How To Maintain Your Golf Rangefinder

How To Maintain Your Golf Rangefinder

Let’s be honest, a golf range finder is a lovely expensive piece of gear. The better models can cost similarly as much as another Driver. With a Driver, you realize how to deal with it. Keep the headcover on, look out for the graphite shaft, wipe it down after use. With regards to how to maintain your golf rangefinder, you may not have the foggiest idea about the accepted procedures for cleaning and keeping up this new piece of hardware. There are a few stages you should take to ensure you get numerous seasons out of this unbelievably supportive gadget.

How To Maintain Your Golf Rangefinder

Storing and Keeping Your Rangefinder Safe 

At the point when you are not utilizing your rangefinder, you need to ensure a couple of key things to keep it in phenomenal working condition.

1. Keep the rangefinder Away from Direct Sunlight

Getting your rangefinder far from direct daylight is an extraordinary tip of counsel in any event when it is being used. In the event that you get your rangefinder and it feels hot to the touch, the time has come to move that set aside and chilled.

2. Removal Battery

In spite of the fact that it isn’t important to eliminate the battery on your rangefinder after each round, on the off chance that you will store it for an all-inclusive period, the battery should come out.

3. Storage Spot

Attempt to store your rangefinder in a spotless, dry spot. Get it far from dust and direct daylight however much as could reasonably be expected. Try not to store your rangefinder in your vehicle or golf truck as going over knocks or a shock of the golf truck could make it harmful in the event that it happens ceaselessly.

4. Carrying Case

At the point when you bought your rangefinder, it probably accompanied a conveying case. In the event that it didn’t, there are choices accessible that you could decide to purchase. The conveying case is there for an explanation, use it to protect your rangefinder when you are not utilizing it.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Golf Rangefinder When traveling;

Golf Rangefinder When traveling

On the off chance that you are taken off of town to play some golf, you are in all probability going to need to bring that range finder along. You can leave the rangefinder in your golf pack or your bag, yet you will need to ensure you have it in its conveying case.

The BOBLOV Golf Rangefinder Case is an ideal choice for a substitution case. This BOBLOV accompanies a waterproof and shockproof case that likewise will join your golf pack. This case is viable with a considerable lot of the top name brand rangefinders. The ease surely causes this a lot simpler buy than having to supplant your rangefinder in light of deficient treatment.

In the event that your rangefinder was to fall while inside a conveying case, the harm done would be substantially less broad than an immediate fall without the case; treating the rangefinder with care consistently is the most ideal approach to guarantee life span. Everyone drops things now and again, simply know and attempt to forestall this however much as could reasonably be expected. When traveling, we strongly suggest putting your rangefinder inside your golf sack or your bag. Leaving it snared on your pack leaves it powerless to harm while being taken care of by the carrier.

How to Physically Clean your Rangefinder

How to Physically Clean your Rangefinder

After a series of golf, you ensure that your golf clubs are completely spotless prior to returning them away. Rangefinders are simply one more piece of golf gear. They should be shown equivalent consideration and concern.


There are a couple of key things that should be done when cleaning a rangefinder. For the body of the rangefinder, you will need to eliminate and obvious earth, residue, and rust that is gathering.


The lens should be cleaned for upkeep as well as so you can utilize your rangefinder appropriately. The main thing to recollect when working with the lens is to utilize the right material. On the off chance that you clean a lens with paper or grating material, it will scratch it and ruin your rangefinder.

A simple Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes should get the job done to help eliminate marks, microorganisms, earth, and germs too. These wipes can likewise be utilized on your eyeglasses, shades, and PDA. They come in exclusively wrapped parcels that make it too simple to place a couple in your golf pack.

In the event that you have a hard to eliminate hair or fiber on the lens of your rangefinder, you can utilize a lens cleaning brush. A lens cleaning brush has two finishes that will help you clean your rangefinder. One side deals with smudges and thumbprints, and the opposite side will attempt to eliminate residue, strands, and a stay hair. A lightweight, straightforward device that could undoubtedly fit in one of those 37 pockets on your golf pack. Getting fingerprints off as quickly as time permits are basic as the oils can leave perpetual etchings on your lens.

Changing Batteries and Repairing the Rangefinder

Appropriate battery care is fundamental to maintaining the existence of your rangefinder. The main things to recall with regards to batteries are:

  • Try not to leave batteries in when you are not utilizing rangefinder for quite a while
  • Be extremely cautious how you place batteries in, you can impede rangefinder with helpless battery position
  • Batteries will last significantly more when not presented to outrageous temperature changes. It very well may merit taking the rangefinder inside with you instead of leaving it in the storage compartment of your vehicle.
  • With regards to changing batteries on your rangefinder ensure you are utilizing the appropriate kind and that you eliminate and supplant them cautiously. The proprietor’s manual you got with your rangefinder will give explicit bearings.
  • A few rangefinders will accompany standard batteries that you can discover in any neighborhood store. Others will utilize more testing to discover camera batteries that you can discover at a nearby camera shop, battery store, or Amazon or eBay.


  • Whenever your rangefinder needs maintenance, it is fundamental to send it to the maker. Rangefinders are not something that can be chipped away at home and fiddled with.
  • Most significant makers will sell their rangefinders with a guarantee that should cover you for quite a while. Bushnell isn’t only an incredible name as a result of its items yet additionally in light of the organization that remains behind them.


Rangefinders are in no way, shape, or form testing to really focus on. Golf players simply need to recollect that they are somewhat more delicate than a sand wedge that you remove from the dugout after a shot. Put resources into a remarkable case, use it, and make it a propensity/routine to clean your rangefinder after each round. Besides just support, it will be prepared to utilize and get you the yardage you need toward the beginning of your next round. We hope you found these tips on how to maintain your golf rangefinder helpful.

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