PuttOut Mirror System Review

PuttOut Mirror System Review.

There is a lot of competition in the golf training aid market. The market is filled with tons of products, but most of them fail to become viable businesses. The golf industry makes such big promises, yet usually fails to deliver, that customers are continually disappointed. Since there aren’t many training aids that I recommend, I don’t write about them many times.

PuttOut Golf’s Pressure Putt Trainer attracted my attention several years ago. In the first instance that I saw it at the PGA Show, I thought that it would be enjoyable for golfers to use (and it would help them putt more often). I have made a number of predictions, but most of them have not turned out, but they have become a market leader for putting.

The Pressure Putt Trainer and the putting mat are extremely popular today, several years after their introduction. In addition to their marketing, their design team is responsible for enticing golfers with unique products.

PuttOut Mirror System: Product Features

  •  It is lightweight
  •  Rubber base for durability
  •  PuttOut products are compatible with each other
  •  Portable

Benefits of the PuttOut Mirror System

putting mirrors PuttOut Mirror System

A good golf game depends heavily on the alignment of the ball and the position of the putter when it is being put.

You can use the PuttOut Mirror System to set up all your best-putting drills.

By using the PuttOut Mirror, you can easily set the width of the magnetic putter guides and ensure that you are addressing and aligning your putter correctly.

With this training aid, you can improve your putting skill and learn more about the game of golf whether you are just starting out or have more experience.

As you slowly increase the difficulty of the putting drills and improve your positioning, you will undoubtedly notice improvements in both your putting and your scores.

The PuttOut Mirror comes with a 2-inch stand-alone putting gate that allows you to finesse your stroke path and targeting by having the putter pass through the guide.

With its rubber cap and spikes on the underside, the mirror can easily be attached without the use of a tee.

Portable, flexible, and small, this versatile tool is a great way to keep your practice going so that you can improve.

Pros Cons
 Multifunctional  Mirrors are easily scratched
 Travel friendly

Why Buy A Putting Mirror

There are tons of mirrors on Amazon right now. Almost all of them are knockoffs of EyeLine designs. Golfers have become so accustomed to putting mirrors because they can help establish a repeatable posture and help hone their putting stroke.

The mirror I’ve been using from SeeMore Putters has been working for me for 18 months. I’ve been able to establish a better posture with how my head and eyes are positioned over the ball, as well as my alignment in my shoulders. In addition, the timing of the visual cues correlates with my putting stroke. For this reason, I accepted the concept of mirrors in general.

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