Tips for cleaning golf clubs

Tips for cleaning golf clubs

You’ve worked hard to become a great golfer, so why not keep your equipment as pristine as possible? Below are some cleaning tips to keep your clubs in great shape.

How to clean a golf club

Tips for cleaning golf clubs

Maintain Your Clubs

Cleaning your clubs is the first thing to do. To make them appear fantastic, thoroughly clean them with a soft-bristle brush and a mild detergent, making sure to remove any caked-on dirt from the grooves and the club brand name on the bottom. Before putting them back in your golf bag, ensure they are thoroughly dry.

Certain putters and wedges should be coated with baby oil or vaseline.

If you have one of those pricey milled putters, you might also sprinkle baby oil or Vaseline all over before putting on the head cover. This advice will also help keep unplated carbon steel wedges from rusting and pitting.

Check for damage, wear, and tear.

A perfect time to thoroughly check your equipment for damage or wear and tear is during the cleaning process. If the shafts of your clubs aren’t bent or otherwise damaged, you may have some nicks on the blades of your irons that need to be repaired. To perform well next season, the shafts must be well-maintained.

Remember to clean the handles

Examining and cleaning your golf club grips to determine their condition is even more crucial.

Changing the club grips depends on how much is being played.

If you play golf two or three times a week and reside in a climate that does not permit year-round play, you should change your grips every 18 months. Both your grips and your clubs are not being used excessively. You should have at least 18 months with them.

Keep Your Clubs in a Dry, Climate-Controlled Space

Finding the ideal location for your clubs’ long-term health is necessary now that they are prepared for storage. There is a lot of back and forth on discussion boards online about what temperature variations might do to your clubs. While some people remain silent, others assert a long-term impact. Why take a chance, in my opinion, if you reside in the northland? Likewise, ThoughtCo:

“Forget about your car’s trunk. Remove those clubs from the area! storage space or a garage? Yes, if the environment is climate- and humidity-controlled. No otherwise. Bring those golf clubs inside your house or another inside, dry space for long-term storage.

Continuous exposure to cold, according to the experts, “won’t harm the club head or shaft, but it can dry out the grips and make them stiffen or break.” And you won’t want to have to replace the grips when you take out those clubs the following spring to delay the start of the season.

The clubs must be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. Find a suitable place in your home that is climate regulated, and not too dry, and make sure they are dry before covering and insuring them. Make sure the landing area is clear of traffic to prevent them from being jostled. When you start playing with your clubs in the spring of next year, they will be there waiting for you.

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