Powakaddy Fw7s Gps Electric Trolley Review

Powakaddy Fw7s Gps Electric Trolley

The day after we picked up the Powakaddy FW7S GPS electric trolley at a local warehouse, we were off to test it. As usual, I’ll try to post the review in a few days, but I wanted to give you a quick rundown of what we found.

Brief overview

Powakaddy Fw7s Gps Electric Trolley

The unit comes with 35,000 courses pre-loaded, but if you want to add your own, it can be done by connecting it to the internet.

We found the yardages to greens and hazards to be highly accurate when tested against GPS and range finders.

There can be issues if you are a golfer who does not always take the trolley to the tee-or if the tee does not allow a trolley to be parked alongside it, as you will not get accurate yardage.

Besides marking scores and counting steps, the technology in the handle can also count calories.

Navigation is easy, and the display is easy to read. There is a trolley function on the left side of the screen (speed, distance, etc.) and a GPS function on the right.

Our favorite feature of some other trolleys is the ability to send them off at certain yards, and the FW7s have this feature as well. Golfers can send their carts off anywhere between five and fifty yards.

With Powakaddy’s Plug ‘n’ Play system, charging is simple, and its thin, light lithium battery can be easily inserted and transported. While playing, users can charge their phones using the USB port.

Powakaddy Fw7s Gps Electric Trolley: Key technology 

The new Freeway series incorporates low-profile wheels and chassis, new graphics, and a 3.5″ widescreen color display. The FW7s is the most advanced model in the FW range and features a battery meter, a calorie counter, a shot measurement function, and many other features.

Design of the Powakaddy Fw7s GPS Electric Trolley

It’s classy, slick, and premium. With its black finish and yellow accents, this has a modern, luxurious appearance. This trolley has pleasing lines and does not feel chunky like many others.

In this regard, Powakaddy’s trolleys are better looking than the S5 Connect’s.

Performance with the Powakaddy Fw7s GPS Electric Trolley:

During a round, this model has a variety of features that you’ll enjoy, and they’re easy to navigate. When folded down, it is surprisingly lightweight and relatively compact, which makes it easy to get in and out of your car. The compact Plug ‘n’ Play lithium battery slides effortlessly into place in just two quick motions, and the assembly process is incredibly simple.

We were pleased with how long the lithium battery performed-after one round from a full charge, the meter had barely moved, and we are confident you could play 36 holes on a relatively flat course on one charge. The key lock on PowaKaddy’s cart bags further improves its sturdiness and stability. This is a very sophisticated and smart electric trolley, complete with little details like the chrome bezel.

Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
A sturdy, lightweight frame and a long-lasting lithium battery that is simple to connect. The color screen could be easier to read, especially under sunlight.
A user-friendly interface with useful features


The handle provides accurate yardage, and it is easy to use. It is highly aesthetic, and it charges quickly and easily.

The POWAKADDY FW7S costs £200 more than the POWAKADDY FW5S, so users will have to weigh the pros and cons of not being able to link the system to their phone.

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