The Best Golf Drivers of 2020

best golf drivers

The driver is one of the most important golf clubs carried by most golfers and is built to hit the ball the farthest out of all of them. Golf drivers can be easily recognized because it has the largest clubhead, the longest shaft, and has the least amount of loft (with exception of putters).

With the best golf drivers at hand, it will definitely make some improvements in your game even if you’re an amateur golfer. Below, we have the very 5 best golf drivers available for you.

These golf drivers have carefully been reviewed, tested and certified as the best in the market and according to golfers who have used these golf drivers, they have also testified of their performance.

So, without wasting much of your time, here are the 5 best golf drivers of 2020. But before you check out the 5 best golf drivers, why not take a look at the buyer’s to guide first. it will guide you on how to make the right choice.

Buyers Guide: What to Look for in a Golf Driver

Clubhead Size: manufacturers measure the size of the driver in the volume of the clubhead. Golf’s principles limit a club head to 460 cubic centimeters (cc). These clubs give golf players an enormous sweet spot, limiting the impact of mis-hits and giving the most extreme distance.

Clubhead weight: Most current drivers run somewhere in the range of 265 and 310 grams in weight of the clubhead, as indicated by Dick’s Sporting Goods. A lighter driver enables you to produce a higher clubhead speed, which results in a superior distance. More grounded players can utilize a heavier driver without losing club head speed, creating significantly more distance.

Shaft length: The most extreme length of a driver permitted in golf rules is 48 inches. In any case, most organizations will stay with a pole length somewhere in the range of 43 and 46 inches. Shorter shafts are somewhat simpler to control, yet you do need to forfeit some separation versus a more extended shaft.

Club space: The space of the driver is the estimation of the point of the clubface when it’s perched on the ground. A driver with a space of fewer than 10 degrees will bring about lower shots, while more noteworthy than 10 degrees of space gives you a higher arcing shot. Most drivers extend from 8 to 12 degrees in space, agreeing to Ship Sticks. When in doubt, progressively experienced players can control low space drivers well, while armature players need a higher space club to have more accomplishment to the detriment of some distance.

The focal point of gravity: The focal point of gravity in the driver is the time when the driver’s weight is adjusted. Drivers with a focal point of gravity toward the back of the club will create somewhat more space with a higher reverse-pivot rate, which unions the best advantages of distance and precision for the normal player.

Flexibility: Numerous new drivers enable you to modify the space and center of gravity of the club while you’re on the course. You’ll utilize a twistable neckline close to the clubhead to marginally alter the space point of the clubface. Some club heads have removable weight slugs that you can move to various situations in the club, changing the focal point of gravity.

Here are the best golf drivers you can buy

Name Features Where to Buy
Ping G400 Max

Ping G400 Max golf drivers

Overall-Best Get it on Amazon
Callaway Rogue Draw

Callaway Rogue Draw golf drivers

the best driver for fixing a slice, the clubface to reduce a penalty from mis-hits Get it on Amazon
Wilson C300

Wilson C300 golf drivers

best adjustable driver Get it on Amazon
Cobra King F8

Cobra King F8 golf drivers

Best for swing forgiveness, lightweight Get it on Amazon
TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

TaylorMade AeroBurner golf Driver

Cheap, lightweight Get it on Amazon

Best Golf Drivers Review

When you’re searching for the most recent innovation in a golf driver, you’re typically searching for a Ping driver. Ping has been at the front line of the recent upgrade to drivers, driving the change from a forward focal point of gravity to a back center of gravity.

Ping’s new structures have been prevalent enough that numerous other driver organizations have followed its building changes. Ping’s most recent driver, the G400 Max, utilizes the back center of gravity plan with simply enough building changes to make this driver an enormous performer. The sharp-looking Ping G400 will convey astounding execution for various degrees of golf players.

The present Golfer says the G400 Max gives you slightly more absolution in your ball strikes than the G400, which is significant for players of any experience level. The Golf WRX review likes the marginally smaller head size of the G400 Max versus different drivers and versus past Ping drivers, as the smaller size takes into consideration somewhat quicker clubhead speed.

At the highest point of the Ping G400, Max’s clubface is small raised zones that help to diminish air grinding and give you somewhat more club speed. Indeed, even an improvement as little as this can convey a sufficient knock-in club speed to give you a few additional yards on your drive.

Some golfers say the G400 Max proceeds with the custom of great drivers from Ping, giving you just enough improvement over its forerunners to make the G400 the new ruler of the slope.

The G400 isn’t modest. So in case you’re content with your momentum driver, you might need to stay with it. However, in case you’re discontent with your ebb and flow driver — and truly, who isn’t a great deal of the time? — the Ping G400 Max is one of the best divers available and also an astounding bit of golf technology.

Pros Cons
includes all of the latest technological updates Drivers are expensive and this is no exception
Delivers the length you want from the driver with a more forgiving face for mishits not hugely different from last Ping driver model

On the off chance that you’ve never cut a golf shot… all things considered, you’ve most likely never played golf. Barely any things are as disappointing in the game. Certainly, you detest leaving that 4-footer for birdie short, yet in any event, you made a few incredible shots to place yourself in that position.

The cut drive quite often means you’re in a difficult situation off the tee, and you’re in for a long, baffling hole. Callaway’s Rogue Draw driver is great at limiting the negative impacts of a cut.

A cut happens when the essence of the driver doesn’t strike the ball squarely. Rather, the impact point of the clubface is in front of the toe, leaving the club “open” and making the ball leave the driver’s face with sidespin. For a right-handed golf player, this turn makes the ball travel fiercely from left to right as it goes down the fairway, in all likelihood leaving you in the unpleasant, trees, or water danger.

Report from GolfTec says that Callaway expanded the snapshot of idleness (MOI) over a more extensive segment of the driver’s face, giving it an all the more forgiving ball strike. In the event that you strike the ball off-center with the Rogue Draw, you won’t be punished as seriously as you would be with a less forgiving clubface.

The Rogue Draw contains a more prominent measure of weight in the impact point of the club versus the toe, which should hinder the heel and help you square the ball better, agreeing to Golf Magazine.

The present Golfer says that despite the fact that you won’t have the option to see the cut fighting innovation in the Rogue Draw, the outcomes are clear. Its tests demonstrate that you’ll get seven yards of draw inclination versus a year ago’s Callaway Epic driver, which could mean the difference between being in the harsh and being on the edge of the fairway.

The Callaway Rogue Draw driver does precisely what it guarantees. this makes it one of the best golf drivers in the market today

Pros Cons
the larger sweet spot on the clubface to reduce a penalty from mis-hits Extremely expensive
Uses extra weight in the heel to encourage a ball strike that’s more square won’t fix severe slice problems as well as changing your swing

Having a movable driver may appear to be odd to golf perfectionists, however, golf clubs that enable you to make slight acclimations to the different pieces of the club while you’re on the course are ending up progressively well known. One of the most fascinating customizable drivers is the Wilson Staff C300 Driver.

With this golf driver, you can modify the space and face angle by utilizing a twistable chamber at the hosel of the club (simply over the clubhead). You can change the space in six distinct situations between minus 1 and plus 2 degrees with this chamber.

Also, the C300 gives you flexible weight in the clubhead. By changing the position of these loads, you can give this Wilson driver a draw predisposition, a blur inclination, or an unbiased inclination for the ball flight. A draw predisposition makes the ball turn somewhat to one side, a blur inclination turns the ball to one side, and the impartial predisposition decreases sidespin.

You won’t have the option to fix critical swing issues by altering the situation of the loads in the clubhead, yet you will get marginally extraordinary ball ways with changes in the area of these loads.

As Golf Magazine makes reference to, another intriguing structure highlight is the thing that the producer calls Power Holes, which are loaded up with urethane and give a more prominent flex to the clubface at impact, which builds the size of the sweet spot.

The C300 driver has an incredible looking shape and a rich red shading on the highest point of the club. The C300’s matte completion diminishes sun glare, as well.

Golf players who have a high swing rate will get the best profit by the Staff C300 driver, agreeing to Golfalot. Be that as it may, high impediment players with moderate swing speeds most likely won’t get a lot of distance profit by this driver, making it intense to legitimize its significant expense point.

On account of the low turn rate this club conveys off the face, golf players will get additional absolution for unbalanced ball strikes, concurring to The Hackers Paradise.

With a heavier swing weight than some other Wilson drivers, controlling the Staff C300 will be a simple procedure.

Pros Cons
Highly adjustable driver for changing the club face’s loft and weight positioning high handicap players who have slower swing speeds won’t generate extra distance
slow spin rate delivers forgiveness for off-center ball strikes Expensive

An upgraded clubface versus past version of Cobra King drivers gives the F8 an additionally sympathetic contact point, which will help mid and high impairment golf players keep their drives in the fairway all the more frequently.

Cobra’s fashioners have invested a great deal of energy structuring the clubface on the F8, making a titanium face that is 10% lighter than in past adaptations. Concurring to Golfalot, this enables less experienced golf players to create all the more swing pace.

The exact processing and structure of the titanium face embed likewise convey a slight arch, which guarantees the Cobra driver keeps up better leave speed on mis-hits, just as a superior dispatch direction, as indicated by Golf Digest. This causes the mid-to-high impair golf player to increase a longer distance on mis-hits.

Furthermore, the processing design on the substance of the Cobra King F8 looks incredible which makes this driver pleasant to convey clinched and use.

Be that as it may, as Golf Monthly brings up, this example on the clubface could be diverting for certain players. Moreover, it says the upgrades in the F8 versus past variants will come in better exactness, as opposed to in better distance, which a few players won’t care for.

Pros Cons
Thinner and lighter clubface helps the golfer generate more club speed the pattern on the milled clubface may be distracting for some golfers
slight curve to the face of the club delivers more forgiveness for mis-hits Expensive

In case you’re encountering some sticker stun when looking for golf drivers, you will need to consider the TaylorMade AeroBurner driver, which costs quite less than most golf drivers while giving high and mid-handicap players the capacity to acquire space on their shots off the tee.

TaylorMade gave the AeroBurner a straightforward plan, however, that is normally all that most unpracticed players need.

It doesn’t give you the alternative of making changes in accordance with the weight situating and clubface point, for example, you see from some progressively costly drivers. All things considered, with a driver in this value run, you shouldn’t hope to have numerous customization choices, as per Laser Golf Rangefinder.

But since the weight equalization of the clubhead is great out of the box, you may not miss the capacity to move the club’s weight.

The present Golfer says the AeroBurner is worked to enable the golf player to create however much speed as could reasonably be expected at effect, so even mid and high impairment golf players ought to have the option to increase more distance.

The additional space even with the driver will enable players to acquire a circular segment on their drives, says Pro Golf Magazine, which ought to take more control. Moreover, low shots of the driver — the feared “worm burner” — are a typical issue for high impediment players.

Pros Cons
An excellent price point for a new driver No options for making adjustments to weight distribution or clubface loft
the lightweight club that can help you achieve a higher level of club speed may not give you the longevity you want

Test Process

Time and resources were put into researching the most popular and best golf drivers on the market. Before making the final selection of the best golf drivers, about 10 different golf drivers were considered. They were properly reviewed, screened and over 20 user reviews were read online (both positive and negative). All of this result adds up to what makes this list of the best golf drivers you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the event that it is from a trustworthy producer, at that point it should last for in any event five years under sensibly substantial use. This implies playing 30 to 40 rounds of golf a year and going to the driving range about once per week
Another set could see your handicap come back to its right score. It is recommended that beginners and easygoing players should change their clubs every few years.
In spite of the fact that they are slender, the present club faces will take around 5,000 to 10,000 effects on the sweet spot at 115-to 120-mph clubhead speed before the face starts falling apart. Most drivers will be outdated or worn out in different manners before they hit that numerous unadulterated tee shots.


If you know the importance of using the right equipment when playing golf then you will look only for the best golf drivers. Check all the necessary specifications mentioned above before your purchase and choose what you really need.