Golf Shoelace Mastery: Innovative Ways to Tie for Optimal Comfort

Golf Shoelace Mastery: Innovative Ways to Tie for Optimal Comfort

Last Updated on May 1, 2024 by Daniel

Greetings fellow golf enthusiasts! I’m Daniel, aka The Golf Doctor, and today I’m excited to share a revelation that has transformed my golfing experience serval years of persistent frustration. In the realm of golf, the smallest details can make a significant difference, and today we’ll delve into a common woe that plagued me for decades – golf shoelace that just wouldn’t stay tied.

The Modern Shoe Dilemma

Picture this: a passionate golfer, me, investing in three new pairs of the renowned FootJoy shoes, my go-to for the past two decades. While these shoes offered unparalleled comfort and style, there was one persistent issue that irked me every time I stepped onto the course – the laces incessantly coming undone.

No matter the brand or type of shoe, the laces refused to stay put. Frustration mounted as I found myself pausing during a game to tie my shoelaces multiple times, resorting to various knot techniques, all in vain. It led me to ponder if modern laces were failing to keep up with the evolving technology of golf shoes.

The Epiphany

However, this week marked a turning point. At 57 years old and 20 years into my golfing journey, I discovered the root cause of my perpetual shoelace woes. It turns out, I had been tying my shoes wrong my entire life. Yes, you read that right – you’re never too old to learn a new trick.

The Correct Technique

So, how was I incorrectly tying my shoelaces? The revelation lies in the direction of the loops. In my misguided attempts, I would cross the lace, form a loop with my left hand, and poke it through the hole. The result? Shoelaces running north-south and perpetually coming undone.

The correction came when I started the process the same way but, crucially, went around the opposite direction. By pulling the shoelace through in this manner, the lace now ran east-west, providing a more secure and stable tie. This simple adjustment eliminated the need for constant retying during a round of golf.

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A Visual Guide

Golf Shoelace Mastery: Innovative Ways to Tie for Optimal Comfort

For a clearer understanding, let’s break down the correct technique. Start with the normal loop, but instead of going around the front, go around the back and poke it through that way. Repeat the process for the other side. This not only ensures a more secure tie but also adds a touch of elegance to the knot.

The Transformation

Implementing this newfound knowledge, my shoelaces have stayed tied throughout my daily activities, even when spending the entire day on my feet. It’s not just about functionality; I’ve come to appreciate the aesthetics of the corrected knot, and it feels like a small victory every time I glance down at my perfectly tied shoes.


In conclusion, who would have thought that the simple act of tying golf shoelace could have such a significant impact on the overall golfing experience? My journey from perpetual frustration to a seamless and secure tie has liberated me from the distraction of constantly retying my shoes.

I encourage all fellow golfers, young and old, to reassess their golf shoelace -tying techniques. It’s a game-changer, quite literally, and allows you to redirect your focus from bothersome laces to the sheer joy of playing golf.

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Let’s make every step on the golf course a confident one with securely tied shoelaces. Here’s to frustration-free golfing!

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