How Smoking Marijuana Affects Your Golf Game

How Smoking Marijuana Affects Your Golf Game

Meet Willie, a six-handicap golfer, Scott, a thirteen-handicap enthusiast, and Jack, an eighteen-handicap player. These three avid golfers decided to test the waters by combining their love for the game with a bit of relaxation, courtesy of smoking. In this unique experiment, the trio delves into the impact of smoking on their golf performance, all while maintaining a light-hearted approach to the game they love.

Exploring the Intersection of Golf and Relaxation: A Round of Golf After Smoking

How Smoking Marijuana Affects Your Golf Game

Setting the Scene:

Before hitting the golf course, the trio acknowledged the potential benefits of smoking, suggesting that it might help them relax and, surprisingly, enhance their performance. As athletic amateurs, they expressed a bit of nervousness but aimed to keep the experience calm and enjoyable.

Pre-game Rituals:

The group anticipated that smoking might induce a sense of relaxation, allowing them to focus better on their game. With a lighthearted tone, they shared their plans to smoke more than usual, attributing it to the calming effects that would help them observe the beauty of the surroundings, including the grass and trees.

Sobriety Test:

Injecting humor into the experiment, one of the golfers jokingly mentioned a sobriety test involving moving a finger back and forth. They playfully linked this to their dedication as fans, highlighting their lighthearted approach to the game rather than a strict focus on personal performance.

On the Course:

As they hit the golf course, the golfers described their feelings – confident, loose, and even a bit stoned. Despite their varying handicaps, the emphasis remained on having fun, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the overall experience.

Effects of Smoking:

Going further, the group explored the biphasic reaction to the substance, emphasizing the importance of staying within the therapeutic window for the best effects. They discussed the effects on anxiety reduction and the potential for enhanced performance, all while maintaining a sense of humor.

Golf Swing and Smoking:

Acknowledging the impact of smoking on their golf swings, the golfers shared their experiences, both positive and challenging. From hitting a low penetrating ball flight to feeling loose and relaxed, they explored the multifaceted effects of smoking on their game.


As the experiment unfolded, the golfers reflected on their experiences, rating their level of “highness” and humorously recounting their final sobriety test results. They emphasized the need for moderation and responsible behavior, discouraging excessive smoking while golfing.

In the end, they celebrated the enjoyable moments, highlighting the fun they had, particularly in driving the golf ball. With a touch of humor, they concluded that a bit of smoking can enhance the golfing experience, but moderation and a focus on recovery are crucial.


The golfers reminded readers not to smoke excessively while golfing and stressed the importance of responsible behavior, including refraining from driving under the influence.

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