Dawgs Spirit Golf Shoes Review

Dawgs Spirit Golf Shoes Review

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Review of the Dawgs Spirit Golf Shoes


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable


  • The design could be better.

A few weeks back, the Dawgs Spirit Lightweight Golf Shoes were sent to me by the folks at Direct Golf for an honest review. Dawgs golf shoes have been on the market for a long time now, and the Spirit lightweight is one of the newer models of Dawgs shoes to hit the market. They are very nice looking shoes with a very unique design. I like the look of the shoe, but I’m not a big fan of the golf shoe itself. I was hoping that this would be a very good lightweight golf shoe and I was not disappointed.

These are great lightweight golf shoes for the price. They are lightweight and very comfortable. They are also very durable. I was able to hit some drives with them, and they have held up pretty well. They are also very easy to clean. The material is nice and soft, and the sole is very durable.

Dawgs Spirit Golf Shoes: Style

  • Cool design
  • Attractive
  • Available in different colors,

Dawgs Spirit Lightweight Golf Shoes Review

Like I’ve said before and will say again, how I feel about myself and how I look influences my golf game. I’ve never been a big fan of crocs because I thought they looked goofy. On the golf course, I find myself wearing a shoe my friends describe as similar to crocs.

If I think something looks bad, I will tell you right away. In my opinion, the DAWGS are awesome. I like things that stand out (I have three colors of dye in my hair right now) and I like things that may be considered loud.

DAWG Spirit shoes aren’t loud, but they do attract a second glance from time to time, which I like.

The shoes are not the most stylish out there, and they’re not at the top of my list when it comes to style, but they don’t make me run for the hills, and I’m not afraid to wear them.

Dawgs Spirit Golf Shoes: Comfort

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use.
  • Available in different sizes,

Dawgs Spirit Lightweight Golf Shoes Review

My feet can be finicky when it comes to comfort in shoes. (Actually, I ordered the wrong size and had to request a second pair from DAWGS before I could begin my review.)

The only thing I’m known for is that my feet sweat when I put on shoes–and they do it quickly. (I wear flip-flops 7 days a week and wear shoes only for golf and weddings.) I had no idea when I asked to review these shoes how much they would give me in this department, but they breathe effortlessly. Whether I wore socks or not, my feet were always dry.

I immediately noticed how lightweight these shoes are. I almost thought I was walking on air. 

The only complaint I have about these shoes in terms of comfort is walking from the parking lot to the grass on cement or pavement. You can feel where the spikes are, but they don’t feel like spikes, but more like cushions. On the other hand, as soon as you step onto the grass, these shoes feel like nothing is there.

Although I wear a size 13, I am sure that someone with a smaller foot or a different spike dispersion would feel different on hard surfaces.

Dawgs Spirit Golf Shoes: Performance

  • waterproof
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight

Dawgs Spirit Lightweight Golf Shoes Review

I felt like I didn’t notice any major performance flaws during my first three rounds with these shoes, just a few minor things here and there.

In reality, I walked through a lot of wet grass with these shoes without getting my feet or socks wet once.

The first time my performance stood out was when I decided to chase my ball 30 yards into the weeds. I could just plow through some feeds, find my ball (and perhaps 5 other unmotivated players’ balls), and be done in no time. I couldn’t say the same about the Dawgs. By the time I reached the depths of this patch of weeds, I had started catching foxtails in my socks, leading me to give up searching for my ball and continue my round barefooted. At the time, I didn’t realize that the shoes could be worn without socks. Now that I know better, I would just put the shoes on again without the socks.

Next was my first experience with sand traps. They weren’t as bad as I expected. Fortunately, there was just a little bit of sand in the shoe, almost barely noticeable, so I didn’t take the shoes off to get rid of it. Trust me when I say that there were many more bunkers to come. It does not fill the shoes really, but lets in more than a normal golf shoe would.

I found that the biggest downside to the DAWGS was when it came to setting up on steep terrain. On less steep surfaces, the shoes really do perform quite well, but when things started to get inclined, I discovered the shoes negatively affected my swing.

Despite their limited number, the spikes never failed me. I didn’t slip once during the entire round.

All in all, these shoes performed well. Even these topics took me several rounds to pinpoint. DAWG for my sweaty feet and I are a pretty happy match for flatter courses without a lot of steeper sidehills.


  • Spikes are not replaceable.
  • great value
  • Affordable

At $40 for a golf shoe, it’s hard to question the value of the DAWGS. Although I don’t believe they would be valuable to everyone, for me (God bless my wife for keeping me in line), $40 isn’t a figure I’d have to call home and ask my wife for permission to spend.

Having to replace the spikes is the only drawback, but you can replace them for $40 when they wear out.

Final Thoughts

Are these the ultimate shoes to take you through any situation you may face? Probably not. Should you spend $40 on these shoes? Absolutely.

Though I don’t think these are for everyone, they’ve been very comfortable on my feet and have kept me from sweating like crazy.

The DAWGS Spirit is a good choice if you already own a pair of golf shoes, but would like something lightweight for your more playful days of golf and/or your flatter courses. In these shoes, my feet never complain after a long day.

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