Best Bunker Drills for Golfers: Mastering Your Bunker Shots with Confidence

Best Bunker Drills for Golfers

Mastering bunker shots is a crucial skill in golf, and the key lies in a combination of technique, precision, and understanding the nuances of sand play. In this article, we will delve into 3 top-notch bunker drills that will elevate your game and give you the confidence to handle any bunker situation. Remember, everyone learns differently, so explore each drill to find the one that resonates with your playing style.

Best Bunker Drills for Golfers

1. Building Strong Foundations: Setting Up for Success

To conquer bunker shots, start with a solid foundation. Open the club face, maintaining your normal grip, and adopt a wide stance, digging your feet into the sand for stability. Position the ball slightly inside your left heel, crucial for achieving the right ball trajectory. Lastly, shift your weight to the left, setting the stage for a successful bunker shot. This foundation ensures that you can effectively harness the loft needed to get the ball onto the green.

Bunker Drills 1: Hit the Line Utilize alignment sticks to mark your target, creating a visual guide. Take three practice swings, focusing on hitting the imaginary back line. This drill helps control the bottom of your swing arc, preventing you from digging too deep into the sand. Remember, the goal is not to hit the ball into the sand but to let the sand cushion the ball onto the green.

2. Striking the Match: Generating Speed with Precision Release

Imagine striking a match – this analogy perfectly captures the essence of creating speed with a precise release in bunker shots. Draw a line in the sand, representing the matchbox, and aim to strike that line. Embrace a one-handed grip, preferably with your non-dominant hand, to simulate the controlled release needed. This drill ensures you strike the sand with the correct speed and loft, crucial for a soft landing on the green.

Bunker Drills 2: Two-Ball Drill Place one golf ball as your target and another behind it to create an impression. Focus on hitting the sand where the impression was made, not the ball. This simple yet effective drill reinforces the correct grip, release, and impact point, allowing you to replicate the feeling in an actual bunker shot.

3. Keeping Loft On: Glide Through the Sand

Maintaining loft is essential for effective bunker play. Use your club to scoop a generous amount of sand onto the club face. The key here is to keep the sand on the face for as long as possible during your backswing. If you’re tossing it off too early, you’re manipulating the club face excessively. This drill ensures you develop the necessary feel to keep the loft on, enabling the club to glide effortlessly through the sand during your bunker shots.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I practice bunker shots?

To practice bunker shots, focus on a wide stance, open the clubface, and aim slightly left. Position the ball off your front foot. Swing with an open face and aim to hit the sand, not the ball. Practice controlling distance and trajectory by varying your swing length. Regularly practice building consistency and confidence.

What makes a good bunker shot?

A good bunker shot requires an open clubface, a slightly open stance, and a steep, aggressive swing. Position the ball forward in your stance, dig your feet into the sand for stability, and focus on hitting the sand behind the ball. Maintain a smooth, accelerating motion through impact to propel the ball onto the green with the sand acting as a cushion. Practice and confidence are key for mastering this delicate short game skill.


Incorporating these five golf bunker drills into your practice routine will undoubtedly enhance your ability to navigate bunker situations with confidence. Remember the importance of a solid foundation, the precision required in releasing the club, and the art of keeping loft on to achieve a seamless glide through the sand. Experiment with these drills, find what works best for you, and share your progress in the comments. Elevate your bunker game and watch your overall golf performance soar to new heights.

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