Golf Cart Maintenance and Safety Tips

If you own a golf cart or probably planning to buy one, here are some tips that will help you prolong the life of your cart. While on the golf course, it’s important to always maintain and follow the safety tips provided for cart users. In this post, we’ll be looking into golf cart maintenance and safety tips.

Following these simple safety tips and golf cart maintenance rules will not only prolong the life of your golf cart but will also help you save some cash and give you less stress.

Golf Cart Safety Tips

Golf Cart Maintenance

  • Drive responsibly at all times; arm’s and legs ought to consistently stay in the vehicle and, if your truck is outfitted with them, safety belts ought to consistently be affixed.
  • Just convey passengers that you have seats for. Try not to attempt to press in additional passengers.
  • Never drive wildly or moonlight trips. Be respectful to different drivers and obey vehicle transit regulations and the guidelines of the street.
  • Never drive intoxicated or affected by any medication or opiate.
  • Keep away from interruptions while working your golf truck. Regardless of the size of the vehicle, it’s as yet a car. Stay mindful and abstain from talking, messaging, or reading while at the same time driving, going after items, applying cosmetics or eating.
  • Never permit anybody to remain in the vehicle or on the stage situated in the rear of the vehicle and never put the vehicle moving until all passengers are securely inside the vehicle and locked in.
  • Continuously use hand signs to show forthcoming turns just as your blinkers. Blinkers might be little or go unnoticed by vehicles behind you so it’s constantly a smart thought to utilize hand flags too.
  • Continuously check vulnerable sides before turning. When making a left-hand turn, respect the through traffic path and converge into that path before turning left.
  • Use alert while tuning and look behind your golf truck before sponsorship up.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from inordinate rates, abrupt beginnings, and stops, and keep away from sharp turns at quick speeds.
  • Lessen speed depending on the driving environment and driving conditions. Diminish speed on slopes and grades or decays, daze corners, and respect people on foot.
  • Try not to leave enters in the golf truck while unattended and consistently make a point to set the leaving brake.
  • Continuously respect people on foot.
  • Utilize extraordinary alert in a nasty climate. Golf trucks might be inclined to lightning strikes. Abstain from driving in harsh climate on the off chance that you can.

Golf Cart Maintenance

Golf Cart Maintenance

Summer is here, which means golf season is going all out! Regardless of whether you have a participation in your preferred course or you like to head out to golf, you will set aside cash by putting resources into your own golf cart. It is likewise normal to utilize a golf cart as transportation around neighborhoods and organizations. To carry out a proper golf cart maintenance, start by consulting the manufacturer’s manual for your truck for particular support or safeguards, and afterward follow these maintenance tips for golf cart below:


Continuously charge your golf truck after each utilization. It is ideal to keep the batteries completely energized before the next use.


Check water levels each one to a quarter of a year relying upon use, and ensure the lead plates are totally submerged. In the event that you have to top off the battery cells, just do as such AFTER you’ve charged the truck. At that point include refined water (not tap water) to about 1/4 to 1/2 inch over the plates.

Concurring to Golf Cart Garage, “with one-quarter inch of water, you’ll need to check your batteries all the more frequently, however at a one-half inch, you’ll likely have increasingly corrosive aggregation on the highest points of the batteries.”


Check the batteries for erosion, earth, grass, and appropriately fixed associations. You can clean the batteries with an even arrangement of water and heating pop, which will help make the cleanest association while charging your golf truck.


You’ll need to check the gaseous tension on your golf cart wheels and tires each month. This will help forestall lopsided wear on your tires to make them last more.


According to VIP Golf Cart Service, you should check your brakes once per year. “This includes checking, cleaning, and modifying of the cushions, drums, links, and pedal.”


Check the back differential at the rear of your golf truck for unreasonable oil or dirt outwardly. On the off chance that you notice an abundance of it is possible that, you may have an oil release that necessities fixing before further harm happens.


You can set aside a great deal of cash by performing maintenance on your golf truck alone, yet it is helpful to have an expert check your golf truck to ensure no inward harm has happened. Get your golf truck overhauled to have your directing, suspension, and battery checked by an expert to ensure everything’s in working request.


In case you’re shipping your golf truck in a truck bed, it’s imperative to have the correct hardware to make stacking and emptying safe and secure. Long golf truck slopes permit you to approach at a protected point and lessen the danger of flipping, sidewalls help control the truck up the incline and diminish driving off the side, and wrench ties help stay away from slope kick-out which can send you, your golf truck and the inclines colliding with the ground. With the privilege estimated incline, your golf cart will make it on and away from the truck in one piece.


By following these tips we’ve provided, you’ll be able to carry out proper maintenance on your golf cart without spending much money. Also by following our golf cart safety tips, you’ll make golfing easy and fun for yourself and other golfers. However, if your golf cart runs into a serious problem, ensure you contact the producers or a professional mechanic for proper fixing.

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