Best Golf Irons of March 2021

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The best golf irons will help you improve the majority of your shots and also help you achieve your best golf performance. When selecting the right iron for yourself, there are lots of consideration to make. First of all, you want to consider the weight of the golf iron, the shaft flexibility, and also the type of golf iron.

In this article, we’ve carefully selected some of the best golf irons for all ranges and categories of golfers. Below we have

  • The best golf irons for beginners
  • For Mid-Handicappers
  • Golf iron for kids
  • The best golf iron for pro’s and lastly
  • The best iron for distance.

So without wasting time lets jump right into the list of best golf irons but first, let’s check out the buyers’ guide.

Buyers Guide: What to Consider Before Buying Golf Irons

As mentioned earlier above, there are several factors to consider before choosing the right irons that will best complement your game. In addition, When searching for a new iron set, you will come across several types of irons. Each one has been designed to fit a certain skill level. All of which have been explained above.

Expertise LEVEL: Irons come in three distinct classifications: player’s irons, made for talented players; game-improvement irons, which are for golf players with a midrange expertise level; and super-game-improvement irons, which are particularly sympathetic for fledglings. Try not to “play up.” Get the irons directly for where you are in your game.

SHAFT FLEX: Flex alludes to the measure of twist a club has, and firmness will, in general, relate with how quick you swing your club. On the off chance that you go excessively quick without enough firmness, your ball could veer off toward any path. Search for names like “standard,” “stiff,” and “extra stiff,” at that point play around with them to make sense of what accommodates your swing best.

COST: Irons, similar to all golf clubs, have an enormous range with regards to cost. While normally you get what you pay for as far as quality, it is conceivable to discover clubs that beat their sticker price at a wide range of focuses. Make certain to think about the amount you’ll really be utilizing the clubs and to what extent you need to stay with whatever you pick, and let that guide you toward spending that feels directly for you.

Best Golf Irons Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy
Callaway Apex Pro 19callaway putters Lightweight and quality design Get it on Amazon
Cobra King Forged TEC Iron

cobra king golf putters

Lightweight and quality design Get it on Amazon
Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue X Individual

golf irons


Lightweight and quality design Get it on Amazon
Callaway Big Bertha OS

callaway golf irons

deliver more distance and accuracy Get it on Amazon
Titleist 718 AP2

best golf irons

Has a good control and quality design Get it on Amazon
Intech Lancer Junior Golf iron


best golf irons

Lightweight and quality design Get it on Amazon
Wilson Staff C300 Forged Iron

golf irons

Very workable irons, and good distance control Get it on Amazon
Mizuno JPX-900 Forged Iron Set


Unmistakable forged feel and sound is very pleasing Get it on Amazon
Taylormade P770 Irons

Lighter shafts provide a boost in swing speed and most notably distance Get it on Amazon

The Best Golf Irons

Callaway Apex Pro 19

callaway apex pro 19 putters

In view of the achievement of Callaway’s Mavrik driver, many would anticipate that the Mavrik Pro irons should highlight among our preferred player irons, as well. Yet, we feel the Apex Pro irons are difficult to beat, particularly in the event that you truly are a “player”. We don’t regularly support “Expert” models, yet we figure Apex Pro will get ready to a six handicapper insofar as you’re a certain ball striker.

Also, we’d put cash on more Apex Pros being in tour player bags this season than Mavrik Pro (Mavrik Pro isn’t fashioned). In case you’re in any uncertainty picking between the Pro or standard Apex 19 or Mavrik Pro, our most recent information proposes you put six yards (7-iron carry) on the line by picking the Pro over the standard Apex, and eight yards picking the Apex Pro rather than the Mavrik Pro, which will be huge to a few.

Pros Cons
Easy to use Expensive
Great design

Cobra King Forged TEC Iron

golf putters

It took us an age to get hold of a Cobra Forged Tec test be that as it may, in light of this presentation, it was certainly justified regardless of the pause. The Cobra Forged Tec was the quickest and longest player irons in our test, which is noteworthy when you understand they’re Cobra’s first wound at an empty players’ iron. Unavoidably, many will highlight the solid space (29.5° 7-iron), yet that is a noteworthy issue, as brands realize customers purchase from dispatch screen numbers.

The extremely significant inquiry is whether you can stop shots on a green, particularly moving into the more drawn out irons. No one but you can answer that. In view of our experience, reverse-pivot is 22% lower than our test normal, yet dispatch point, shot stature, and drip edge are for the most part close to our test midpoints. So for some, it will be dicey while for other people, especially the individuals who supplant long irons with crossbreeds, it will be functional. Attempt before you purchase.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Expensive
Well structured

Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue X

golf irons


For individuals who are new to golf, the Callaway Rogue x golf iron is best for you. Because of its lightweight and a longer shaft, beginners can swing from the rough with maximum distance by pulling the center of gravity lower.

The Callaway Rogue X golf iron is made with Tungsten weighting for better control with each stroke, as well as the 360 cup face and variable face thickness, which improve ball speed and distance.

With this in place, beginners will struggle less with accuracy and distance.

Pros Cons
360 Face Cup and Variable Face technology account for a significant boom in the distance Bit of a harsh ‘click’ sound at impact
Has a good and quality design

Callaway Big Bertha OS

callaway golf irons


For Mid-handicappers, the Callaway Big Bertha is for you. This golf iron was specifically designed for good control and distance.

It also comes in stiff or regular flex with a graphite or steel shaft.

Additionally, it has a 360 Face Cup which enables the ball to travel very far when hit.

Pros Cons
360 Face Cup and Variable Face technology account for a significant boom in the distance Extremely expensive for inexperienced players, may cause some vibration in the hands during ball striking
Lightweight may cause some vibration in the hands during ball striking
Has a good control and quality design

Titleist 718 AP2

golf ironsThe Titleist 718 Ap2 golf iron is built for professional golfers.

With the Ap2 golf iron in the hand of a pro golfer, at impact, the golf ball travels further and faster when compared to any other golf iron.

In addition, they are lightweight, classy design and are durable.

Pros Cons
Feel beautiful through impact particularly the 5, 6 & 7 irons for some reason You need to be a good ball striker in order to get the most out of the AP2’s
Has a good control and quality design

Intech Lancer Junior Golf iron

best golf irons


The Intech Lancer golf irons are made for junior golfers from ages 4 to 12.

The shafts of the Intech Lancer are made with a lighter and more manageable graphite material.

Thereby making it easy and convenient for young golfers to use.

Pros Cons
Lightweight For young golfers only
convenient bag and headcovers and no iron
Good design

Wilson Staff C300 Forged Iron

golf irons

The perfect golf iron for distance is the Wilson Staff C300 Forged Iron. These irons feature strong design and are available as stiff or regular with either a steel or graphite shaft.

For a better ball speed, Wilson expanded this iron’s “sweet spot” and devoted the entire iron to maximum power.

In addition, they look good, they feel good and give you more than you expect.

Pros Cons
Very workable irons, and good distance control Bit of a hollow sound at impact
forged design
They are affordable

Mizuno JPX-900 Forged Iron Set

golf irons

The Mizuno JPX-900 is perfect for a wide range of golfers. Mizuno, well-known for its high-quality irons came out with the JPX-900 which are reinforced with boron for a stronger design and a “multi-thickness face” that delivers faster hits.

Considered one of the best golf irons by professional golfers, this golf iron is guaranteed to improve distance and lower handicaps.

Pros Cons
Variable face thickness underpins the cutting-edge design beginners might not be able to conveniently use this golf iron
Unmistakable forged feel and sound is very pleasing
They are perfect for a wide range of golfers

Taylormade P770 Irons

For golfers looking for high performance and precision in their game, you should try the Taylormade P77o iron.

In addition, they are lightweight, well designed and provides a good distance due to the light steel shafts and slight aggressive lofts.

Pros Cons
Lighter shafts provide a boost in swing speed and most notably distance They are Expensive
They are well designed
Even though there is a progressive offset the heads are still relatively small

Best Golf Game Improvement Irons

Callaway Rogue X

The Callaway Rogue X is the ideal game-improvement iron. In addition to the fact that it helps you shoot better on the course, yet these clubs look extraordinary doing it. You’ll feel sure and talented as your clubs give you a little help hitting under par.

The Callaway Rogue X game-improvement irons have a one of a kind clubhead. The clubface highlights Callaway’s Face Cup and variable face thickness innovation. This language implies that the clubface is marginally curved and has a flex itself for a superior sweet spot and snappier speed of the hit.

Furthermore, the clubhead utilizes tungsten weighting and a wide sole for a lower focal point of gravity with more control and improved dispatch. Additionally, the urethane film development on the inside of the head diminishes vibration all through the club.

Pros Cons
Improves speed and distance Expensive
Well designed

TaylorMade M4 Set

taylormade irons

Straightforward and prevalent, TaylorMade M4 irons convey the distance that mid-handicap golf players are searching for. These clubs, accessible exclusively or as a set, are developed for great dispatch and hitting far down the fairway. The M4’s clubhead has a “360 Undercut” for more weight lower on the clubhead, which prompts a predominant dispatch capacity. The post-retail steel or graphite shafts that TaylorMade utilizes likewise add to the dispatch edge and speed.

Notwithstanding the more prominent distance, TaylorMade’s M4 clubs have numerous different highlights famous in game-improvement irons. These clubs highlight new heel and toe weighting for more absolution. The RIBCOR head configuration utilizes an inflexible edge to add solidarity to the clubhead and restrict flex in the middle where contact is made for progressively exact hits.

TaylorMade guarantees more distance and exactness from the adaptability in the face. Also, the club’s ultra-slim edge improves “low-face” shot paces. These clubs are accessible in an assortment of flexes, shafts, and directions.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Expensive
Improves speed and distance

PING G400 Hybrid

best golf iron

Not all game-improvement irons are the equivalent. As opposed to just searching for an iron that has better adaptability, more pardoning, and included speed, why not attempt a totally new club out and out? The PING G400 Hybrid club gives you a chance to supplant your long irons with clubs that can truly include some control and separation.

A hybrid of wood and an iron, these crossovers can supplant a 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-iron in space and use. With a graphite shaft and various flexes, the G400 includes distance and is perfect for mid-extend shots. The clubface has included flex for better speed and launches compared with the other hybrid clubs, while the meager crown configuration conveys a lower focal point of gravity.

You’ll improve contact with the G400 on the grounds that the lower driving edge is nearer to the sole. The crown includes little tubules for added streamlined features and the graphite shaft takes into consideration a cleaner hit.

Pros Cons
Offers better speed and launches heavy
Well designed and durable

Best New Golf Irons

Mizuno MP-20

muzino golf irons

Mizuno has for quite some time been one of the main producers of cutting edge style new golf irons, which give experienced players the vibe and control they need from their irons. What’s more, the MP-20 irons are the organization’s best arrangement of irons yet. This total arrangement of irons includes a 2-iron through a pitching wedge to give you nine irons altogether.

It’ll cost you a piece, however, there’s a motivation behind why Tiger Woods and Nick Faldo support the MP line. These MP-20 irons are not exactly your customary sharp edge style of iron. They’re made with a copper underlay, which professional in a visually impaired test on (dislike Chevy Chase in “Caddyshack,” precisely, however you get it), PGA players picked it no matter how you look at it as a result of its “milder” feel, as per Golf Digest.

Those with a predictable swing will have the option to exploit the nature of these MP-20 irons, yet as indicated by Golf, “the new MPs offer something for pretty much everybody including low-, mid-and even some higher impediment players searching for a players distance model.”

In every one of, these clubs about feel, and how that changes among chrome and copper plating, which is something of a return to the brand’s exploration and plan from decades prior, and something the professionals all appear to support. All the more compactly, as Golf expresses, “The new MP-20 lineup can pretty effectively be esteemed the most complete and amazing MP family to date.”

Pros Cons
Set includes nine clubs not a great investment for high handicap players, who will struggle with the blade style
copper underlay for increased softness upon contact with the ball

Cobra King Forged TEC Black irons

king cobra golf irons

Some portion of the explanation Tiger Woods started sporting red on the PGA Tour was the terrorizing factor. On the off chance that you’d like your game to convey somewhat more terrorizing to your customary end of the week foursome, wearing red presumably won’t do it (except if you have a youthful Tiger’s length off the tee and mark clench hand siphon). So consider utilizing golf clubs that give a little terrorizing, similar to the Cobra King Forged TEC Black new golf iron set.

These eye-catching dark irons look astonishing, however, they additionally convey some astounding plan includes that will assist you with hitting the ball more distant, which is bound to threaten your foursome accomplices than the incidental clench hand pump. The Cobra King irons utilize a slender steel embed that conveys remarkable distance versus most irons. Moreover, the irons highlight tungsten in both the heel and toe of the iron, which causes you to keep these irons on the right swing way, again promoting more distance.

At long last, these noteworthy irons incorporate a carbon-fiber embed simply behind the smacking zone despite the club. This ingests any vibration that you may have from an off-kilter ball strike, which enables you to complete the swing solid and addition the entirety of the distance you’re chasing.

Golf Monthly says the slim steel face creates additional ball speed, which is the way into the additional distance you’ll get with these clubs. The materials inside these Cobra King irons convey steady ball strikes that will give you additional distance versus different sorts of irons, as per Golf Digest, which grants these irons a gold positioning.

Pros Cons
carbon-fiber insert absorbs vibrations at impact for comfortable ball strikes, You’ll pay a little extra for the new features
The new design and materials deliver extra ball speed for more distance those with slow swing speeds won’t receive a huge distance jump

Titleist 718 AP2 irons

titleist golf irons

The Titleist 718 AP2 new golf iron set has been demonstrated effective on the expert visit, and similar advancements and configuration feature in these irons that intrigue to master golf players likewise settle on them an incredible decision for low impairment novice players. These Titleist irons are forgiving for any shots somewhat struck askew, which enables you to keep up an exact distance control.

Titleist changes the focal point of gravity from club to club in the individual irons in this set, keeping up a lower focal point of gravity in the long irons to convey reliable performance, which is an incredible element for individuals who battle to hit long irons. As you travel through the shorter 718 AP2 irons, Titleist moves the focal point of gravity higher on the clubface, conveying a decent vibe for the shorter shots where low impediment players will need more control. Titleist utilizes a steel face embed in its more extended irons through the 6-iron.

From the 7-iron through the pitching wedge, the club development comprises of a carbon-steel face and body. Alongside the steel face embed in the long irons, Titleist has set tungsten in the heel and toe of the 718 AP2 long irons, which The Golf Warehouse says keeps the clubface on the web and conveys a higher dispatch at sway. According to Golf Digest, the differences in the materials used to develop these irons yield better distance in the more extended irons and better exactness and feel in the shorter irons.

Pros Cons
Minimal but significant new design upgrades from the previous version A very expensive set of irons
forgiving clubface design keeps off-center shots on line not really designed for average or high handicap players

Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers

Taylormade M4 Irons

taylormade irons

The M4 update of the M2 irons is a much sleeker, progressively proficient looking iron. Be that as it may, don’t be tricked into speculation this is a club just an ace can hit – actually, it’s practically easy to get the show on the road open to question and on target. It’s hard to hit a ball far away from focus with the M4s which carries genuine significance to game improvement iron.

The sweet spot is huge to such an extent that it’s hard to recognize when you hit it gravely. Obviously, there is some distance loss and some deviation from your expected line however you’ll be around the green hitting simple chips as opposed to getting yourself way right or left of the greenside fortifications, short-siding yourself.

The lofts are more grounded in this set and remember the SW is 54° when picking your wedges to go with the set. You should think about a 58° to adjust the settings to give yourself a decent loft gapping.

Pros Cons
High-launching and glides through the turf If you have a wedge set already, consider that the PW in the set is 43.5°; AW is 49° and SW is 54
Crisp sound at contact

Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons

cleverland golf irons

They’re much progressively renowned for excellent wedges made for mid to low handicappers, yet Cleveland has structured a lot of irons pointed altogether at the normal mid handicapper to help distance while simultaneously dispensing plentiful pardoning. The Launcher CBX irons give the best of both worlds by making it simpler to hit longer irons and have more command over the shorter clubs.

While not gigantic on Tour as much as when Vijay and David Toms played for them, Cleveland has stayed a most loved among us minor humans particularly the simple to hit drivers. The Cleveland CBX irons have a lot bigger cavity back in the long irons for more forgiveness and a bigger sweet spot and as you progress to the shorter irons, the pit back diminishes for a more control-based feel to thump it close.

Pros Cons
High-launching and glides through the turf Not for golfers who want to shape the ball flight
Crisp sound at contact

Srixon Z 585 Irons

golf irons

The Srixon Z 585 irons probably won’t be on your radar, however, they ought to be. This range has been gone for the mid handicapper whose preferences shot forming and forgiveness in one bundle. The best part is they will last you even as a low handicapper.

The clubs have an impressive yet not cumbersome sole just as a profound depression back to help move the focal point of gravity lower and move the sweet spot down in the face to get significantly crisper contact on the ball.

Srixon has made these clubs look simple to hit when you look down at them, however, they’re not curiously large by any means. In case you’re stressed over your clubs looking stout, these ones will subdue your feelings of fear.

Pros Cons
Consistent performance across the face A bit Expensive
Light and easy to swing

Test Process

Enough time and resources were put into researching for the best golf irons on the market. Before making our final selection of the best golf irons, serval golf irons were considered. They were properly reviewed, tested and lots of online reviews where read (both positive and negative) to ascertain the most effective and best golf iron for you. All of this process adds up to what makes this list of the best golf irons you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is steel or graphite better for irons?

For Steel irons, vibrations are more noticeable. However, Graphite shafts transmit fewer vibrations up the pole to the golf player’s hands than do steel shafts. Basically expressed, a few golf players favor the more fresh, more honed feel of hitting the ball with steel shafts, while some lean toward the milder, more hosed feel of graphite

What is the benefit of graphite shaft irons?

Graphite shafts are lighter than steel shafts, bringing about an expansion in swing velocity and separation. This is especially valuable to players with moderate swing rhythms. Most golf players can observe an expansion of in any event 5 yards for each club.

You can also check out our list of best putters and best-putting tips here.


If you’ve read the above article, it implies you’re searching for the best golf irons and you’re ready to buy. You don’t need to stress yourself in searching for golf irons all over the web or in stores. The golf irons we’ve reviewed above are the best in the market and are manufactured by top brands like Callaway, Taylormade, Titleist and more. However, before making your choice, we suggest you take as much time as you want to check each product over again paying closer attention to its pros and cons before making your final selection.