The Best Driving Ranges Around the World

Where else can you go to perfect your golf swing, putting skills and shot? the driving range right. The best driving ranges offer golfers both pros and armature the opportunity to practice their swing and can also serve as a recreational activity itself for young golfers.

Not all golf course has a driving range, however, most driving ranges can be found as a stand-alone facility while some are attached to golf courses. Be that as it may, we’ve reviewed below the best golf driving ranges around the world for you.

Best Driving Ranges

World of Golf Driving Ranges

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Address: Beverley Way New Malden Surrey KT3 4PH| Location: London| Telephone: 0208 949 9200| Website:

First on our list on the best golf driving range would be World of Golf London. This driving range holds the record for being the busiest driving range in Europe, with more than 14 million golf balls terminated down the range each year. It has a lot of other perfect highlights as well.

Force Tee mats set up each ball for you before you hit it, while Protracer innovation implies you can see precisely how far each shot has gone and what the flight resembled from a committed in-bay tablet.

Thornleigh Driving Ranges

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Address: 142-178 Pennant Hills Rd, Thornleigh NSW 2120, Australia| Location: Australia| Phone: +61 2 9875 5445| Website:

Welcome to New South Wales and probably the biggest city in Australia – Sydney. Only north of the city is the suburb of Thornleigh, home to one of the best driving ranges you’ll discover. Open 364 days every year, the 56 cutting edge inlets are spread more than two levels.

In addition, 20 of the bays are fitted with front line auto-tee innovation. Pick the stature that suits you, swing and another ball will be teed up and prepared inside 4 seconds. You can likewise alter the range starting with one ball then onto the next to discover the perfect parity. By keeping up a similar position, you can get into your mood a lot faster.

TaylorMade Golf Experience

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Address: 6730 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 United States| Location: United States| Phone: 702.896.4100| Website:

From Australia to America. Nevada, indeed, and the City of Sin – Las Vegas. They say you can get anything in Las Vegas, and clearly that incorporates a world-class driving range. The TaylorMade Golf Experience is the golf organization’s 42-section of land heaven on the Las Vegas Strip, highlighting a floodlit standard 3 course, putting green and goliath retail shops, just as the piece-de-obstruction; 113 driving extent slows down split more than two levels.

As perspectives go while you’re working your way through a pail of balls; the Mandalay Bay inn, the Four Seasons and Boulder Junction out there takes some beating! Including both characteristic grass and the normal counterfeit turf to hit off, the tees likewise offer appropriate hailed greens specked going to target, including a tempting component of rivalry to your driving.

The Els Club

Best driving ranges

Address: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd – Dubai| Location: United Arab Emirates| Phone: +971 4 425 1000| Website:

As you would have speculated, the Els Club in Dubai is the brainchild of an incredible golf player, twice US Open and twice Open Championship victor, Ernie Els. The Big Easy’s formation of ‘desert connections’ is a desert garden of rich green connections in the midst of the encompassing deserts, and the extravagance driving range is the same.

The Els Club driving range estimates 450 yards, with 6 individual greens total with distance banners. Supplied exclusively with TaylorMade practice balls, it is even lit from underneath around evening time, making it considerably simpler to track the trip of your ball in the dark.

Arnold Palmer Practise Course

Best driving ranges

Address: 9000 Bay Hill Boulevard, Suite 300 Orlando, FL 32819| Location: Missouri| Phone: (407) 876-1068
Fax: (407) 876-6283| Website:

The province of Missouri is incredible for its common magnificence, and this driving range in its very heart is no special case. Top of the Rock is a rambling complex ignoring the Ozark Mountains and Table Rock Lake. Alongside a green, gorge cavern and Natural History Museum, there is the staggering ‘Arnold Palmer Driving Range’ – named after the extraordinary man himself when he visited.

Probably the best golf player in history obviously merits extraordinary compared to other driving reaches on the planet! Maybe one of the most stunning highlights of the driving extent is the 16 target greens, with the mark ‘Cliffhanger Green’ in the center roosted over a falling cascade. In addition, it’s likewise accessible to play lit up twilight more than three decks!


So far so good, these are the best golf driving ranges we’ve reviewed. Click on the link provided, visit each site and if possible, place a phone call to the front desk.

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