The Strategy Mistake Amateur Golfers Always Make

Mistake Amateur Golfers Always Make

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In the vast expanse of the golfing realm, Amateur Golfers unknowingly dance on a precarious precipice, a strategy abyss that can shatter their game like fragile glass. Picture this: a meticulously manicured fairway, a gentle breeze teasing the vibrant green, and the discerning golfer armed with a kaleidoscope of clubs. Yet, in the pursuit of a triumphant swing, a ubiquitous blunder ensnares many, a strategic misstep that echoes across the fairways.

The Strategy Mistake Amateur Golfers Always Make. As we unravel the tapestry of golfing stratagem, delve into the labyrinth of course management, and explore the nuanced dance between precision and power, brace yourself for insights that transcend the ordinary swing philosophy. The allure of the perfect shot beckons, and our journey begins with a revelation that might just reshape your golfing destiny.

Strategy Mistake Amateur Golfers Always Make

Mistake Amateur Golfers Always Make

The Fallacy of Aggression

Contrary to common belief, strategic thinking on the golf course isn’t reserved for the pros. In fact, it’s often the high-skill players who adopt a conservative mindset, meticulously planning each shot. Take Ricky Fowler, for instance, who, in a revealing article, disclosed that he aims for the center of the green a whopping 95% of the time.

Understanding Your Misses

Pros obsess over their misses, and for a good reason. Recognizing and mitigating those occasional missteps can make the difference between success and disappointment, even at the amateur level. Knowing your big misses, particularly off the tee, is a vital step in honing your golf IQ.

Adapting to Seasonal Changes

As the season kicks off, your body might not be in the same shape as it was during the summer grind. Accepting this reality is crucial. Tailor your game to your current capabilities, gradually evolving as you practice and regain your form. It’s an evolution, not a sudden transformation.

Developing a Go-To Shot

Legendary golf coach Todd Anderson suggests having two swings – your “Eagle” swing for optimal days and a reliable alternative for when things aren’t clicking. For amateurs, this could be a lower tee, a slight draw, or a modified stance. Having a go-to shot can be your savior on challenging days.

Plotting Your Course Strategically

Beyond individual shots, a high golf IQ involves understanding your distances. Utilize simulators or measure your shots on the course to know your carry distances accurately. Armed with this knowledge, strategize your play, focusing on hitting the middle of greens rather than chasing pins.

The Pitfall of Heroic Attempts

Breaking 80, as Mark Leishman wisely advises, often boils down to not being a hero. Avoid unnecessary risks off the tee – don’t sacrifice control for distance. Aiming away from trouble, even if it means using your driver strategically, can lead to lower scores.

Embracing the Unflashy Center

In the pursuit of a lower score, flashy isn’t always better. Aiming for the center of the green might lack the drama of attacking pins, but it significantly increases your chances of making more birdies and pars. Mark Gleishman’s advice holds true – success often lies in consistency, not heroics.


So, as you gear up for the upcoming golf season, remember understanding your misses, developing a reliable go-to shot, and strategically navigating the course can be your keys to success. It’s not about being a hero; it’s about being smart on the course. This is the strategy mistake amateur golfers consistently make – let’s change that narrative and elevate our golf IQ together.

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