Best Golf Boots for Men and Women

Best Golf Boots for Men and Women 2023

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Best Golf Boots

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ColorsBlack| Sizes6-12uk| Waterproof100% Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay


ColorsBlack/Royal Blue Accent| Sizes6-13| Waterproof: 100% Get it on Amazon. Get it on eBay


ColorsBlack| Sizes7-11| Waterproof100% Get it on Amazon. Get it on eBay


SizesUK 7-12| ColorsBlack| WaterproofYes, Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay


ColorsBrown| Sizes40-47eu/6.5-12uk| Waterproof100% Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay


ColorsOrange/Blue/Beige/Grey| Sizes3.5-14UK| Waterproof2-year warranty Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay


Colors1 (Black)| Sizes7-11| Waterproof100% Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay


ColorsBrown or Black| Sizes5.5-12.5| Waterproof100% Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay

Best Golf Boots for Men and Women

Colors3 (Black, Cognac, Taupe) | Sizes36-42EU/ 3-9UK| Waterproof100% Get it on Amazon Get it on eBay

Golf is a sport that requires precision, focus, and proper equipment. While many golfers may focus on clubs and balls, one often-overlooked piece of equipment is the golf boots. Golf boots are specially designed to provide comfort, support, and stability on the course. A good pair of golf boots can improve your swing and help you play your best. In this article, we will explore the best golf boots to buy, taking into consideration factors such as comfort, durability, and style.

Best Womens Golf Boots

Colors3 (Black, Cognac, Taupe)| Sizes36-42EU/ 3-9UK| Waterproof100%

The Duca Del Cosma Palazzo golf boot is just one of several new models from the Italian brand’s extensive collection of shoes and boots, all of which are designed to keep feet warm and dry in winter conditions.

Featuring an outer cow leather that is exceptionally soft, it also has a faux fur lining around the top of the collar and inside the tongue which immediately gives these boots a stylish and a cosy appearance. Importantly, they are true to size, ultra-lightweight and comfortable to wear straight out of the box over 18 holes.

Pros Cons
Practical and comfortable for winter golf Faux fur styling won’t appeal to everyone.
Modern styling

golf boots for women

ColorsBrown or Black| Sizes3-9 wide| Waterproof100%

These boots perform so well in muddy and very slippery conditions. The leather upper repels water like it’s beading off a duck’s back almost as if they were plastic! They are not, the leather and faux fur lining gives a luxurious feel to these fantastic boots.

They are super light and easy to plod around the course in the Bleak midwinter. The sole is our favorite part, with an incredible amount of cushioning that molds to your foot and makes walking the dog a joy as well as walking 18 holes. These boots outperform our walking boots which is why we will always say Golf Gear is Best for Dog Walking.

Pros Cons
Replaceable spikes grab the wintery ground Not as classy looking as other additions to this list
Warm cosy fleece lining keeps feet dry

ColorsBlack with light Aqua accent| Sizes4-8 (no half sizes) | Waterproof100%

This fully waterproof boot has a microfiber mid-cut comfort upper which helps to give this shoe a very comfortable ride.

The waterproof bootie membrane system keeps water out even in horrendous downpours while the EVA midsole is cushioned to offer a fairly comfortable ride.

The 7spike rubber outsole does offer great grip making them a good option for the winter months.

Pros Cons
Really great traction thanks to the seven spikes Not available in half sizes
Function over form

ColorsAsphalt Blue| Sizes3-7| Waterproof100%
Decathlon has certainly gone all out to provide golf clothing and accessories for golfers that are affordable yet perform pretty well. These boots are a good-looking addition to this list. They come in navy blue which makes a nice change from the many black golf shoes on this list.

The turquoise accents on the sole catch the eye as the photo finish is held. The zipped high-rise liner keeps your feet cozy in cold conditions. They also feature a waterproof membrane and a zipper to keep your feet warm and dry on the course.

Pros Cons
Really easy to adjust the sizing to get a custom fit Feel much like zipping your foot into a wetsuit.
Cater for smaller sizes.

Mens Golf Boots



ColorsBlack| Sizes6-12uk| Waterproof100%

The boa boot is one of the Footjoy products we suggest. They provide two options for golf boots, which is noteworthy in and of itself. This is their leather selection. This gorgeous full grain leather upper has a sole that makes your feet happy and is padded. For the ideal fit, the BOA fit system hugs your foot. The fact that they were only offered in a medium width had little impact on our sizing.

We were shocked that the broad width wasn’t offered because wearing an extra pair of socks during the winter can be necessary. Still, these socks provide excellent warmth thanks to their cuddly inside and cushioned sole. although they did collect a sizable amount of the golf course, the spikes provided good traction. With a set of FootJoy golf gloves, these boots looked quite stylish and cleaned up very nicely.

Pros Cons
Great adjustment to your foot with the BOA system. Only available in medium width.
Easy to keep clean.

ColorsBlack/Royal Blue Accent| Sizes6-13| Waterproof: 100%

The mid-cut comfort upper of this totally waterproof boot is made of microfiber. This is an excellent golf shoe for walking in all circumstances the course throws at you since the waterproof bootie membrane structure keeps water out even in torrential downpours.

Although the 7spike rubber outsole does provide excellent grip, the EVA midsole is cushioned to offer a pretty comfortable ride, making them a nice alternative for the winter.

Pros Cons
Stable and robust Cheaper feel to them than others on the market

ColorsBlack| Sizes7-11| Waterproof100%

We have included these even though they are more of a mid-rise shoe because they function like boots. These are entirely waterproof and incredibly comfortable, and they are made to be tested in wet conditions. This is because they have a Bounce midsole, which makes them feel like sneakers when worn.

The Rubber V-Traxion outsole has four cleats that assure your footing no matter how muddy the weather is. It is simple to take them on and off because they fit wider than usual. Getting into shoes like these is frequently difficult because of the higher neck. They go together.

Pros Cons
Extremely comfortable Not as grippy as other options
Comes with extra width compared to the usual narrower fit of AdidasS2G.

SizesUK 7-12| ColorsBlack| WaterproofYes

With fall and winter approaching, it might be time to add a pair of golf boots to your collection. This Ram style is ideal for individuals who don’t want to spend a fortune but still want some performance.

It is composed of PU-coated leather, which is tough and durable and functions well on the golf course right out of the box. A boot might occasionally be cumbersome, but with a padded collar and a high-tech waterproof membrane, you have the best of both worlds: comfort and waterproof protection.

The only minor complaint is that the golf boot doesn’t come with the spikes fixed; instead, the user must manually add the spikes, which can frustrating.

Pros Cons
Considerably cheaper than other models on the market Spikes don’t come fitted to the boot

ColorsBrown| Sizes40-47eu/6.5-12uk| Waterproof100%

As these boots are the most expensive in our collection, no one would blame you for saving them for special occasions. You could almost argue that they are too stylish to wear in muddy conditions. It draws attention because it has the appearance of a brogue that a Prince from Prague would wear. But, those looks come with a dashingly impressive performance. Luxurious Italian Nappa leather, recycled microfiber, and tumbled leather. Performance is offered in addition to all that style by a waterproof sock system with a breathable membrane. Warm feet are provided by the cozy synthetic fur padding.

The lining of these boots is Called Cor Linda 2.5mm Aqua stop. Nonetheless, they are completely permeable, keeping your feet at the ideal temperature. Because the Arnwflex sole and heel support are made from recycled microfibre and cork, these shoes have a significant degree of eco-friendly technology.

Pros Cons
A boot you could wear to the office on an icy day Almost too smart for Winter golf.
Keeps feet very warm with fur lining.

ColorsOrange/Blue/Beige/Grey| Sizes3.5-14UK| Waterproof2-year warranty

Your eyes will be drawn to these shoes, which also feel wonderful when worn. They are comprised of a variety of waterproof materials, including a rubberized mudguard to keep your feet as safe as possible. You will feel as though you are bouncing down the fairways thanks to the sole, which is composed of many Zoom Air units.

Because they are such a pleasant golf shoe to walk in, they are also a fantastic choice for people with aching feet. If you can get the sizing correct, that is. We suggest going up half a size because they come up a little snug to make them easier to take on and off. With three substantial permanent cleats positioned beneath each Zoom Air unit, the traction is ridiculous. As you can’t feel them, you are stuck to the soggy ground. These, which have been dubbed “winter’s worst enemy,” are incredibly sporty and add some color to any gray golfing day.

Pros Cons
Nike Air technology enhances comfort Styling will divide opinion.
Incredible range of sizing

Colors1 (Black)| Sizes7-11| Waterproof100%

The Men’s Tour Classic golf boots from Stromberg are a superb, completely waterproof option that are ideal for when the weather deteriorates on the course.

The shock-absorbing midsole of their boot design provides exceptional comfort while also providing superior ankle support and coverage, keeping your knees and achilles relaxed the entire round. A SoftSpike Black Widow replacement cleat system, which offers superior ground traction, is also included with these shoes.

Pros Cons
Come with a one-year waterproof guarantee May come up too high on the ankles for some players.
Great grip

ColorsBrown or Black| Sizes5.5-12.5| Waterproof100%

Although being advertised as shoes, these seem more like boots because of the high-rise lining that zips up. The faux fur sole keeps your feet warm in cold weather. Two spike rigidities provide excellent traction, and the waterproof inside fabric does a good job of keeping your feet dry while on the course.

The boots have a zip to keep feet warm and dry, but they also include laces so the wearer may customize the fit and width.

Pros Cons
Zipped high-rise liner Look a bit basic.
Caters for a good range of size

How to Choose a Golf Boot

There are many different forms and features available for golf boots. There are several factors to take into account when buying your next pair of golf boots, from waterproofing outer shells to various grip patterns. We’ve compiled a list of helpful suggestions that you should take into account when buying your next pair of golf boots as a result. See them listed below.

Spiked or spikeless?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both spiked and spikeless styles of the best golf boots.Although they don’t rest as low to the ground as spikeless ones, golf shoes with spikes provide better stability and grip.

Golf shoes without spikes give adaptability off the course. They are ideal since they are typically light and comfortable, but most won’t provide as much traction as spiked boots, making them less suitable for driving to the golf course, playing a round, and then driving back.


A waterproof boot is a necessity if you live somewhere where it frequently rains. Even while the greatest designs will keep your feet completely dry, if you play golf in beautiful weather most of the time, you could consider other characteristics to be more important. To keep themselves fresh and to accommodate diverse needs, many players opt to have one pair for the winter and a lighter pair for the summer. Because of this, you might want to follow their example and purchase a pair of lightweight golf shoes for the summer and a pair of durable boots for the winter.

Getting the right fit

Choosing golf footwear that fit properly is crucial since blisters may form otherwise. Or your feet could move around inside, which would make you less stable. When putting on a pair for the first time, listen for the “whoosh” sound as you slide your feet in; this is the sound of all the air leaving the shoe, and it will let you know if it is the right size. However, you should still perform a walking test to be sure. Your feet shouldn’t move around within or feel restricted in any way.

When searching for the perfect-fitting golf shoe, it is also important to take different laces into account. Normal laces are fine for the majority of golfers, but for others, BOA laced shoes offer a more convenient fastening and shouldn’t slack off during a round.

Comfort and support

You need to buy a boot that will provide you with enough comfort and support during the round, much like how finding the appropriate fit is important. It is crucial that you purchase a pair of shoes that will provide your ankles, foot, and knees with the highest level of support because you will be walking a considerable distance in them. To give your feet a spongey ride, look for shoes with padded outsoles and interior cushions. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the boots provide adequate achilles support while you walk and don’t come up too high around your ankles.


Thank goodness, there are many various styles of golf shoes available in addition to the classic-looking shoes produced by manufacturers. There are several trendy contemporary styles that can be worn off the golf course, as we can see from the boots up top. It is crucial to consider how your shoes look and what fashion best suits you. Nowadays, there is something for everyone, no matter what they enjoy or despise.

Golf boots come in a variety of styles and dimensions. While the best golf boots are among the top goods on the market, there are a ton of other golf shoes you should test out before you buy because there are so many options to take into account.


Investing in a quality pair of golf boots can make all the difference in your game. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right pair. However, by considering factors such as comfort, durability, and style, you can find a pair of boots that will not only help you play your best but also provide long-lasting support and comfort on the course. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, the right pair of golf boots is an essential piece of equipment that will improve your performance and enhance your overall golfing experience.

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