Adidas unveils the Tour360 XT Twin Boa Golf Shoe


Adidas has unveiled its first ever golf shoe to feature two Boa lacing dials. Although boasting many of the same performance…

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Adidas has disclosed its first-historically speaking golf shoe to highlight two Boa binding dials.

Despite the fact that bragging numerous of similar performance characteristics and design components found in the first Tour360 XT shoe, including the X-Torsion outsole, the XT Twin Boa offers two unique dials for changing fit in various zones of the shoe.

The principle dial changes the snugness of the forefoot, as is customary in BOA shoes, yet the littler dial alters how the shoe fits around the lower leg, something totally exceptional to the golf shoe advertises. The two dials not just enable wearers to tweak fit and solace however empower the shoe to cook for a more extensive scope of foot widths.

The two dials modify the fit with accuracy – 1mm of alteration per snap of the dial – and considers brisk discharge.

One more of the shoe’s key highlights is the execution of the Forged 360 Wrap, which wraps from the back of the forefoot to the upper, and the Boa trim, which is more grounded than in past models. These two join to keep the upper of the shoe from growing during the swing, prompting more noteworthy soundness.

 You can get one here: Tour360 XT Twin Boa Shoe

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