Best Titleist Golf Balls of 2024

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Welcome to our review of the best Titleist golf balls. Unlike other golf balls, Titleist golf balls are built for both professional and armature golfers.

They are built to offer more distance, speed, and less spin. In addition, they’re durable, made of high-quality materials, and will help improve your game.

So, without wasting much time, why not check out the 7 best Titleist golf balls we’ve highlighted for you below.

Best Titleist Golf Balls Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy
Pro V1

pro v1 Best Titleist Golf Balls

Spherically-tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design Get it on Amazon
Pro V1x

prov1x titleist golf balls

unique 328 tetrahedral dimples spherically-tiled design Get it on Amazon
Tour Soft

toursoft golf balls

aerodynamic 352 tetrahedral spherically-tiled – catenary design Get it on Amazon

velocity titleist golf balls

Ultra-thin 4CE technology Get it on Amazon
DT Trusoft

golf balls

spherically-tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design Get it on Amazon
Titleist AVX

avx golf balls

Long-distance and high speed possible Get it on Amazon

Pro V1 Titleist Golf Balls

pro v1 titleiest golf balls

The best bit of golfing hardware Titleist has ever constructed throughout the entire existence of this game is the Pro V1. It has been utilized by many players on expert visits for a considerable length of time. Its presentation is unmatchable. It is considered a revolutionary item in golf history.

With a lower long game turn, it empowers players to encounter longer distances and reliable flight. Drop-and-Stop greenside control is one of these balls’ claims to fame. Dependable sturdiness and delicate feels are additional to highlights. Unequaled quality accompanies multi-parts.

The more extended distance is made conceivable with the 2.0 ZG Next Generation Process Core. The Tin packaging layer lets you have a controlled turn on each shot. You can likewise recognize it with its cover framework. Its delicate cover framework for example Urethane Elastomer gives you Drop-and-Stop greenside control.

This incredibly built cover framework gives durable toughness. Notwithstanding that, it includes Spherically-tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple plan for predictable flights. Every one of these highlights is the explanation, this is their best-made golf ball available today.

Pros Cons
Great flight None found

Pro V1x Titleist Golf Balls

prov1x titleist golf balls

Expert V1x offers no less in execution versus the Pro V1. There are slight changes underway. This ball adds to the consistency in flight. It vows to convey a phenomenal distance with a high dispatch. You can anticipate astonishing quality and delicate feels. The methods it has experienced are very much observed to convey to you a presentation of a master. It offers a low long game turn to ensure you ace the game.

This isn’t without Drop-and-Stop greenside control. When looking at the building, it is multi-segment golf hardware. The ZG Dual Core Process is liable for phenomenal distance. Very responsive and thin cover ionomeric packaging brings accomplishment on course with upgraded speed and controlled turn.

The solidness of the ball originates from the cover framework and genius V1x has a softcover framework for example Urethane Elastomer that conveys a delicate feel. In addition, its extraordinary 328 tetrahedral dimples circularly tiled plan brings great appearance just as execution.

Pros Cons
enhanced speed and controlled spin Expensive

AVX Titleist Golf Balls

avx golf balls

It is known for its excellent exhibition. With streamlined innovation, it utilizes a propelled center. On the off chance that distance and delicate feel is your need, AVX is intended for you. Superior with low flying, low turning, and delicate feel is given by this New Titleist AVX golf ball. Besides, a ground-breaking flight and surprising distance is something a golfer passes on for and this is offered by this piece.

It vows to convey an iron turn and an especially delicate feel. Premium Scoring Control is one of the top highlights. For the individuals who are worried about the development procedure, low-pressure quality has been utilized to guarantee rapid alongside remarkable distance and delicate feel.

Its GRN41 cast thermoset urethane spread has the ability to give premium scoring control. Strength is likewise a guarantee. A more prominent distance is conceivable with a high flex packaging layer. The external appearance is made conceivable with a streamlined 352 tetrahedral circularly tiled – catenary plan.

Pros Cons
help you improve your putting Expensive
great design

Tour soft

toursoft golf balls

It is a two-layer golf ball secured with a very slim layer. The exhibition it gives is superior to that of different layers. It conveys the control proficient players expect for the best execution. The front-of-visit softball is somewhat unique in relation to other Titleist golf balls. The cover is made with blended material that empowers a more prominent leave speed for the ball. That vibe and turn originate from the slender cover.

As per Golf Info Guide, this ball offers a superior degree of feel to numerous others. It gets commended by numerous others, for example, Golf Monthly which composes that it can give you pleasant height. The non-abrasiveness is very unmistakable and you don’t need to place a great deal of power.

Ultra-slight 4CE innovation is utilized in the spread definition. It keeps the guarantee of giving reliable flight circularly tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple structure. It is enthusiastically suggested by numerous golf players.

Pros Cons
consistent flight Expensive
highly recommended by many golfers


velocity titleist golf balls

Velocity lets you appreciate various hues in the ball for example white, visi-white, orange, and pink. It has been intended to give a milder center and long separation. Controlled and the high flight is a claim to fame of expert golf players. They do it with the assistance of a great ball. Titleist speed can assist you with conveying a shot with low turn and upgraded distance.

The delicate LXS center produces a quick introductory speed and a playable short feel game. The front of the golf ball contributes a great deal in execution. Speed ensures that you get this show on the road ball speed and long distance with the new NAZ+ cover.

Speed conveys improved trips with the assistance of a roundly tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple plan. This plan further adds to a low long game turn. This has additionally been the decision of numerous golf players.

Pros Cons
high ball speed none found
Lower spin

DT TruSoft

golf balls

None of the Titleist golf balls neglects to convey elite. DT TruSoft has additionally been intended to convey the shots you had always wanted however comes at a less expensive cost. Youthful golfers need to swing the ball like the expert players they follow. They get motivation from them.

Titleist balls can assist them with encountering shots like experts. This model is upgraded with the new center to make long-distance and fast workable for you. This is one of the freshest balls. Players will be profited by confidence in quality and consistency. It has an extraordinary halting force by offering short game execution.

The center plan is not the same as different models, for example, bigger low-pressure TruTouch Core. In addition, the truflex cover gives a delicate vibe. This is the cover that adds to improved execution. A most extreme distance can be achieved with its trusoft flight.

Pros Cons
long-distance and high speed possible Expensive
High quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Titleist golf balls great for beginners?

This is a typical inquiry posed with regards to the many golf balls by this brand. This inquiry can be outlined in two sections. On the off chance that you are searching for upgrading your consistency and execution, the best golf balls by this brand might be the moke-up variants that are intended for training. Also, in the event that you are looking for starter golf balls, these may not be the best thinking about that every one expense regarding four dollars or something like that, and whenever lost or grounds in the water, an individual is looking four dollars for each ball.

Are Titleist golf balls any great?

Titleist has rearranged its mid-value ball offering and in Tour Soft, golf players have a dependable and predictable bundle that conveys a tad of everything. For most golf players, it ought to give plentiful halting force on chips and pitch shots with a delicate vibe without yielding distance off the tee.


If you’ve read this review, it implies you’re searching for the best Titleist golf balls and we believe you must have found one or two among our list that suits your need. Be that as it may, we suggest you take enough time as you need to go through the list of golf balls we reviewed, paying special attention to its features, pros, and cons before making your final selection.

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