Common Chipping Mistakes and Expert Tips

Common Chipping Mistakes and Expert Tips

Attention, golf enthusiasts! If your short game on the green feels more like a puzzle with missing pieces, you’re not alone. Chipping mistakes plague even the most seasoned golfers, turning what should be a finesse-filled art into a frustrating challenge. In the world of golf, precision is paramount, and a slight miscalculation can send your ball astray. Picture this: you’re at the edge of the green, eyeing that elusive pin, but a series of chipping mistakes stand between you and victory.

In this deep dive into the intricacies of chipping, we unravel the mysteries that often trip up golfers. From misjudging the lie to the subtle nuances of club selection, our exploration goes beyond the basics. Discover how a slight shift in weight distribution can be the game-changer you’ve been seeking. Get ready to elevate your chipping game with expert tips designed to transform those frustrating moments into opportunities for improvement. Embrace the journey towards mastery as we guide you through the art of rectifying chipping mistakes and turning them into triumphs on the course. Your quest for chipping excellence starts here—unlock the secrets to a more refined short game.

6 Most Common Chipping Mistakes

Common Chipping Mistakes and Expert Tips

Poor Setup

The Root of the Issue: Jed starts by addressing the fundamental issue – poor setup. Many golfers set up as if they have a 7-iron in hand, even when just 3 feet away from the green. This leads to various problems, including hitting the ground too soon, thinning the ball, and overall frustration. To correct this, Jed emphasizes a narrower stance, a slightly closer position to the ball, and centralizing the ball in your stance.

Maintaining Structure in Your Arms

To ensure a consistent and effective swing, Jed introduces a simple but crucial tip – maintaining the structure of your arms. Using a visual aid, he demonstrates how pinching the forearms together forms a triangle, creating the letter Y. This stability prevents common mistakes such as hitting the ground too soon or thinning the ball across the green.

Utilizing Body Rotation

Many golfers overlook the importance of upper body movement during chipping. Jed highlights the significance of torso rotation in supporting the release of the club. By emphasizing the natural motion of the chest, golfers can achieve a smoother swing, allowing the club to glide along the turf like a plane landing on a runway.

Natural Club Path

Jed addresses the issue of an early inside club path, which often leads to pushed shots and shanks. He encourages golfers to visualize a natural club path – back, up, and in. Practicing with a shaft on the ground helps maintain the desired direction, resulting in a controlled and effective swing.

Club Exit and Target Direction

Avoiding the common mistake of steering the club toward the target during the swing is crucial. Jed demonstrates how a proper swing should allow the club to exit naturally, ensuring the ball moves in the intended direction. This technique minimizes the risk of shanking and maintains control throughout the shot.

Choosing the Right Club

Lastly, Jed dispels the myth of always reaching for the most lofted club. He recommends two versatile options – the putter and a seven iron. These clubs offer precision and predictability, allowing for controlled shots with a narrow stance and a putting-like stroke.


Mastering your chipping game requires attention to detail and a commitment to correcting common mistakes. With Jed Walters’ expert insights, you now have a comprehensive guide to enhance your chipping skills and lower your scores. Implement these tips, practice consistently, and watch your confidence and performance improve around the green.

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