Eyeline Golf Putting Mirror Review

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Eyeline golf putting mirror Review

It is very helpful to have an alignment mirror to correct any issues with your putting stroke such as misalignment at the address as well as a crooked putting stroke.

Your putting stroke will improve when you use the mirror, and you will be able to strike more accurate putts.

Our review of this putting training aid below will help you get a sense of the technology, features we like, and affordability so you can decide if it’s worth the investment to help improve your putting on the greens.

Features of the Eyeline Golf Putting Mirror

Eyeline golf putting mirror

As soon as you unbox the Eyeline Putting Aid and see what it looks like, you’ll notice the slim design that makes it easy to carry around in your golf bag.

To set up, just make sure the setup lines align with the hole you’re putting to and begin practicing your stroke. There’s no complicated setup required.

Furthermore, you can place one tee on each side of your gate to create the gate drill. With the red alignment lines, it is really easy to check the alignment of the putter face. With this training aid, you can check eye position as well as a mirror reflection.

Sweet-spot contact is assured with putter gate slots. The Toe and heel of the putter can be set up as Tees to help you learn to swing the putter and create a ‘sweet spot’ in the center of the face.

Putts missed due to poor alignment are the most common. The alignment mirror for golf training aids should be used 15-30 minutes every day at the golf course or in your living room as a training aid.

You will feel more confident on the green when you use the Alignment Mirror.

Benefits of the Eyeline Golf Putting Mirror

  • Highly portable and ideal for comparing your setup with the green
  • The most common cause of missed putts is poor alignment. By using the Putting Alignment Mirror, you will become more confident on the green.
  • It has a Gate Drill slot
  • Make sure your target is perfectly aligned with your eyes and that your eyes are over the ball

Customer Reviews

Due to my inexperience with three-foot putts, I purchased this training aid. The Eye Alignment Mirror is described in several YouTube videos. A straight-in putt of three feet from the hole was set up on the practice green. Depending on how your eyes look, the mirror lets you know whether they are inside, above, or over the line.

Putting tees in the mirror just outside your putter’s width enables you to see whether your stroke is working. Having gotten used to my setup and stroke, I moved back to 6 feet without a mirror and sank 25 of 28 putts. (Anonymous)

The tees can be inserted into hole pegs on the green, or the mat can be used at home. There are no complaints, but if it were just a little bit longer, I’d be happy. Mirrors like this are designed for putts of under 15 feet, typically less than 10 feet. By aligning your body, you can shorten your backswing and accelerate your follow-through. Anyone looking to adjust alignment and work on forms should consider it. (Anonymous)

Why Buy the Eyeline Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

With the Eyeline Golf Putting Mirror, you will be able to ensure that you have proper alignment, eye position, putter face, and shoulder alignment. The Putting Mirror can be used by golfers who tend to push or pull their putts and will guarantee a straight line.

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