Best Golf Instructional DVDs of 2024

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Although YouTube channels might help aspiring golfers refine one aspect of their game, professionals know you can’t master the concept by watching a bunch of 15-minute video clips.  And that’s perhaps why the best golf instructional DVDs space is still thriving.

Tips are available from professionals like Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson and over 100 teachers on a single golf instructional DVD series.

It is no surprise to seasoned players that the best golf instructional DVDs vary as greatly as the many variations of the sport. Some focus on a particular aspect like a long ball or putting, while others provide tips for armatures.

Although, there’s probably no one single-best golf instructional DVDs. Rather than settling for one, it will be best to invest in all.

Therefore, our picks for the best instructional DVDs for golfers are:

The 7 Best Golf Instructional DVDs

Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime II

In 2010 Tom Watson launched his first instructional DVDs program, Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime. It has however  become one of the best selling golf instruction programs of all time having sold in over 40 countries in 5 languages. in addition, you can now benefit from that instruction plus over 20 new additional lessons.

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Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers: More Power

Derived from the experts behind Golf Magazine, this instructional DVDs leverages the advice of 100 pro teachers into one central resource ideal for mid-level handicapped golfers. Certainly, these pros come from a range of different backgrounds, including those who worked at the top resorts in the country and ones who teach at par three courses and driving ranges across the country, to bring you a complete instructional resource in one DVD.

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Best Basic Instructional Golf Videos

This stock of four instructional DVDs covers all aspects of the sport, and conveniently broken down into the long game, the short game, practice drills, equipment, course management and etiquette.

It focuses on essentials like how to swing rather than sway, lining up for the perfect putt, getting the grip right, judging distance and direction accurately, and knowing when to putt and when to chip and run.

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Phil Mickelson: Secrets of the Short Game

Phil Mickelson, who has won 34 PGA Tour events, guides you through all shots played from that distance, including putting, chipping, sand shots, and the flop shot that he popularized shortly after joining the tour in 1992.

Mickelson however explains it all with a refreshingly conversational tone. That is to say, with lots of practice and re-watching, it’s certain to improve your game. The double-disc set highlights intuitive menus and scene determinations, with an aggregate running time of 105 minutes.

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Jack Nicklaus: Golf My Way

Jack Nicklaus in Golf My Way is broken out into two DVDs, the first covering all the basics, while the other explores more minute aspects of the game like wedge play, the downhill and uphill lies, the bunker shot, and putting.

Rather than relying on tricks or funky swing stances, jacks approach is refreshingly bare bones, focusing on the fundamentals like swing, award-winning, and grip.

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David Leadbetter Interactive: The Modern Golf Swing

However, Consisting of 4 DVDs and an exclusive interactive program, this kit covers all aspects of the golf swing, including 5 hours of instructional content and 70 game-improving drills. The instructional DVDs focuses first on set-up and swing concepts, then follows with golf swing essentials, tips to improve your accuracy by shaping your swing, and executing power shots to distance shots.

In addition, you also get a Swing Analysis, an interactive disc that utilizes the same V1 swing technology Leadbetter uses with tour players to analyze a swing.

Most importantly purchasing the instructional  DVDs set gets you membership and access to the Leadbetter Interactive Golf Academy. so you can send your swing elusive a certified instructor for personal swing analysis, who then assigns specific drills to help overcome your faults, which you can also send to your phone or any other device for reference purpose when at the practice stage.

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Hank Haney: ESPN Golf Schools: the 3-Club Tour

There’s no questioning Hank Haney’s credentials. He’s mentored more than 200 touring pros from the PGA, LPGA, and the European, Japanese, and Asian tours, including stars Tiger Woods and Mark O’Meara. In this instructional DVD, he leverages all this experience by applying the basics of ESPN’s one-day golf instruction template to offer a definitive resource for golfers of all skill sets by determining how to make use of the three dominate clubs in any golfer’s arsenal: which is the driver, the wedge, and the putter.

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There are lots of good instructional DVDs on the market, but we’ve carefully selected and reviewed these seven as our best. (You can also check out our recommendations for Best Golf Magazine and ​best golf sunglasses.)

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