African Sports Tourism Week Holds in Ghana


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The Aerial View of Accra, the capital town of Ghana

The coordinators of African Sports Tourism Week – the Pan-African occasion and stage where sports wires with the travel industry, have divulged Accra, Ghana as the host during the current year’s version, including that the occasion will top what was accomplished in the earlier year.

As per Deji Ajomale-McWord, CEO, African Sports Tourism Week, stated, “Having altogether pondered over the issue, the official board of trustees has offered on the Republic of Ghana the facilitating directly for 2019 version.

By plan, two nations in a specific locale of the landmass will be advantaged to have the greatest combination of games and the travel industry partners, before it proceeds onward to the following area.

The West African nation of Nigeria facilitated it in 2018, while Ghana this prior year it proceeds onward to the following district.”

He educated that the official board for the venture currently contains more individuals from a gathering of youthful and shrewd personalities in the games and travel industry crosswise over Africa.

“We are happy to have as individuals from the official board of trustees – Sikemi Ifederu, Ololade Adewuyi, Afolabi Ajomale from Nigeria, Lukhanyiso Gabi from South Africa, Okong Joshua Frederick from Uganda and Peter Alouch from Kenya. On our Advisory Board is Waturi Wa Matu from Kenya, Kojo Bentum Williams from Ghana, Didier Bayeye from South Africa and Bode Oguntuyi from Nigeria.”

On the goals during the current year, he stated, “Our arrangement during the current year lines up with the ‘Time of Return’ crusade commending 400years post-subjugation period in Ghana.

Our choice is additionally educated by the way that Ghana has major potential in games the travel industry; relatively few know. With old-mint greens fashioned over decades, into present-day standpoint, similar to The Royal Golf Club Kumasi and a few newcomers, Ghana has the most noteworthy number of fairways in West Africa, after Nigeria.

A portion of the main names on expert golf visits in the district is from Ghana. Their national football crew is one of the best and their neighborhood football association is one of the most dynamic in the locale.”

On the decision of Ghana, he clarified, “Ghana is bit by bit situating as the following experience sports goals in Africa, with the paragliding society saturating the millennial travel showcase.

We picked Ghana since it has political soundness, a certain degree of foundations that are getting update contacts. There is such a great amount for our participants to investigate in Ghana.”

In the meantime, the CNN Travels’ blog posting Ghana as one of the ‘Best 19 Places To Visit in 2019, was at this point to be distributed the group took the choice to go to Ghana.

“That affirmed to us that we picked right and we are happy about how key players in the travel industry and sports area in Ghana are reacting to facilitating Africa in 2019.”

Much the same as in 2018, Supersport will cover each activity of the week, which holds somewhere in the range of 18 and 22 September 2019.

It will highlight golf, polo, soccer activities, visits and a summit to be gone to by Olympic panels, sports commissions, sports affiliations, sports services, sports occasion dealers, the travel industry sheets, visit administrators and trip specialists.

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