Best Electric Golf Carts of 2024

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With regards to picking the best electric golf carts, things can get somewhat entangled especially if buying for the first time. This is because there are numerous electric golf carts, each with its outstanding features, advantages, and disadvantage. For this reason, proper research and reviews have been done on this page on the best electric golf cart available in the market today.

So, if you’re looking for the best electric golf carts to convey your golfing equipment, here is the right place to start and end your search. However, before selecting any of the best electric golf carts to buy, a portion of the crucial components that you ought to consider are included in this post below.

Best Electric Golf Carts Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying

Maneuverability: For a definitive in mobility, you need a truck with a 360° front wheel. Trucks with fixed front wheels in some cases battle to make tough maneuvers. Additionally know that a few models are intended to tail you any place you go, remaining within 6-feet consistently. If that is risky, consider a remote-controlled model that just goes where you tell it to.

Strength: For fueled carts, there are two essential dependability contemplations. The principal type is a truck’s capacity to deal with uneven and testing territory. A few trucks tip over effectively on a sidehill, while those with more extensive bases and amazing weight appropriation are altogether progressively steady.

The subsequent thought is the truck’s capacity to keep your sack upstanding when it is moving. We found that a few models don’t verify sacks as firmly as they should.

Battery Life: One of two sorts of batteries is utilized in fueled handcars; drove corrosive or lithium. In most trucks, we found that lithium batteries give a longer running life and can keep your truck moving for 27+ gaps.

Performance: The performance of your electric golf truck doesn’t need to be its capacity to wander around the course with you yet rather its capacity to convey and ship the clubs. Among the parameters you need to check to follow: Operating Range or the number of gaps you get the chance to play with your golf truck as yet running utilizing a solitary charged battery, Climb Capability or the level of the incline it can climb and its Carrying Capacity or its greatest convey weight.

Foldability: obviously, you would need a golf truck that isn’t just solid and lightweight, however, it can likewise fit inside your vehicle cozily. You can pick a truck that despite everything you need to set up or a truck that you simply need to overlay. It depends, similarly as long as you can carry it with you inside your vehicle without taking an excess of room.

Weight: Your golf truck can’t be modified to climb itself up inside your vehicle and down to leave your vehicle. You should lift it to get it in or out of your vehicle. To prop the comfort up, know first the heaviness of your electric golf truck. The weight should as of now incorporate the batteries in it.

Beat Electric Golf Carts Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy


It works in Free-Wheel mode, has a good battery life. Get it on Amazon.


it has 250-watt double engines, good battery life. Get it on Amazon.

cart tek

snappy folding, lightweight and portable Get it on Amazon.


Durable, easy to use Get it on Amazon.

Easy to use, good battery life Get it on Amazon.

bag boy navi

Easy to use, lightweight Get it on Amazon.

best electric golf cart

Good battery, easy to use Get it on Amazon.

best electric golf cart

lightweight, easy to use Get it on Amazon.

best electric golf cart

good battery life, portable Get it on Amazon.

best electric golf cart

lightweight, portable Get it on Amazon.

Best Electric Golf Carts in Battery Life



This golf trolley is a packaged bundle of what a transporter would wish to have in his trolley. It gives you the most ideal mix of highlights that you can get in an electric golf cart. It incorporates all that you have to begin; be it Lithium Polymer Battery (27-gap range) or Smart Charger (120V divider plug), it comprises of the best keen highlights you would request.

It has a complete load of 29 lb. counting battery. In any case, its lightweight doesn’t corrupt its quality. Indeed, even after the lightweight, it is ground-breaking enough to climb soak slopes. Its double 200W rounded engines make it effectively move around slopes and harsh.

You don’t need to stress over manual treatment of the trolley regardless because the trolley is to be constrained by a completely practical remote control, which can move the machine in every one of the 4 bearings. One more explanation behind which it is anything but difficult to deal with is that it has a Direct-Drive System, which means no substantial problematic gearbox to battle with. It works in Free-Wheel mode with power off.

Alongside that, to guarantee your comfort, it has been worked with an element that empowers it to be utilized with variable speed according to the client’s accommodation. It is expected that it won’t cause you to endure in the middle of the way since its lithium-particle battery innovation goes on for an entire 27 gaps of a title course, which surely is a dependable time.

Read the review: SPITZER RL150

Pros Cons
The trolley is lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to carry. Sometimes, when going straight it tends to veer left so the remote has to be constantly used to straighten it.
It has a long-lasting battery. The bar connecting the wheel to the main body is plastic and when tipped over, it may break off from the body.
You do not have to worry about the manual handling of the trolley in any case. When the grass is wet, the wheels slip when turning.


This electric golf cart brings a blend of lightweight, smallness, and remote innovation and lithium battery.  It accompanies a 24v Lithium-Ion Battery to guarantee that it works long in each charge. It works productively with its battery span. Likewise, it has 250-watt double engines and a handset Remote for your benefit. Its minimized and lightweight folding aluminum casing makes it simple to convey and solid to support simultaneously.

It is anything but difficult to flip all through the accompanying mode. With the accompanying mode, you truly don’t have to stress over your clubs. With a fast push of a button when you stop to make a go, approach a green or dugout and you are a great idea to go. Carriage will tail you marginally to one side and 2-3 paces behind. Scaffolds and ways are anything but difficult to explore.

Fundamentally, you can take the electric truck to wherever and can explore without considering the surrey. The machine keeps a full note of the clients’ comfort and henceforth has effectively available highlights that any individual can exploit. It is an intense unit to beat.

Read the review: FTR CADDYTREK R2

Pros Cons
Easy to carry because of its lightweight and compactness. The design of the folding is a little awkward.
The technology it uses is easy to access. It works the best on straight roads as the machine loses adhesion to hills at times.
Long-lasting battery duration. Apart from that, the machine sometimes responds erratically to the remote.


best electric golf cart

The worlds originally fueled auto-folding/unfolding golf pushcart With only one touch, it creases and unfurls automatically without any issue. It has a consummately planned point to appropriate the heaviness of your sack over every one of the four wheels; Makes pushing and turning simple; One of the easiest pushcarts on the planet.

It has 4 enormous 10.75″ wheels that give stable development on slopes and make moving through unpleasant territory simple. At a size of 12.8″x26.4″x16.5″ folded, and weighing simply 16.8 lbs., it creases down to one of the most conservative sizes available. The battery keeps going for as long as a half year of utilization.

Pros Cons
Light-weight and compact. The folding and unfolding of this product are problematic.
The auto folding-unfolding feature is the best. It has some technical operational issues as well.
Easy to carry as it distributes the weight equally. It has to be manually operated sometimes.

Best Electric Golf Carts in Portability/Foldability


cart tek

The caddy accompanies a lightweight outline, the structure of which loads 22.5 lbs. It joins lithium batteries, alongside which it loads around 26 lbs. It comes with a flexible handle which makes it simple for you to control it. Also, it has a high range which ranges up to 36 gaps relying upon course conditions. Its folded measurements and structure worked with flying evaluation aluminum makes it simple to utilize.

It is anything but difficult to set up and has snappy folding. Being a lighter truck, it just gets up the steepest inclines with a push, which is easy to do. The genuine also, notwithstanding, is the lithium battery, which is about the size and weight of a block. It fittings directly into a charger and powers up pleasantly in a brief timeframe.

Read the review: CART TEK GRI-1500LI

Pros Cons
The lightweight frame and lithium batteries. The cart, on occasions, does not respond to the remote and this is because the batteries drain pretty quickly.
Powers up quickly. Also, it will need to be guided and will occupy a lot of your attention to avoid potholes and side slopes to prevent tipping over.
It has a high range.


bat-caddy golf cart

The three-wheeled electric golf cart with a solid body made up of good quality material. This machine has been made such that it is anything but difficult to gather. The directions for its utilization have been made extremely obvious so it ends up simpler for the client to utilize it.

It is extremely simple to use in the course. In contrast to other electric golf carts, this one has an astounding remote reaction, which makes the clients experience controlling the gadget bother-free.

Read the review: BAT-CADDY X4R

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble design. The Port for the umbrella holder and scorecard holder is poorly designed.
Has an excellent response to remote. The wheelbase is a little too narrow.
Strong body. The speed control of this machine is not so smooth, and the remote control is too big.


bag boy navi

This new super-minimal 4-wheel electric golf cart has been designed with front swivel wheels which guarantees your comfort to convey it quite well. To encourage you more, the guide has been intended to be constrained by a full-bearing remote control that takes into account left, right, forward, turn around, and speed control, which empowers you to have authority over the pilot without a lot of manual issues.

It has a basic two-step overlap innovation to guarantee simplicity to set up. It is extremely lightweight and simple to deal with. The GPS holder is situated inside the plate close to the handle. Simply flip it open, change it to the size of your GPS, and you are good to go. Additionally, it is appropriate for uneven places also.

Read the review: BAG BOY NAVIGATOR

Pros Cons
Four-wheel comfort, Full direction remote control the umbrella holder is in the wrong position.
 It has a fifth wheel and when it tips backward it is scary the wheelbase is not so wide.
Easy to set up Very light-weight and easy to carry.


best electric golf cart

The trolley accompanies a lightweight edge of 21 lbs. It has a plug n play battery. It’s being conservative and planned in a basic three-advance overlay framework makes it simple to deal with and set up at whatever point required. For simple and advantageous charging, it has a USB charging attachment, which will ensure that you don’t need to be agitated.

It has been furnished with Automatic Distance Function (ADF) and Digital power check. The truck’s lightweight has illuminated numerous clients’ back issues. The battery is easy to introduce/expel and charge. It has a solid body.

Pros Cons
Lightweight and easy to carry. It does not have an easy foldable structure.
The automatic distance function is brilliant.  The holder system seems more convenient than this one.
It is very simple to operate.

Best Electric Golf Carts in Durability



This gadget is remotely controlled with Dual 200W engines and a 12V – 33AH SLA battery, which will empower you to utilize the machine for a more drawn-out time without getting disturbed by various charging necessities. This is a very well-developed, well-named electric golf cart that is simple and rushes to utilize.

A rock-solid battery blocks the need, for the present, at any rate, to burn through $400 more for a lithium battery on some other contending cart. Every one of the extras you need (and that’s only the tip of the iceberg) is incorporated. Charge the prior night and you’re ready. Remote functions admirably.

It explores slopes and roughs without a lot of trouble. Battery life is all that could be needed for 18 holes. This electric golf cart has airless elastic tires and power-off free-wheeling. This machine is an incentive for cash.

Read the review: GC1R

Pros Cons
It has additional accessories. The tires sometimes become the cause of problems.
The battery lasts long. The building is not very strong.
Easy remote control. It is not meant for a complicated area.


best electric golf cart

This electric golf cart brings to the table the most highlights in a single contraption. It is one of the most cherished gadgets by clients. With a lightweight and solid body, this truck is a blend of different stunning highlights. One of the highlights is that the truck will tail you on the course all through.

It has been embedded with the most recent Bluetooth follow innovation which is more solid than different advances. It has been outfitted with CNC machined aluminum lodging. The remote-control office works for all headings: forward, left, right, and Reverse controls.

It has a battery-powered Lithium handset and Battery, guaranteeing great battery reinforcement. Downhill braking is presumably its best element. It is the best mix promotion esteem for your cash.

Read the review: STEWART GOLF X9

Pros Cons
All in one combination. The following mode is tough to activate.
Bluetooth technology is epic. The remote also sometimes experiences operative issues.
The battery has a good backup.


best electric golf cart

This electric golf cart is moved by back wheels which are on sides, so the truck doesn’t lose footing tough, nor does it turn the front wheel while lifting or turning. This golf truck is cleverly structured as an electric golf push cart and not only a retrofitted handcar.

The golf pushcart embraces solid iron development, solid parts are the key element for an excellent cart and an enduring positive encounter, it can convey your substantial golf packs effectively.

The golf pull cart embraces the 12V, 18AH lithium battery and an incredible 120W exceptionally calm electric engine, furnished with these power units let this electric golf cart extremely valuable.

The electric golf cart has the TPR handle, the handle with agreeable padded holds, and gives you absolute control consistently, left or right-handed. What’s more, there are the umbrella holder and scorecard holder on the handle, which will give the huge accommodation to you. This electric golf cart can be folded so it’s helpful for you to store or ship it. It might effortlessly finish 18 holes on a long course 6850 yards.

Pros Cons
Total controllable handles. Speed control takes some time for getting used to it.
It has a smart design and is foldable. The instruction set up of this product is poor.
Long-lasting battery life. The replacement procedure takes time.

Test Process

Lots of time and resources were put into researching the best electric golf carts on the market. Before making the final selection of the best electric golf carts, about 15 different electric golf cart was considered. They were properly reviewed, screened and over 20 user reviews were read online (both positive and negative). All of these results add up to what makes this list of the best electric golf carts you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Can Golf Trucks Go?

Most Golf Carts are made to go a max of 19.9 MPH with a normal top speed of 14-15 MPH. In this way, suppose you’re a person that claims a golf cart that goes less than 25 MPH and needs to see somewhat more speed. All things considered, at that point, this is the ideal article for you.

Would you be Able to Drive an Electric Golf Cart in the City?

To drive on open streets in Washington, these vehicles must be “street legal.” Golf carts are called “golf cars” in the business and are not classed as low-speed vehicles under government engine vehicle well-being guidelines.

Which is Better Gas or Electric Golf Carts?

Gas golf carts typically have around multiple times the pull of electric golf carts. Accordingly, they perform better in harsh territory, on soak slopes, and in rough terrain conditions. Running time – Gas golf carts can run longer on a solitary tank of gas than electric golf carts can keep running on a solitary charge.


Acquiring the best electric golf carts requires a lot of considerable ideas. If you’ve read this review, it implies that you are searching for an electric golf cart and you’re ready to buy. We suggest that you take as much time as is needed before settling on your choice with the goal that you make certain of what you need. Ensure you check all the necessary details before choosing.

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