Amubioya says Golf is the closest game to life


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Captain of Tiger Golf Club, Ibadan, Alfred Amubioya has depicted golf as “the nearest game to the game we call life’ in view of the characteristics it works in the players.

Talking toward the finish of the one-day BOVAS Open Golf Tournament held at the Tiger Golf Club, Odogbo Barracks, Ibadan, Amubioya expressed gratitude toward the coordinators for facilitating the challenge at a time the nation was in critical need of golf players.

He said the competition pulled in numerous golf players and devotees from the nation over, including, “We value the supporter for including golf as its corporate social duty to move the outskirts of hitting the fairway to more prominent statures.”

On the characteristics that make golf an extraordinary game, he stated, “You get awful breaks from great shots, you get great breaks from awful shots however you need to play the ball where it lies.”

In the challenge, which included more than 140 golf players from the nation over, Adedeji Adekanbi and Tope Farombi were the general net prize champs in the male and female classifications individually.

While Farombi won by 95 Gross and 74 Net, Adekanbi beat the field by 64 Net.

Talking on his prosperity at the challenge, Adekanbi credited his triumph to difficult work and consistency, including that he set out for progress at the beginning.

He included, “When I began playing golf in November 2017, I revealed to myself I should play this game well and be acceptable at it.

“I was second at the last release and I am happy I won the current year’s version. I am a stickler and I generally ensure I chip away at all my slips to show signs of improvement.”

Likewise talking toward the finish of the challenge, BOVAS delegate, Adedayo Olabanji, unveiled that the current year’s release had a higher turnout than past ones, entire promising that the oil and gas organization would guarantee a superior competition at the following version in 2020.

“Since the initiation of this yearly challenge, I should state that this year had more members.

“I need all victors to continue endeavoring hard in showing signs of improvement; those that didn’t win also should simply keep on with improving,” he said

The administrator of the arranging board, Chris Nzekea praised the supporter for its consistency over the most recent four years of facilitating the competition.

“They haven’t permitted the horrible monetary condition to influence the yearly facilitating and that is truly praiseworthy,” he included.

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