Ikoyi Golf Club captain Thrilled by Junior Golfers Development


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Ikoyi Club

The Golf Captain of Ikoyi Club 1938, Babatunde Johnson has depicted as amazing the improvement of the club’s lesser players, saying they are the fate of Nigerian golf.

Johnson revealed to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the lesser players were being sustained to be world blenders, including that Ikoyi Club gives important training center to the adolescents consistently.

“Ikoyi junior golf area has been extremely effective. We have a lesser center program, which is ordinarily taken care of by the Lady Vice Captain and the Lady Captain.

“Incidentally, as a feature of the achievement, we right now have three youngsters who are doing very well in the realm of golf due to the facility they encountered at Ikoyi Club.

“In this way, at the highest point of the record, we have Georgia Oboh, who is currently playing on the Ladies European Tours.

“We likewise have Tokunbo Pedro, who is planning to turn genius at any minute in Asia to horn his abilities.

“And after that, we have Anita Uwadiah, who plays in the University Golf Programs in the States; they are nearly semi-experts, and doing great,” said the chief.

He included that seeing the consequences of the normal and occasional instructing centers, the club expected to accomplish more so as to find and prep new gifted golfers.

“We are taking a gander at how we can upgrade our projects, and the need to bring extra help for the training of our kids.

“We are likewise conversing with the Sunshine Tours, who are in concurrence with us, and that is the thing that the PGA of Europe is offering as well, the help for these youthful golfers.

“We are wanting to see our stars help these adolescents.

“For whatever length of time that we can facilitate, I accept that the fate of golf is on the correct way,” Johnson said.

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