How to Stop Topping Golf Balls

How to Stop Topping Golf Balls

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There are so numerous things that can turn out badly with your golf swing it is difficult to pinpoint which may be the most disappointing particularly when you can’t stop topping the golf balls. Even the acclaimed golf player Jack Nicklaus accepts that there is a difficulty that causes golf players of all impediment levels differing levels of apprehension.

In the event that, as Jack recommends, it is a difficulty that plagues golf players of all expertise levels, for what reason does it appear to be that not many individuals will address the issue and help us fix the issue. I realize I can’t stop topping the golf balls, however, in the event that I overlook the issue, it will just phenomenally disappear? Now, we should discuss few tips on how to stop topping golf balls.

3 Tips on How to Stop Topping Golf Balls

How to Stop Topping Golf Balls

1. Adjust the ball back in your stance

Sound basic? It is. In the event that you have the ball excessively far left (nearer to your lead foot) at the location, your swing will track down its base point before it arrives at the ball. By impact, the clubhead is going over-top the ball, for the most part cutting it over the equator. On the off chance that you’ve been topping the golf ball regularly, check your ball position first.

With the driver, the ball ought to be inverse your left heel; somewhat farther back is OK, yet excessively far left is nothing but bad. Legitimate situating changes with the irons, woods, and hybrid, yet a little experimentation should disclose to you whether your concern originates from the arrangement or the swing.

2. Maintain the right posture throughout the swing

Numerous golf players, particularly seniors, constantly lift up during the downswing. Normally, this pulls the clubhead vertical and away from the ball.

  • As your chest area moves in the direction of the ball on the downswing, keep the left (lead) shoulder down through impact.
  • The correct shoulder pivots under the jawline on the through-swing, staying underneath the level of the left shoulder until the completion.

Eight-time significant champ Tom Watson offers an extraordinary illustration of steady posture.

3. Correct your poor weight shift

The facts demonstrate that the opposite turn is the main source of cutting. It’s additionally liable for a huge rate of topped golf shots. Momentarily, an opposite rotate is the point at which your weight movements to one side on the backswing, at that point directly on the downswing, and finish – the converse of a right exchange.

On the off chance that you get done with more weight on your correct side than your left, you have this feared swing sickness.

People also ask

Why am I topping the golf ball?

Ordinarily, a ball is topped in light of the fact that the club has not gone far enough down towards the ball or you get the ball in transit up, rather than at the base point. A lot of things can make this occur: A club that is excessively short. An off-kilter position.

Why am I hitting the ground first with my driver?

Hitting the ground before the ball can have numerous causes. Among them are hanging back or fall back with your weight onto your backside through impact and releasing the club too early.


Topping Golf Balls can have a negative impact on your game. So, having learned how to stop topping golf balls from our few tips above, ensure you put these tips to practice every time you hit the greens.

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