How To Fly With Golf Clubs

How To Fly With Golf Clubs

Flying with golf clubs can be a bit of a challenge. But if you follow these simple tips, you’ll be sure to have a smooth experience.

First, be sure to call the airline in advance and let them know that you’ll be flying with golf clubs. This will usually incur a small fee, but it’s worth it to avoid any potential problems at the airport.

When you arrive at the airport, be sure to check in early so that you can get a boarding pass with an “upgrade” on it. This will allow you to board the plane first and have more space for your clubs.

Once you’re on the plane, be sure to store your clubs in the overhead compartment or in the seat in front of you. And that’s it! Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be flying with your golf clubs with no problem.

4 Tips on How To Fly With Golf Clubs

How To Fly With Golf Clubs

Stop attempting to get away with it.

It could be tempting to try to avoid a penalty in the hopes that you can check in with your clubs hidden… It won’t work and will merely waste your time and maybe increase your expenses because extra fees frequently increase as the flight time approaches.

Make sure you appropriately book your groups by adhering to the requirements.

The next step after making a flight reservation is to make sure your clubs will be well-protected during the trip. There is a sizable chance of damage when moving through the interior of several airports, being hurled from baggage cart to carousel to cargo hold and back again.

Get a flying bag, and tightly pack the clubs.

Make sure to purchase or rent a reliable flight bag for your golf clubs so that your clubs are fully padded and protected. The longer clubs, like the driver and wood that protrude out of the bag the most, are particularly dangerous.

Although solid flight bags are the most efficient way to protect them, it’s still a good idea to place padding around the club heads and tops of the shafts. Wrap the clubheads firmly in clothing, towels, or something similar to keep them contained inside the flight bag.

There are internal straps in many flight bags that maintain the golf bag and clubs in place. If these are offered, be sure to use them. Others have a sturdy rod that reaches out beyond the driver and fits inside the flight bag to absorb any impact should the flight bag land on its end.

Additionally, try to reduce the overall weight as much as you can. For example, avoid putting 25 golf balls in there. The easier the flight bag is to handle and the less probable it is that the clubs will sustain damage, the better for the baggage handlers.

When you arrive at the airport, you can effortlessly wheel your clubs to check in thanks to the handle and sturdy wheels found on the majority of modern golf flight bags.

Your clubs will probably be placed in outsized baggage once you’ve checked in rather than passing through with your other bags.

Don’t forget to budget an additional 10 minutes or so for this.

Verify the luggage label.

Check the luggage label that the check-in staff printed and affixed to your flight bag to see that it has the correct destination before proceeding to outsized baggage. You can make mistakes, and you never know.

If all goes well, the check-in personnel will send you to the area designated for large bags. Wheel your clubs over, hand them over, and watch them vanish into the airport with the hope that you will see them again (intact) when you arrive.

Alternatively, ship them

Another choice is to use a service like Ship Sticks or My Baggage if flying with golf clubs seems like too much of a hassle. Your clubs will be picked up from your house or any location you designate and transported securely to your final destination.

Although it might wind up costing a little more than flying with your clubs, you won’t have to carry as much, so you can “breeze” through the airport as though you were doing a little business trip.

Then, how do you fly with golf clubs? – Get a good flying bag and pack the clubheads tightly. Give yourself enough time to check in and get to your outsize luggage. Say a little prayer and hope to see your beloved sticks in one piece at the other end.

If everything seems too much, make a reservation with a shipping company and let them handle the load.

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