5 Reasons Why Golfer Should Carry A Towel

Reasons Why Golfer Should Carry A Towel

5 Reasons Why Golfer Should Carry A Towel.

Golf towels are novel accessories that players can use to help improve their golfing experience. Not only will a towel make the golfer look good, but it also serves as a great tool. If there is one thing that needs to be done after each shot, it’s wiping away any loose dirt or debris from the clubface, and don’t forget your shoes too.

Towels are also good for other situations while playing golf too. Maybe you’re out on the course and feel like sitting down by your favorite tree to take a quick rest while imagining yourself somewhere nicer. Having a small towel or handkerchief will help you wipe away any excess dirt before sitting down without having to worry about getting grass stains all over your pants or shorts. It can even help keep you warm since they are often thicker than standard cotton fabrics if there is still some cooler weather on the course.

It’s even possible for quick dry towels to come in handy when you’re not playing golf. For example, if your club isn’t working out right for you or it feels off, try using your towel to wipe away some of the excess grip preservatives on the handle before making sure that it’s appropriately adjusted to your liking. It may even help save a little time too while waiting for someone while they are away fixing their swing so you can hit another ball with less wait time involved.

If you’re still not convinced about how useful they are, then here are five reasons why every golfer should be carrying a towel like this at all times.

Reasons Why Golfer Should Carry A Towel

To keep clubs clean and shiny

When players get done with a golf shot, they will often need to wipe away any excess dirt or mud that may have accumulated onto the club’s face or around its edges. Having a towel or handkerchief with you can be extremely useful for this purpose since it provides a better grip when you are wiping the clubface, especially if it has been raining, which is often very common on most courses where I’ve played

To keep them cool in the summer months

If the golfer is out on a hot day and decides to take a break from playing while sitting down under some shade, then having some towels available can help keep them cool for this reason. It does not only apply to people who happen to be wearing darker colors either like navy blue pants because using it as an alternative scarf can help keep the golfer comfortable. At the same time, it’s also durable enough to wipe away any excess sweat too.

To clean any dirty spike marks off their shoes

If you tend to wear out your golf shoes pretty quick, then you might get some dirt and mud stuck onto them pretty often. Cleaning that stuff off with a towel afterward can be extremely useful for this reason since it prevents your socks from getting dirty while also preventing your shoe soles from wearing out quickly due to excessive dirt and debris buildup. It can even be helpful if you like walking barefoot in the grass sometimes because it helps prevent staining the bottom of your feet or making them itch when other people have recently played on that part of the course.

To keep their face from getting sunburnt

Just like wearing a hat for this purpose, a towel can be helpful as an alternative because it provides more protection against harmful UV exposure while potentially blocking out additional sunlight too.

To keep their hands dry

Having a towel or handkerchief available for golfers who sweat while playing on hot days will help them wipe away any excess moisture before making the next swing. It prevents the hands from becoming slippery when working with metal objects that are inherently designed for optimal grip during outdoor use. It’s also good to have one readily available if you are using gloves, too, since there is always the potential for perspiration buildup inside of them, which results in your hands slipping around if you’re not careful.


Everyone knows how important it is to be prepared for a round of golf because you never know what might happen. Having a towel or handkerchief available is a great way to ensure that you have something handy in your bag just in case it’s needed, especially if you’re playing alone and feel the need to take breaks from time to time. It can also work as an alternative method to keeping yourself cool during those hot days where shade is available and dry off any excess sweat on your face afterward, too, without needing to worry about getting dirt on your hands when wiping it all away.

Remember: carrying a small towel with you is always wise since it can be beneficial for other types of cleaning purposes. Having one around makes the game a little more convenient and accessible, which is always a good thing.

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