Best Mini Golf Courses in England 2024

Best Mini Golf Courses in England

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Golf, also familiar as a free game, is considered one of the most popular sports worldwide. The target of the game is to drive a hard ball into a sequence of holes with a smaller number of strokes using an iron or wood stick. Playing golf is beneficial for your physical fitness as well as for your psyche. It assists in improving the blood flow and balances the heart rate, hence suitable for the heart as well. In comparison to other sports, golf is a low-risk injury sport as it only requires coordination, strategy, and accurate calculation.

Golf allows a high chance of social interaction and is an excellent idea for a family outing. England offers loads of options for mini-golf courses, and often several competitions are arranged worldwide. People fascinated by golf, from across the world travel to England. It is effortless to visit, all you need to do is head over cheap air fly UK which provides the opportunity to book low-cost tickets and find cheap flights to all global destinations. We made sure that you are not stuck in searching for a perfect place to play golf, thus here is our pick of the best mini golf courses in England.

6 Best Mini Golf Courses in England

Swingers West End 

Swingers west end is considered one of the best venues for golf as it reminds the glamour of English Riviera of the 1920s. It provides an exciting and comparatively challenging nine-hole course. When it comes to food and drink, it is not that pricey, and you will find four separate bars that serve good quality food like bredda tacos and patty and buns. One of the best things that people enjoy is that you can have a drink while being on the course instead of going mainly to the bar and waiting for several minutes. The staff at Swingers west end is high and hospitable. That fantastic atmosphere with lush palms which gives Miami vibes and beach huts is the best seaside holiday one can have.

Mr. Mulligans Dino Golf Club 

Mr. Mulligans Dino Golf is an adventurous place that offers an exciting and damned tricky course consisting of thirty-six perilous holes. The dino theme gives an ancient look executed beautifully with lakes, eye-catching waterfalls, and rope bridges. The prehistoric environment takes the golfers back to a land before time. It is a perfect venue in terms of money and suitable for all ages. The atmosphere is very relaxing, and cleanliness is maintained adequately by the fantastic staff. Also, it is comparatively reasonable, thus give this adventurous place a try.

Birdies Crazy Golf Club 

This golf club is located in Stratford on a rooftop with a beautiful summer garden containing batting cages, lawn bowls, and watering holes. Even for a composed crazy golfer, the birdies golf club is challenging as it has a curvy circus-themed course consisting of nine holes where you need to propel your ball through profound leaps, long metal tubes, and many other hurdles to get into the holes. There is a bar that serves world-class street food and out-of-the-world cocktails to enhance your excitement on the course.

Best Mini Golf Courses in England

Puttshack, Westfield London 

Puttshack is based on the concept of the world’s first hi-tech mini golf club. They have used innovative technology to increase the standard and intensity of the sport. Automatic leaderboards and point-scoring ended the hassle of pencil and paper business here. You would never find this fantastic combination of a traditional game fused with computer-age technology anywhere. And to top your celebrations off, there is a dining area and an island bar where a wide variety of cocktails and delicious food is served.

Putt in the Park, Battersea 

If you want to enjoy a classy outdoor golf experience, you should pay a visit to Battersea Park. It offers a great experience not only for a seasoned pro but even for golfing newbie. The mini-golf course is expertly designed consisting of 12 holes incorporated with sidewinding slopes, rockeries, and cascades. It is suitable for all ages so the whole family could enjoy it. The main attraction of this exciting place is its pizza cooked in a handcrafted wood-fired pizza oven. Their talented and passionate chefs use the best ingredients and make sure that every pizza that comes out of the oven smells lovely and is of the highest quality. To accompany your pizza, they also serve delicious coffee and an extensive list of great wines.

Adventure Island Mini Golf 

Adventure Island mini golf is known as the first-ever indoor golf complex in England. It features two exciting and challenging 18-holes golf courses. The place is quite clean, and fun and their staff are friendly enough to help you with anything. The presence of volcanoes, tiki huts, and waterfalls gives you the feels as if you are playing outdoor. You can take your children there as well as the courses are easy and fun. Hence this place is an excellent idea for a family holiday.

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