Best Golf Rangefinders of 2024

best golf rangefinders

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Looking for the best golf rangefinders to buy online? You just found the right place. Let’s be frank! one of the most fun and useful innovations in golf has been the golf rangefinders. Right? Golf rangefinders are devices that measure the distance of a target from the observer.  Golfers use rangefinders to have a clear idea about the distances of the target (generally flag). However, like any other gadget, there are a variety of rangefinders to choose from.

Finding the best rangefinders wouldn’t be so difficult anymore if you consider what’s necessary before buying. To make it easy for you, we’ve researched numerous golf rangefinders out in the market and came up with the seven best rangefinders that have been certified by all standards to be the best. So, go ahead and check out our list and make your choice.

Buyers Guide: 6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Rangefinder

Accuracy: A solid and precise reading from a rangefinder is the gadget’s essential function. Poor rangefinders that give loose yardages are inconsequential to own.

When scanning for a steady and beneficial golf distance finder, look for models that will convey precise estimations inside a yard of the target. When you buy a rangefinder, you should ceaselessly test and ensure that the readings you are getting are right.

Slope: The slop work on a rangefinder decides the accurate yardage required for a shot when representing the rise distinction from the fairway to the hole.

Pro golf players love having the incline work for shots inside 150 yards because of the accuracy of the readout. Birdie putts from shorter separations have a higher level of going in; in this way, it is shrewd to have the most precise data when hitting that subsequent shot.

Optics: Much like top-flight binoculars, great rangefinders have high-caliber optical focal points to see through to decide targets and yardage. Best-in-class rangefinders have amplification that goes up to 6x. The higher the amplification, the closer it will show up you are to the objective.

Most rangefinders worth their cost will give you a range that stretches well more than 1,000 yards and will furnish you with a separation to the banner inside approximately 450 yards.

Battery: Most rangefinders utilize either rechargeable batteries or batteries that buyers can find in many stores. Rangefinders don’t utilize a lot of power when doing their readings, so batteries should last over numerous rounds before they should be changed or revived.

Output Speed: Output speed is the time it takes the golf rangefinder to secure a target. The better the rangefinder, as a rule, the faster it will find the target because of its expanded handling speed.

Probably, you can hope to hold down the button or trigger of your rangefinder for near ten seconds for the gadget to altogether check the target zone.

Waterproof: The best golf rangefinders are waterproof, making them totally safe to use in a blustery climate. It is indispensably imperative to dry the gadget between utilizations in the downpour with the goal that the lingering water doesn’t stay on the rangefinder.

Best Golf Rangefinder Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy

Bushnell Pro X2

golf rangefinder

450-yard distance, waterproof Get it on Amazon

Gx-4ia2 Leupold

golf rangefinder

has multi-coated lenses for improved clarity, waterproof Get it on Amazon

Precision Pro NX7

Shock resistant, waterproof, good battery life Get it on Amazon

TecTecTec VPRO500

Lightweight, portable, waterproof Get it on Amazon

Nikon Coolshot

Lightweight and portable Get it on Amazon

Golf Buddy LR7S

golf rangefinder

Waterproof, lightweight, easy to use Get it on Amazon

Approach Z80 Garmin

lightweight, Able to detect obstacles Get it on Amazon

Tour V4 Jolt Bushnell

golf rangefinder

Water-resistant, easy to use, Portable Get it on Amazon

Best Golf Rangefinders

Here are the best rangefinders available in the market today.

Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Rangefinders

golf rangefinder


Apart from its extreme durability, the Bushnell Pro X2 golf rangefinders feature a Class 1 laser and Dual Display technology. meaning users can check their range using either a black or red display to accommodate weather conditions. The Pro X2‘s function with JOLT technology will vibrate in the user’s hand when it locks the target.

Read the full review: Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Rangefinders

Pros Cons
It has a vibration mode to give you confidence that you’ve hit the flag and not a different object. in addition, they are Expensive.
Has 6X magnification and is up to 450-yard distance to a flag.
Also, with a dual-display technology

Gx-4ia2 Leupold Best Golf Rangefinders

golf rangefinder

The Leupold Gx-4ia2 Rangefinder features a bright OLED display and also a Digital Enhancement Accuracy for faster measurements. In addition, they are totally weatherproof and have multi-coated lenses for improved clarity. It comes also with a built-in pin hunter to help you spot the flag from far away.

Read the full review: Gx-4ia2 Leupold Best Golf Rangefinders

Pros Cons
Totally weatherproof and has multi-coated lenses for improved clarity. in addition, they are Expensive.
They Have an OLED display and Digital Enhancement Accuracy
Also Permitted for use in tournaments under USGA rules

Precision Pro NX7 Best Laser Rangefinders

The NX7 laser rangefinder is a newcomer to the market and has a variety of features like excellent accuracy. In addition, it is lightweight, feels comfortable when using, has good battery life, and is able to lock onto the intended target.

Read the full review: Precision Pro NX7

Pros Cons
Has an excellent batter life. The yardage readings may sometimes be inaccurate.
They are Water-resistant and also Shock resistant.
And likewise, comes with a 2-year warranty.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Best Golf Rangefinders

Being one of the most popular golf rangefinders, TecTecTec likewise has created an amazing product that is very reliable. In addition, they are very affordable, sleek, and water-resistant.

Pros Cons
Measures up to 540 yards with continuous scan mode. Not quite as accurate as Bushnell and Leupold’s models.
They are lightweight, portable, and also,
They also come with a 2-year warranty.

Nikon Coolshot Best Golf Rangefinders


The Nikon Coolshot Golf Rangefinders is yet another great option. it is one of the best golf rangefinders in the market. Similarly, this product provides incredibly fast and accurate distance measurements for every shot you’ll encounter on the golf course.

Pros Cons
provide an 8-second continuous measurement scanning with just one click. also, not as durable as the other models
They are lightweight and portable.
They come also with a one-year warranty.

Golf Buddy LR7S

golf rangefinder

The Golf Buddy LR7S is a solid companion for golfers who want accuracy but are on a budget. it is water-resistant, comfortable to use, and also cost-efficient.

Pros Cons
it is water-resistant and also comfortable to use the device shuts off automatically after ten seconds when not in use.
lightweight and also portable They are slightly slower than higher end models.
Cost-effective and also very compact

Approach Z80 Garmin Rangefinder

The Garmin Approach Z80 rangefinder ranks high among golf rangefinders. It comes with a 2D overlay of the hole and each shot. So, with the Z80, you can visually see more than any other rangefinder on this list. In addition, it’ll help you spot the hazards at that distance.  Moreover, it gives you distances to the front and back of the green. And lastly, it comes fully loaded with over 41,000+ courses worldwide.

Pros Cons
They are fully loaded with 41,000+ courses worldwide This one is pretty expensive.
it is water-resistant and also comfortable to use.
And likewise, Able to detect obstacles.
In addition, they have a very accurate reading.

Tour V4 Jolt Bushnell Golf Laser Rangefinder

Best Golf Rangefinders

In the world of golf rangefinders, Bushnell is a trusted name. With the introduction of jolt technology, they bring a very high-quality product in the Tour V4. Compared to other golf rangefinders, this is smaller and more advanced in almost every way.

Pros Cons
It is water-resistant and also comfortable to use Magnification is only 5x compared to newer models and other rangefinders with 6-7x.
It confirms the target with the pin-seeker vibration technology Because of its size, it can easily be misplaced if not handled properly.
And likewise, has 2 years warranty.
Has a Compact design

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Type of Golf Rangefinders Is Best for You?

Currently, there are two major types of golf rangefinder (Laser and GPS golf rangefinder). Despite how you choose to improve your game, a golf laser rangefinder is perhaps the most useful way. Although, these devices might not give you tips on how to improve your swing or anything close to that. But the information you get from this device will help you a lot. For more insight on Laser and GPS rangefinders, read my article on How to use a golf rangefinder.

Actually, yes you can use a single laser rangefinder for both golf and hunting if you are mindful so as to pick a laser rangefinder that has the appropriate highlights and menu choices for both golf and hunting. Not all laser rangefinders offer this flexibility, in any case, so you have to read the specs, cautiously.

What is the importance Of Golf Rangefinders on The Course?

A golf rangefinder is important to every golfer because of the following reasons.

  1. It Will Boosts Your Confidence
  2. Data Gathering and lastly,
  3. Speeding Up Play.


Having known what to look out for before buying a range finder as mentioned above. If you are planning to buy a golf range finder, then it is also very important to avoid these mistakes.

  • Avoid buying rangefinders of Unauthentic Brands
  • Neglecting the Reviews
  • Tournament Approved Golf Rangefinders and finally,
  • Lack of Proper Research.

So, now that you have known what the best golf rangefinders are, you can check all the necessary specifications mentioned above before you purchase and choose what you really need. Also, check out our list of the best golf disc bag we’ve discovered for you.

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