Evnroll ER2V Putter

From the bestselling Evnroll ER2V Putter comes the next generation of the original. With the modern look and performance, you have come to expect from Evnroll, the ER2V has been enhanced with a high-strength lightweight head made of forged titanium, precision-honed grooves, and a multi-material grip.

It is the most versatile golf putter on the market today, designed for right- and left-handed golfers, and more forgiving than ever before. With a modern look and feel and a high-strength titanium head, the ER2V is a great putter for beginners and for those looking to upgrade from a putter they’re already using.

The ER2V is the best choice for any golfer looking for a putter that is lightweight, forgiving, and durable.

Evnroll ER2V Putter: Design and Performance

Evnroll ER2V Putter

There aren’t many putters like the Evnroll ER2V around. The ER2V putter has elevated itself above the majority of its competition with performance-focused innovations, precision milling, and premium aesthetics.

This putter excels from a visual perspective. Its wide blade shape sets up perfectly and sits flush with the ground. With the two dots at the front, you’re encouraged to get the shaft angle right, which for us was a little more upright, which reduces the head rotation during the stroke, which will ultimately lead to more consistency.

With its sophisticated finish and long black sightline, this gun will put your target’s face on precisely.

Our putting game has been above average for several months now, and we’ve had far fewer below-average rounds than above average. With it in the bag, we had 26 putts in our first round, and our Arccos data shows we gained a full four shots on a typical five-handicapper.

Evidently, the putter works, but was this round just a fluke? Not at all. Ever since its first use, it has proven a reliable flat stick, boosting our confidence with consistent short and mid-range holdings while also occasionally dropping long and mid-shots.

It’s important to note that balls come off the face of the ER2V a little slower than most other putters we’ve tested. It is possible to come up short a lot initially if your greens are slow or you use your putter a lot from off the green.

This can be fixed with a quick recalibration of your stroke length, but it may take a little while to adjust to the new pace.

With this putter, you’ll improve your long-distance putting, taking the pressure off of your short-range putting because of the consistency of the roll and how well it sets up.

Also, the stock Envroll Tour Tac grip is a big plus. With its wide front edge and thumb position markings, this putter just melts into your hands and makes you feel part of it.putter review

We haven’t even mentioned that each head shape in the Evnroll V Series has four hosel options-they can be changed through the screw system visible on the sole of the putter. Short slant hosels seem to work for us, but you would be able to try different necks through a custom fitting to determine which one would be best suited to your action, which would increase the versatility of the range.

The advantages of buying

  • With exceptional consistency and feel, as well as elegant looks and a corrective face design that minimizes the effects of mishits,

Things to avoid

  • It takes some time to get used to the slow speed imparted.


The putter plays a controlled and consistent role in improving performance no matter how long the putt is. The adjustable neck adds yet another layer of detail where small gains in face control and timing can make the difference between a good and a great round.

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