […]

Best Golf Balls

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The Best List Of Golf Balls of 2019 Lots of golfers have watched their buddy pull a scuffed up and dingy golf ball out of their bag on the first tee, only to slice it into space.  Although morning stiffness is the cause of many bad golf shots, so are […]

How to Use a Golf Rangefinder

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How to Use a Golf Rangefinder a golf rangefinder is an equipment that will measure the distance between the ball and the pinhole. Most people think that the only equipment for golfing is balls and clubs. Nevertheless, the golf rangefinder could help you improve your performance. In addition, it will […]