How to hit a golf ball like Tiger Woods

How to hit a golf ball like Tiger Woods

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How to hit a golf ball like Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods has a top-secret method of hitting the ball that’s sure to impress the most discerning of fans.

According to the former world No. 1, the secret is the “center of gravity”.

When asked, the golfing legend told us he believes that most golfers are aiming for the center of the green but are hitting the ball in the wrong place.

He believes that golfers are not centering their swings on the green and instead are aiming for the center of the tee box.

He also claims that most golfers are “left-handed” and are attempting to hit the ball with their right hand when they should be hitting it with their left.

Tiger, who is now officially a ‘golfer of the week’ at his new golf course, said that his new method has led to a substantial increase in his ball striking.

So, if you want to hit the golf ball like tiger woods, here are 5 tips we were able to grab from him.

5 Tips on How to hit a golf ball like Tiger Woods

How to hit a golf ball like Tiger Woods

Keep Your Grip Tight

To start, consider moving your left hand slightly inside (for righties) so that your knuckles are facing your target. You will be able to drive through the ball upon impact more effectively with this hand posture. Also, take caution not to tighten the grip too tightly. Rather, endeavor to squeeze some toothpaste out of the container as if you were holding a tube of the stuff. This is one of Tigers’ secrets.

Make Hip Movements

How to hit a golf ball like Tiger Woods

Get those hips moving!  Ever wonder how some of the PGA TOUR players like tiger woods manage to hit the ball so far?

Well, the hips are the key!   As soon as you begin your downswing, keep that in mind.

Instead of trying to force the club through with your arms, draw it through your swing using your hips to harness your twisting momentum to create a faster club head speed.

Imagine doing so by releasing the tension you generated while rotating into your backswing utilizing your hips.

Adjust Your Weight

Another crucial component is shifting your weight. Approximately 60% of your weight should be on your rear leg at the top of your backswing.

About 85–90% of your weight should move to your front leg after you rotate through the ball with your hips and hands.

Ensure your lead arm is straight.

How to hit a golf ball like Tiger Woods

You may be surprised to learn that the ball will travel farther the straighter your lead arm (your left arm if you are a righty) is held. This is crucial for increasing distance. The club head must travel a greater distance to reach the ball when you use a straight lead arm (at impact). Typically, a lengthier swing gives your shot additional distance.

Maintaining a straight lead arm will also assist you in achieving the ideal 90-degree wrist angle during your backswing (another Tiger woods secret to gaining distance).

Turn Your Hands Over

Lastly, turn your right hand over at the appropriate time to ensure a powerful finish to your swing. The secret is to snap—some people call it a “whoosh”—your right hand (for righties) through the ball at impact to boost club speed, which will then extend the ball’s trajectory.

Keep in mind that you can hit the ball farther without going to the gym or taking off your shoes. Get out there and try these ideas; the longer the ball travels, the more your swing technique, not your muscles, are responsible.

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