Impact snap golf training aid review

Impact snap golf training aid review

The Impact snap golf training aid is a precision-made golf training aid that helps to improve the accuracy of a golfer’s stance, posture, and swing. It comes with a few extra features to make your game more enjoyable.

This golf training aid has a unique design that lets you easily pick up the club without slipping. It also features a stabilizer that keeps the training aid in place. This is important for improving your swing because if the training aid slides during your swing, you will not be able to practice it again until you reposition it.

The Impact snap golf training aid can be used on any type of club because it is specifically made for the type of club that you use. It can be used with a driver, fairway wood, or a hybrid.

Impact snap golf training aid: First Thoughts

Impact snap golf training aid review

This is one of the more unusual training aids available, and I had no idea what it was supposed to perform at first. I assumed I’d give it a shot since it received Golf Digest’s best full swing trainer award.

It’s made to help you improve your wrist movement and speed.

How does it work?

The biggest disadvantage is that you can’t truly strike a ball with it; nonetheless, all you have to do is swing it regularly.

When you’re in the appropriate backswing posture and again at the right impact spot, a piece of metal inside clicks.

It’s meant to touch the bottom of your outside forearm with the yellow ball on it.

Impact snap golf training aid: Product quality

Because I was used to the cheap plastic devices that are flooding the market, I was blown away by the quality and resilience of this trainer.

It’s not anything you have to worry about breaking (unlike the Swingyde trainer) and you can keep it for a long time.

It’s also designed to help you improve more than one aspect of your swing, which I appreciate. The impact position of your hands and wrists is the first, and lag is the second.

What Does It Look Like Compared To Others?

Impact snap golf training aid review

Other trainers, like the Swingyde and the SKLZ tempo trainer, are good, but they just work on one or a few components of your swing.

The IMPACT SNAP appeals to me since it works on more aspects of your swing and eliminates the need to carry about five different trainers.

It will aid in the improvement of speed, wrist movement, impact, pace, and release.

Did it make a difference in my game?

I’ve always had trouble getting the appropriate amount of wrist hinge and making strong contact. It has really aided my wrist mobility, which has resulted in increased ball speed.

Furthermore, because I have it at my workplace, I find myself practicing much more than before.

Pros Cons
It will also help you enhance your pitching short game. The pricing is starting to get a little out of hand.
It’s easy to use It is not possible to hit a real ball while using it.
It’s enabled me to get more speed out of the ball (especially with the driver). For me, the “proper” impact position was a little exaggerated.
It will improve more than one aspect of your swing.

Should You Buy the Impact snap golf training aid?

This is something that could help you if you have a hard time with wrist movement (like myself) or need to learn how to keep your hands in front of the club at contact.

It’s a little on the pricey side, but I’ve had much more expensive classes that didn’t provide half the results that this did.

I recommend giving it a try; if you don’t like it, you can always return it

Final Thoughts

When you are training for your golf game, you should have the right equipment. This golf training aid comes with a flexible shaft that has a longer handle. This is ideal for golfers who are still learning how to properly hold and swing the club.

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