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SkyCaddie Linx GT Watch Review

Introducing the SkyCaddie LINX, SkyCaddie’s new series of golf GPS watches that deliver its mapped hazards, doglegs, layup points, greens, along with stats and scoring to your wrist. Prior to the SkyCaddie WATCH, the market only offered distances from the front, center, and back of the green.

LINX jumped to the top of the class of golf GPS watches with its new wealth of data (though shortly thereafter, Garmin snagged the position with its S6 watch, which also brings hole maps and a touchscreen to measure Distances.) In addition, the LINX is equipped with Bluetooth, so you can connect it to your mobile phone in order to receive notifications when you receive a call or a text and to sync it with the SkyCaddie app for SkyGolf 360.

We were pleased with the performance of the LINX on the course, though its thickness was our only genuine concern. LINX offers a lot of features, but it’s expensive – it retails for $224.95, and only contains the “Go Play” package, which provides distances to the front, center, and back of the green. With the “Par” package, which includes syncing to SkyGolf 360, you pay $19.95 annually (or $49.95 for three years). You need to spend $149.95 for three years (or $49.95 for one year) to take full advantage of the watch’s features, which include IntelliGreen (e.g., shapes of the real greens) and distances to hazards, layup points, etc.

A second complaint is that there were glitches in the process of purchasing the “Pro” package and setting up LINX (this would not be necessary for the “Go Play” package, which is ready for use out of the box), which we detail below. As a recurring theme with SkyCaddie products, we’re surprised that technical support doesn’t recognize our voices by now.

With regard to distances, the SkyCaddie LINX is among the best golf GPS watches. Although the subscription costs for accessing those distances make the LINX expensive, if you like to know distances when you’re on the course (“How far is it to the bunker? To clear it? To the dogleg?”), it’s the watch for you.

SkyCaddie Linx GT Watch: SETUP/SYNCING



SkyCaddie Linx GT Watch: FEATURES

Pros Cons
Now you can see the layup points and hazards on a wristwatch! This watch can occasionally catch on your long sleeves or pants pocket due to its thickness
Course coverage is strong Annual fees
Data tracking Setup woes


With LINX, distances have usually been within the normal variation of GPS devices, usually within +/- 4 yards of actual distances (based on sprinkler heads).

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