Best Golf Fairway Woods to buy in 2024

best golf fairway woods

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Welcome to our review on the best golf fairway woods. Before publishing this article, we took out time to research the best and most current fairway woods for golfing. We searched online and also sought the opinions of experts to ascertain the best and most forgiving fairway woods. In conclusion, we were able to deduce the 14 best woods out of the numerous woods available in the market.

So, if you searching for the best golf fairway woods and you’re ready to buy, you just found the right place. and without further ado, let’s head down to the list of the 14 best golf fairway woods money can buy.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Golf Fairway Wood

Forgiveness: Indeed, even aces don’t hit the sweet spot without fail, and high handicappers are going to hit the ball everywhere throughout the clubface. With the innovation and materials accessible in clubs today, even mis-hits ought to be playable. Look for a fairway wood that’ll turn a cut into a fade and will, in any case, give helpful distance on a poor swing. While no club can fix a lump, some are superior to others at transforming terrible shots into “that will work” and “just alright” shots into great ones.

Distance: No matter how pardoning a club is, it likewise should be lengthy. Greens are getting longer and longer consistently, so you would prefer not to be stuck utilizing a club that can’t stay aware of the requests of the cutting-edge game. You need a fairway wood with a flimsy, enthusiastic face that dispatches it quite far down the fairway. Standard 5s ought to score openings rather than alarming beasts. Distance has never been progressively significant in the sport of golf.

Durability: Golf clubs get increasingly more costly consistently. With hand-made graphite shafts and carbon fiber compound clubheads getting perpetually normal, the assembling (and showcasing) costs are reflected in the retail sticker price. So when you pay that much for a golf club, you need it to last. Toughness is reflected in the craftsmanship and assemble quality. A club ought to be well sufficiently made to last you quite a while, if not decades.

Value: On the off chance that a fairway wood costs twice as much as the one beside it, shouldn’t it hit it twice as far and twice as straight? You’d trust along these lines, obviously, that is not the situation. One club may squeeze a couple of a larger number of yards out of an average swing than another, however in the event that it costs extravagantly more, it probably won’t merit the additional bucks.

Desirability: Is this the hot new fairway wood everybody’s discussing? Does it highlight space-age materials to enable the ball to fly higher and more? Is it from a similar brand that every one of the geniuses uses? An increasingly attractive club will have highlights you may not discover in other fairway woods, and it’ll hold its worth better in the event that you ever attempt to exchange it. More conspicuous brands will be more desirable for valid justification: they’re as a rule at the forefront of innovation, with huge amounts of cash-filled innovative work every year.

Best Golf Fairway Woods Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy
TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood

golf fairway woods

Great distance, Durable and Well designed Get it on Amazon
TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Fairway Wood

golf fairway woods

Great distance, well designed Get it on Amazon
Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood

fairway woods

best for low handicappers & serious golfers Get it on Amazon
Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Fairway

best golf fairway woods

best for High Handicappers Get it on Amazon
Cobra F9 Speedback Fairway Wood

golf woods

best for Mid Handicappers Get it on Amazon
MW8 Moon Wood Fairway Wood

golf woods

Durable and well designed Get it on Amazon
Callaway Men’s Rogue Fairway Wood

fairway woods

Great deal on a top performer Get it on Amazon
TaylorMade Golf M6 Fairway Wood

best golf fairway woods

Offers great distance and ball control Get it on Amazon
Mizuno GT 180 Fairway Wood

Durable and lightweight Get it on Amazon
Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR Fairway Wood

Lightweight, great design Get it on Amazon

Best TaylorMade Golf Fairway Woods

TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood

golf fairway woods

The TaylorMade M4 3-wood is the top-performing driver in our list this year on account of its ultra-hot face and strong forgiveness.

While it doesn’t have the flexibility alternatives you may discover in other TaylorMade woods, it’s an extraordinary choice for high handicappers who are simply searching for something they can get off the ground.

Pros Cons
Lifts the ball off the ground nicely No adjustability
Offers good distance on off-center hits

The TaylorMade RBZ fairway wood is a smooth, all-dark plan with a position of safety that appears as though it’s prepared to scoop the ball up off the ground and dispatch it at your objective.

A moderate alternative from a top producer, it’s an extraordinary choice for players who need to utilize the best gear yet would prefer not to address the top-notch cost that TaylorMade’s fanciest models order.

Pros Cons
Excellent value Not adjustable
Looks great at the address Tinny sound

TaylorMade makes the absolute top-of-the-line, most exceptional drivers and woods available. Every year it appears as though they’re touting a recently created innovation that will ensure more yards, straighter shots, and lower scores.

However, every year they convey a first-class item that truly seems to be at its friends. The TaylorMade M6 is probably the best club we’ve tried for golf players at any level.

Pros Cons
Simply the best fairway wood Expensive compared to competitors
Packed with the latest technology

TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Fairway Wood

golf woods

TaylorMade has one more section on our rundown of top fairway woods with their Aeroburner model.

A particular white clubhead structure together with a profound Speed Pocket and raised channel on the crown to make for a one-of-a-kind looking fairway wood.

The arrangement help is probably the best one tried, and the distance when you hit the enormous sweet spot is absolutely fulfilling.

Pros Cons
Great lines and alignment aid Not as forgiving as other models
Large sweet spot The white clubhead is polarizing

Best Callaway Golf Fairway Woods

Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood

fairway woods

Callaway’s commended club line, the Epic Flash arrangement, has added another victor to the group with the arrival of the Epic Flash Fairway Wood.

With a large group of inventive highlights, the Epic Flash Fairway is a straight-up beast, conveying stunning distance with striking forgiveness.

Featured by the club’s movable space sleeve and back weight, the Callaway club permits the golf player a lot of alternatives to browse while creating the shot shape that is perfect for their game.

Pros Cons
Incredibly lightweight has a tinny sound
Jailbreak technology for more energy to golf ball Not adjustable

The Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood has immediately built up a notoriety for being probably the most smoking club available since its discharge in 2018.

With that buzz comes a sticker price to coordinate, which still accompanies the full 1-year guarantee.

Including communitarian streamlined features from Boeing, the Rogue Fairway Wood is one of the longest fairway woods available.

Pros Cons
Comes with headcover and full 1-year warranty Not as forgiving as other clubs
Boeing technology for great clubhead speed

Callaway’s Steelhead XR Fairway Wood is perhaps the best one tried for the current year.

It’s an update of the great Big Bertha Steelhead that made its presentation during the 90s and immediately got extraordinary compared to other adored fairway woods, time.

The Steelhead XR respects that heritage with a huge span, heritability, and pardoning.

Pros Cons
Carbon crown allows for top-notch forgiveness Clunky sound
Good alignment aids

Best Cobra Golf Fairway Woods

Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Fairway

best golf fairway woods

Another well-made fairway wood from Cobra that checks many boxes is the King F8 Fairway.

With its position of safety, the F8 Fairway is a club that ingrains a ton of certainty for high handicappers hoping to make the bounce to clubs that are better made and thought about at a significant level.

Including the organization’s licensed Baffler Rail System on the sole of the club, the F8 gives the golf player a remarkable feel and reaction after each swing.

Pros Cons
Adjustable loft sleeve help creates the flight path you want Not as sophisticated as the F9 Fairway
Baffler Rail System creates a shallow and sweeping swing for better contact

One of the most moderate, top-notch fairway woods available is the Cobra King F9 Speedback Fairway wood.

The wood is a blend of the organization’s most commended developments as the Speedback and Baffler innovations drive Cobra’s most slender and most smoking CMC processed clubface for an excellent fairway wood that is long and excusing.

Toss in a movable space sleeve and exchangeable back weight and the F9 Fairway turns into an undeniable powerhouse in the fairway wood classification.

Pros Cons
The lightweight body makes F9 one of the fastest fairway woods available High handicappers might want a simpler fairway wood for their bag
Adjustable loft sleeve and rear weighting gives golfer total control

The Cobra F-Max Fairway Wood is designed in light of one essential objective: to help the high handicapper who will in general cut the ball.

Its focal point of gravity situation and hosel configuration will both assist the golf player square the clubface through effect and will grant right-to-left sidespin to support a high, right-to-left ball flight.

Pros Cons
Back/heel CG weight helps get the ball airborne Not for those who already hit a draw/hook
Offset provides draw bias to help correct slices

Best Golf Fairway Woods in Design

MW8 Moon Wood Fairway Wood

golf woods

The MW8 Moon Wood is an affection it-or-loathe it types club that has some slower swinging high handicappers bouncing for satisfaction.

With extremely high lofts that are all the more ordinarily found in hybrid clubs, the Moon Woods are intended to be anything but difficult to hit high undetermined.

In any case, in the event that you have a quick swing or are now quite acceptable with your fairway woods, you may locate these lone-hit generally pointless popups.

Pros Cons
Easy to get the ball up the air Not adequate if you already have a fast swing
Perfect if you have trouble hitting fairway woods

The Mizuno GT 180 fairway wood isn’t on most golf players’ radar. Mizuno is known for its amazing manufactured irons, yet its drivers, woods, and putters remain specialty items in the golf world.

The GT 180 should change that, with its extraordinary looks and far and away superior execution at a value point that is a lot lower than its opposition.

Pros Cons
Great distance off the tee Clunky sound
Most beautiful design

Best Golf Fairway Woods in Price & Affordability

Orlimar Golf Escape Fairway Wood

The Orlimar Escape Fairway Woods are intended for moderate swinging high handicappers to assist them with uncovering the ball off the ground and get them noticeable all around.

They produce a ball flight increasingly much the same as a lobbed iron and highlight almost no turnout in the wake of landing.

They’re accessible from 3-wood through 15-wood, so in the event that you like it, you can basically convey seven Orlimar golf wood to cover the vast majority of your distance.

Pros Cons
Available in super high lofts Strictly for slow swingers
The extra loft provides an extra lift Not very long

The Pinemeadow PGX Offset fairway woods are level out the most counterbalanced woods I’ve at any point run over.

In the event that you’ve attempted mellow counterbalances like the Cobra F-Max despite everything you’re hitting banana cuts, you might need to investigate this incredible balance offering from Pinemeadow.

They’re high-space, high-turn clubs intended to get the show on the road noticeable all around and help high handicappers quit cutting.

Pros Cons
Extreme offset offers dramatic slice correction Offset is so extreme it may be hard to aim
Affordable Scratches easily

How We Picked

Enough time and resources were put into researching the best golf fairway woods on the market. Before making the final selection of the best golf woods, serval golf woods were considered. They were properly reviewed, screened and lots of online reviews were read (both positive and negative) to ascertain the most effective and best fairway woods for you. All of this process adds up to what makes this list of the best golf fairway woods you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 5 wood simpler to hit than a 3 wood?

The main time you should hit a 3-wood off the fairway is the point at which you can arrive at the green. The 3-wood is the hardest club to hit off the fairway, so utilizing it to simply propel the ball is crazy. Hit your 5-wood instead. The 5-wood has more space, so it’s easier to get the ball noticeable all around.

Are hybrids simpler to hit than fairway woods?

Similarly, the same number of end-of-the-week golf players can hit a fairway wood more easily than a long iron, they can commonly swing a hybrid more comfortably than a fairway wood –in the event that they use the hybrid correctly. The hybrid’s clubhead is thick, with a lower and more profound focus of gravity than a fairway wood’s clubhead.

Do I need a 3 wood and a 3 hybrid?

Genius golf players plan to keep their drives shorter and use their 3-woods to arrive at 5-standard for their next shot. It is smarter to utilize a 3-wood when the grass is cut or mown and the ground is hard which causes the ball to roll. The 3-hybrid is utilized significantly for off the fairway or out of the harsh (where the ground is soggy or delicate.)


Acquiring the best fairway woods requires a lot of considerable ideas. If you’ve read this review, it implies that you are searching for a golf fairway wood and we believe you must have found one among our list that meets your need. If that be the case, we suggest that you take as much time as is needed to go through each product again before settling on your choice with the goal that you make certain of what you need. Ensure you check all the necessary details before buying.

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