How Playing Golf Can Help You Lose Weight

how playing golf helps to lose weight

Golf is a very popular sport. Over 30 million Americans play golf at least once every year. It’s no surprise, considering that it’s one of the best high-calorie-burning activities (because of its repetitive motions) and has been proven to help you lose weight! By playing 18 holes a week for an hour each week, you can burn 64 calories per minute — that’s amazing!

There are a lot of reasons why golfing can help you lose weight and improve your overall health, but these are the most important ones:

How Playing Golf Can Help You Lose Weight

How Playing Golf Can Help You Lose Weight

Try some of the following tactics to turn your habit of playing golf into a beneficial element of your weight loss plan:

  • Do as much walking as you can:  You can still try to walk as much of the course as you can, even though parts are too big and a golf cart is required. Walking is a wonderful cardiovascular exercise and burns calories.
    Swing drills are important: A driving range is a fantastic place to do this because you can repeat the swing there for a great core workout.
  • Work on your swing while lifting weights:  There are many expert suggestions online on how to enhance your swing, and weight lifting is actually a highly useful tactic in this case. This is a fantastic technique to shed pounds and build muscle.
  • Speed golf, also known as extreme golf and fitness golf, combines the sports of running and golf: Grab three or four clubs without your golf bag if the course permits and during a slow period, then dash to your ball between shots. The goal is to complete the most holes in the shortest amount of time.


A wonderful strategy to commit to your weight loss program is to find a sport you enjoy and luckily golf is one of them. Following the tips above will help you lose weight faster than jogging alone.

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