DESERT FOX GOLF Phone Caddy Review

DESERT FOX GOLF Phone Caddy Review

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DESERT FOX GOLF Phone Caddy Review

  • The Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy has a sleek design, is simple to use, and can be stored in your bag when you’re not using it.
  • Numerous of the most used cellphones, including iPhones and Android devices, can be fitted with the Phone Caddy specifically.
  • The Phone Caddy can help preserve your pricey gadget while in use and make acquiring GPS distances or swing footage easier.


  • The Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy may be used while pushing or riding on a cart, however, walkers might find it challenging to use.
  • There are less safe but less expensive phone holder solutions available for those looking for cheaper options.

The Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy is a handy accessory for any golf enthusiast who likes to have their phone close at hand while on the course. This caddy features an adjustable strap that can fit securely around any golf bag, and a secure pouch with a clear, touch-sensitive screen that allows you to access your phone without having to take it out of the caddy. The caddy also includes a slot for storing your scorecard and pencil. The durable and weather-resistant construction of the Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy ensures that it can withstand the rigors of the golf course, making it a must-have for any golfer who wants to stay connected while on the course.

DESERT FOX GOLF Phone Caddy Review


  • The completely adjustable Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy is compatible with most smartphones and protective covers.
  • To keep your phone in great sight but out of the way, the Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy firmly fastens to the windshield arms of golf carts.
  • The Phone Caddy may be personalized and makes wonderful presents.

Tech & Structure

The Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy was developed for golfers who prefer to use their smartphones as on-course assistants in GPS, video, and other modes. Between games of golf, you can store the Phone Caddy in your bag and use it; it can be fastened to any golf cart. The Phone Caddy’s thumb screws can easily fit common smartphone configurations while still keeping a tough exterior for increased longevity.


The width of the phones that fit in the Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy ranges from 2.6 inches to 3.7 inches. Phones range in size from 0.16 inches to 0.67 inches from front to back (depth). All popular cell phones, including iPhones, Android phones, and Google phones, fit safely and without any issues. For gifts or business outings, the Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy holder can also be personalized with a logo and a phrase. The Orange, Gray, Red, and Pink Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy are available colors.

Our Findings

I always have my phone with me when I play golf, both on the course and at the driving range. In order to hold my phone when I was driving between holes or down the fairway, I also used cup holders or the storage shelves on golf carts. Truth be told, I’ve even had a cell phone fly out of a cart and entirely break, costing me extra time and money away from playing golf. The Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy fulfills all of its promises. I can easily observe the golf course or film anything I want because of its easy installation, ideal placement at my fingertips, and lack of blockage.

Why Should Golfers Buy the DESERT FOX GOLF PHONE CADDY?

The Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy will be adored by golfers who use their smartphones as GPS devices to measure distances on the golf course. Additionally, having their smartphone conveniently hooked to their cart at eye level allows golfers who wish to watch television or stream their favorite event while on the course to multitask effectively. This adaptable holder can be used in a variety of ways by golfers who use their phones for capturing videos or using speakers.

Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy Customers Review

  • With this device, I was able to get distances easily on the golf course. In addition, I was able to watch tv and stream my favorite show while on the course. Overall, I think it’s a great device all golfers need and I’m giving it a 5 star. –Greg from the USA
  • This device helps me multitask easily. For the first time, I can watch TV, record videos and get distances while playing golf. It’s amazing. Go get yourself one now and thank me later. –Tiger from the UK.


The Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy is an excellent concept that answers all the demands of the modern golfer. Players bring an increasing number of devices to the course, and golf carts are adding more mobile app possibilities. The Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy can assist golfers who use their phones in any way on the course in maintaining their equipment and making it as simple as possible to concentrate on their games and scores.

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