Tips on how to Regrip Golf Clubs

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Every now and they, we’re always looking for ways to save money and improve our skills. As a golfer, one of the ways to save some cash for yourself is to learn how to regrip golf clubs.

As a young golfer, if you know how to regrip golf clubs, you can offer to regrip for other pro golfers who may not have the time to do it themselves in exchange for some golfing ideas or cash.

Be that as it may, below we’ve highlighted the steps you need to take in other to regrip golf clubs. So, if you interested in learning this skill, follow me and let’s get down to business.

List of Tools You’ll Need to Regrip Golf Clubs

Here is a waitlist of devices and supplies you’re going to need to regrip your golf clubs at home. Everything can be acquired on Amazon, and in case you’re a Prime Member like me you’re presumably getting everything from them as of now.

The List:

Other Items You Should Have: You’re going to require a lot of towels to secure your floor and wipe off your clubs. It additionally bodes well to have a paint liner to keep underneath to get overabundance grip solvent that drips. Above all you will need to have a tight clamp, however, we’ll tell you the best way to regrip your clubs without one too.

Remove Your Old Grips

Regrip Golf Clubs

So as to spare time and maximize proficiency, the most ideal approach to regrip your clubs is to finish each errand in a sequential construction system design. The main request of business is to evacuate the entirety of your old grip utilizing your hook cutting edge.

It’s a superior plan to utilize this instrument rather than the utility blade since you would prefer not to harm your poles (particularly the graphite ones). It’s generally simple to utilize the snare cutting edge. You basically place the hook underneath the club and tenderly drag it down until you are making an entry point genuinely far down the whole grip.

When you’ve gotten enough off, the grip should fall off pretty effectively. It would be ideal if you ensure you are removing from your body to maintain a strategic distance from damage.

Remove Tape

The next step of business is to expel the old tape. This will be the most tedious piece of activity. Take your utility blade and score over the old tape as far as possible up the whole shaft until it’s totally gone. You don’t need to stress over harming steel shafts with the cutting edge, yet you need to be incredibly cautious with graphite.

In the event that you happen to have a warm weapon (or even a hairdryer), you can get the old tape hotter and it will make it simpler to strip off by hand.

Apply the New Tape

Regrip Golf Clubs

Presently it’s a great opportunity to place the new tape on the finish of the pole. The key here is that you would prefer not to apply the tape underneath the base of the rear grip.

The most effortless approach to do that is simply to hold up your grasp beside the pole and leave your thumb at the base of where you need the tape to end (you could likewise gauge it with a tape measurer on the off chance that you need to be totally precise).

You don’t really require tape on the last 1/4 – 1/2″ of the grasp so it’s OK to leave more space on that side underneath the grip. Presently you will apply the tape to every one of your clubs.

Applying the Grip

Here is the most significant advance in regripping golf clubs, and where you truly need things to go accurately. Presently you will apply the real grip. There are two different ways to do this – you can do it with a tight clamp, which is the reason acquiring the grip unit will help, or you can do it without the tight clamp. Subsequent to viewing the two techniques executed, I would encourage a lot of people to utilize a tight clamp on the off chance that they can, however, it’s totally conceivable to do it without one. Before you apply the grip you have to apply grip solvent inside the grip.

The key here is to be incredibly liberal. You nearly can never have enough grasp dissolvable! On the off chance that you have a shower bottle or a cylinder, the initial step is to put your finger over the little opening at the butt of the grip (this will keep it from spilling out). At that point, you apply a liberal measure of dissolvable to within the grasp. At that point, you will cover the opening at the base with your other finger and shake it to and fro to cover within equally.

The last advance before you apply the hold is to pour the abundance grasp dissolvable from within the grasp uniformly over the tape on the pole. You can put a paint liner underneath your grasp to get the overabundance dissolvable in the event that you need to re-utilize a few. This is another progression where you need to be liberal with the solvent. You can even shower some additional solvent on the tape a short time later, it’s just going to make it simpler to apply the grip.

Finally, before we find a workable pace there is one primary suggestion I would give any individual who is regripping golf clubs at home. You totally need to get that grip on quickly and forcefully. On the off chance that you don’t get the grip right down and it stalls out, at that point, you will probably be discarding that grip. For you novices out there, I would hope to perhaps mess up a couple of endeavors, which is the reason I prescribe purchasing two or three additional grips.

Regripping a Golf Club Manually

On the off chance that you’re not going to utilize a vise, at that point you should grip the club incredibly consistent by wedging it between your feet on the ground. A single word of alert – you must be cautious of how much power you are applying on the pole. You don’t need it to twist an excess of where it might snap.

Using a Vise

Regrip Golf Clubs

In the event that you have a vise at home, at that point I would prescribe utilizing it. You’ll have significantly more influence and it will make it simpler to get the grip right down to its legitimate position. You basically place the elastic addition from the grip unit in the vise and fix it enough with the goal that the club won’t move when you are applying power to get the grasp right down.

Once the grip is totally verified you can do some very late changes. A few people like to have the logo appropriately adjusted on the grip, and you can do some moving with your fingers to get the correct position before the grip starts to set.

Moreover, you can tap the butt end of the grip on the floor and apply some weight from the top to ensure it’s totally verified as far as possible of the club, and that there is no space between the finish of the pole and the butt-end of the grip.

Clean Up and Let it Set

How to Regrip Golf Clubs

You’re basically done now, well done! Take a towel to clear off the excess grip compound and let your clubs get dry for a couple of hours before you start utilizing them once more.

Regripping Golf Clubs at Home

The entire procedure of regripping golf clubs is most likely going to take you somewhere close to 1 to 2 hours. I wouldn’t consider it a simple venture, yet once you do it once you’ll most likely be open to doing it until the end of time. The primary inquiry is how a lot of cash it can spare you, as opposed to having one of the golf retailers or nearby ace shops do it for you. depending on who you go to, you’re most likely going to get $2-$4 upcharges on each grip for the work.

So you’re taking a look at about a $30-$60 reserve funds. One thing I would alert you to consider is in the event that you make a mistake. Wrecking 1-2 of your grips will hamper you a not too bad measure of cash, and crash the greater part of your reserve funds. On the off chance that you had taken it to a star shop, they would need to cause the cost themselves for any mistake they make. Besides that, regripping golf clubs at home is a fun little venture that can cause you to feel somewhat more practiced as a golf player.


To regrip golf clubs is easy. Simply follow the instructions we’ve provided above and everything will work out fine for you. However, if you still find it hard to regrip your golf clubs, just take it to an expert to avoid you wasting money and time trying to do it yourself.

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