Scotty Cameron Special Select Putters Review

Scotty Cameron Special Select Putters Review

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Scotty Cameron Special Select Putters Review

Scotty Cameron has been making golf clubs for a long time. His original Scotty Cameron Stablemates were introduced in 1991, and the following year, he introduced his own line of putters.

Scotty Cameron Special Select putters are designed to help golfers master the putter swing, with a wide range of models to fit every golfer’s swing style. The putters are made in two distinct models; the first model is based on the head shape of Scotty Cameron’s original Scotty Cameron Stablemates putter. The second model is based on a custom putter that Scotty Cameron made for his friend, Olympic gold medalist Mark O’Meara.

Scotty Cameron Stablemate Putter Models

The Stablemate Model is a traditional putter with a slightly more open face than the original Scotty Cameron Stablemates. These putters are based on the Stablemate’s head shape and have a solid shaft.

The Stablemate V2 model is based on the Stablemate V2 putter, with the difference being a lighter shaft and a slightly more open face. The Stablemate V2 putter has a larger sweet spot, and the putter face is more forgiving.

Scotty Cameron Special Select Putters: Design and Performance

Scotty Cameron Special Select Putters Review

A classic, industrial design with elegance. Scotty Cameron himself describes the new Special Select range of putters in those terms, and it’s easy to see why. Cameron’s eight putters are classic because their shapes have been around for a long time, while their elegance comes from the premium finish and subtle details that make Cameron’s putters so popular.

As a result, the Newport blades have been made a little more compact, and as a result, a thinner Pistolini stock grip has been added. To ensure stability on off-center hits, heavier tungsten weights have been added to the heel and toe.

We ended up testing most of the Fastback 1.5 range, but after a custom fitting process, it was the Fastback 1.5 that we chose. It features a long black sightline to assist with alignment.

In spite of the shallow milling, the feel of the ball off the face of the ball is quite firm, especially since we use the firmer Titleist Pro V1x ball. This may be too harsh for some players, but we enjoyed the initial speed and solid feel it provided. Despite many golfers switching to a softer ball, Scotty Cameron decided not to include an insert to dampen vibrations, so the majority of golfers should experience a nice balance of speed and feel with a gentle sound at impact.putter

Although the grip has perhaps become too thin, especially if you choose one of the larger shapes, somewhere between the new Pistolini grip and the old Matador grip would have been ideal, but the shape of it suited our hands perfectly. Due to this, we were able to hole out regularly from shortrange because we had good clubface control.

A standout feature was the long-range accuracy. Off-center hits traveled much further than expected. Forgiveness would be enhanced by choosing heavier weights, an option that golfers now have. This would also suit golfers with a smoother, slower swing.

A Reason to Buy

  • Due to the compactness of the profiles, the aesthetics are classy and have a premium feel.

Things to avoid

  • Some people won’t like the thin stock grips.
  • It is pricey.


Considering the range of sole weights and head shapes, and how important it is to get the right length, a custom fitting is crucial to making the most of what is a hefty investment. This putter feels fantastic, looks great in the bag, and performs well from every distance on the green.

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