Buy the Best Golf Club Cleaner kits in the Market.

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Having spent hundreds of dollars in buying golf clubs, it won’t cost you much as well to buy a golf club cleaner kit in addition. Golf club cleaner kits are used to keep golf clubs clean both in and out of the golf course. The best golf club cleaner kits are able to remove any kind of dirt (even if it’s dried) from your clubs. They have special tools and are made with special materials to make this possible.

So, if you’re looking for the best golf club cleaner kits, you just found the right place. Below, we’ve reviewed, tested, and verified these 11 golf club kits to be the best in the market right now.

So, without further ado, let’s go straight to the best golf club cleaner kits of 2024.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Golf Club Cleaner Kits.

Material: This is one important thing you need to check before buying any golf club cleaner kit. A well-designed golf cleaner kit will allow the golfer to utilize the kit easily and effectively. Nylon bristles are mainly designed for woods while wire bristles are designed for irons. With this in mind, you’ll be able to choose which golf club cleaner kit is best for you.

Style: The style also is an important aspect to consider when choosing the best golf club cleaner kits. Most club cleaner kits come with a double brush, some with a spike and some with a bottle. Ensure you check the style that suits your needs before buying.

Grip: This is yet another important factor to consider before buying a golf club cleaner kit. The grip of a golf club cleaner enables the golfer to hold the device firmly while scrubbing the club. A good grip is usually made of rubber.

Price: Although some of this equipment can be expensive, however, ensure you check for the once that are within your budget limit.

Additional Features: Most cleaner club kits come with features that can enable you attach your kit to your golf bag; some also have tools you can use to remove dirt from your golf shoes.

Best Golf Club Cleaner Kits Compilation Chart

Features Where to Buy
Yoport Golf Club Brush and Club Groove Cleaner
golf club cleaner kits
  • Retractable zip-liner
  • Durable
  • Good price
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Whetstone All-in-One Stainless Steel Golfer’s Tool
golf club cleaner
  • Multi-purpose
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
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ProActive Sports Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner Brush
golf club cleaner
  • Uses water
  • Soft, yet sturdy, brush design
  • Convenient quick-release clip
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BallBrite Ultimate Golf Ball & Club Cleaner
golf club cleaner
  • Cool concept
  • Washes golf balls also
  • Anti-microbial interior
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Voplop Golf Brush and Club Groove Cleaner
golf club cleaner kits
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Multi-functional
  • 7 colors available
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Ace Golf Club Groove Cleaner Set
best golf club cleaner
  • Lots of extras
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available in 7 colors
Get it on Amazon
Caddy-Clean The All-in-One Golf Club Cleaner
club cleaner kit
  • Lots of tools
  • Golf towel included
  • Convenient
Get it on Amazon
STIXX Golf Brush and Groove Cleaner
club cleaner
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Good value
Get it on Amazon
Jef World of Golf Club Cleaning Kit
  • Great for irons/wedges
  • Includes cleaning paste
  • Brush clips to the bag
Get it on Amazon
BettGolf Club Cleaner Pack of 2
  • Good value
  • Convenient
  • 1-year warranty
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Perfshot Golf Club Brush Groove Cleaner Set
golf club cleaner
  • Microfiber towel included.
  • Protective case for brush included.
  • Retractable zip-liner
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Best Golf Club Cleaner in Durability

Yoport Golf Club Cleaner

golf club cleaner kits

Comfort and cost are 3 of the significant reasons why the Yoport Golf Club cleaner Brush and Club Groove Cleaner is so well known. Including wire bristles for irons and wedges and nylon bristles for woods, you have all you need to keep your clubs clean consistently. Furthermore, in the event that you locate the dirt is truly built up into the grooves, there is a solitary retractable point intended to dig down and get it wiped out.

There is a carabiner cut that effectively appends to your pack and a retractable zip-line that stretches out up to 2 feet so there is no compelling reason to evacuate the brush. Accessible in 3 colors— Blue/Black, Green/Black, and Red/Black — the handle is made of tough plastic and highlights elastic holds for included comfort when cleaning. You can get them independently or each of the 3 colors in a pack.

Pros Cons
Wire bristles for irons and nylon bristles for woods, with a pick for deeper groove cleaning Some users felt the retractable tip was too sharp and could damage clubs.
Durable plastic handle with soft rubber grips for comfortable use Some users said the retractable zip-liner broke down too quickly.
There is a retractable 2-foot zip-line carabiner that attaches to your bag for easy access.

Ace Golf Club Cleaner Kit

Best Golf Club Cleaner kits

In the event that you’re searching for a pack with loads of additional items, at that point, this is a standout amongst other golf club cleaner sets you can get. Expert Golf remembers 6 valuable instruments for their pack, including a nylon brush for cleaning your woods, a wire brush to clean the irons and wedges, a score sharpener, a suction cleaner, a divot apparatus, and an attractive ball marker.

The depression cleaning spike can likewise be utilized to thump earth develop off the base of your shoes. Different features incorporate a carabiner cut for simple connection to your golf sack, a retractable zip-line that expands 2 feet, so you don’t need to expel the apparatus from your pack so as to utilize it, and a clasp on spread to secure the cleaning brush.

Accessible in 7 shading plans, the Ace Golf Club Cleaning Set accompanies a lifetime guarantee and a 100 percent unconditional promise.

Pros Cons
Extras include golf ball marker, divot tool, and a groove sharpener Some users said the magnet on the ball marker fell out.
Nylon brush for woods, wire brush for irons, and a pick to clean spikes Some users said the groove cleaner wore down quickly.
Has a retractable 2-foot zip-line for convenience

Caddy-Clean Golf Club Cleaner

club cleaner kit

The Caddy-Clean, All-in-One Golf Club Cleaner has a bit of everything to guarantee the entirety of your golf clubs dirt-free and sparkly. The bottle can hold enough fluid for 500 splashes. Splash your club (water is suggested) at that point you can utilize the non-scratch scour pad or wire brush to clean it.

There’s likewise a notch cleaning spike to dispose of substantial dirt developing. At the point when you’re done cleaning, utilize the free included golf towel to wipe the clubhead. It very well may be cut to your golf bag and gratitude to the retractable zip-line, you can basically and helpfully clean your clubs without exposing it.

Pros Cons
Includes a non-scratch scrub pad, wire cleaning brush, groove cleaning spike Some users felt it wasn’t durably made.
The bottle holds enough liquid for 500 sprays on the pricey side
Full size, 100 percent cotton towel with bag attachment included.

Best Golf Club Cleaner in Design

Whetstone All-in-One Stainless Steel Golfer’s Tool

golf club cleaner

On the off chance that you’re searching for a handyman model, at that point, the Whetstone All-in-One Stainless-Steel Tool is a standout amongst other golf club cleaners — to say the very least. In addition to the fact that these tools include a brush for safe club head and golf ball cleaning, but on the other hand it has a whole lot more.

A portion of different features incorporates a folding knife, removable spike pen which can be utilized to get truly covered in the soil out of club grooves, a cleat tightener, divot fix apparatus, and an attractive ball marker. Smaller and lightweight — it quantifies a little more than 5 inches in length and weighs a little more than 3 ounces — the instrument helpfully appends to your keychain for simple access.

Obviously, you could likewise convey it in your pant pocket or in a compartment of one of your golf bags.

Pros Cons
Has a club cleaning brush and a removable pen to get out the dirt deep in the grooves There is only 1 kind of club cleaning bristles, best suited for woods.
Has a magnetic ball marker and a cleat tightener Not really conducive to attaching to a golf bag.
Has a divot repair tool Only 1 color is available.


golf club cleaner kits

The Voplop Golf Brush and Club Groove Cleaner is intended to get the earth out of those irons, which will prompt better contact, turn, and shot consistency. The brush has nylon fibers to clean woods and spikes; iron fibers for your irons, wedges, and hybrids; and a sharp spike to assist you with getting profound into the depressions just as the spikes on the base of your golf shoes for substantial grime develop.

The golf club cleaner has a carabiner cut so you can undoubtedly connect it to your golf sack and highlights a retractable 2-foot zip line so you can clean your clubs and shoes without expelling it. It’s accessible in 7 unique colors — Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Ultra Black, and Yellow — and accompanies a 60-day unconditional promise.

Pros Cons
Wire bristles to clean irons/wedges and nylon bristles to clean woods and cleats Some users said the retractable cord wasn’t very durable.
The retractable 2 feet zip-line carabiner attaches easily and conveniently to your golf bag other models similar to this cost a little less.
The retractable sharp pick is ideal for cleaning grooves.

BallBrite Ultimate Golf Club Cleaner

golf club cleaner

At times the best golf club cleaners do exclude brushes. The BallBrite Ultimate Golf Ball and Club Cleaner are one of those items. The protected structure, which can be utilized to wash golf balls and clubs (presumably insightful to adhere to irons and wedges), is a sturdy neoprene pouch that you include some water into the inside.

The idea is basic: when your club or ball gets filthy, put it in the pouch and massage the pouch. Take out the club or ball and get it dry with a towel. Simple. The dampness locking innovation guarantees the inside remains wet while the external part remains dry. That implies you can haul it around in your pocket or utilize the clasp to append it to your golf bag for simple access.

The BallBrite, which is machine launderable, has an anti-microbial inside to help keep the cleaning surface odor and microscopic organisms free.

Pros Cons
The interior is anti-microbial which helps keep the cleaning area clean, bacteria-free, and odor-free Expensive
Patented design cleans both irons and golf balls Probably best suited for irons and wedges, not larger clubs.
Moisture-locking technology keeps the inside cleaning part of the bag wet and the outside dry Some users said they had some difficulty cleaning the interior of the pouch.

Best Golf Club Cleaner Kits in Features

ProActive Sports Groove Tube

golf club cleaner

At times you need something beyond a brush to get that club heads clean — particularly on the off chance that you have the dirt heap on for a piece. All things considered, the ProActive Sports Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner Squeeze Bottle Brush utilizes water to separate that dried soil, making it simpler to clear off.

How it functions is basic: crush the container until the water turns out. At that point utilize the enormous nylon brush to expel the soil or grime from the clubhead. Then, take a fabric or towel to wipe it dry. At that point put the golf club covers back on and set the clubs back in your golf bag.

The jug appends to your bag by a spring-stacked brisk discharge cut. The brush top unscrews and screws back on effectively when you have to include more water. You can get a single jug, which gauges about 7.5 inches long. In any case, you can likewise purchase 2, 3, and 4 packs as the case may be.

Pros Cons
The squeeze bottle uses water for added cleaning power Some might find the bottle a bit large at 7 inches.
Conveniently attaches to your golf bag with a clip Some users felt the plastic attachment clip wasn’t very durable.
Large, soft, yet effective, nylon brushes can clean all clubs The screw cap brush doesn’t fit on standard water bottles.


golf club cleaner

The feature of the Perfshot Golf Club Cleaner Set is the consideration of the microfiber towel. The towel, which is liberally measured at 16 by 24 inches, is multiple times more permeable and multiple times more tough than cotton. The brush itself has nylon bristles for woods and wire bristles for irons.

There is additionally a jutting spike to clean club head scores and it’s viable for evacuating soil build-up on the base of your shoes. There is a defensive case that clasps over the brush head. Highlighting a retractable zip-liner, which broadens 2 feet for simple use, the brush helpfully clasps to any golf sack.

Pros Cons
Has brushes for both irons (wire) and woods (nylon) with a spike for groove cleaning It has sharp pieces, so use with caution.
Includes a large microfiber towel, which is 3 times more absorbent than cotton Only 1 color available.
Can easily attach to golf bags and has a retractable zip liner for convenience.


club cleaner

Basic, powerful, and esteem are 3 words to depict the Stixx Golf Brush and Groove Cleaner with Retractable Clip. The cleaner incorporates nylon bristles for cleaning woods, metal fibers for cleaning irons and mixtures, and a spike for cleaning your golf shoes. Each is totally ok for your clubs and shoes.

An exceptionally helpful element is that when the device is joined to your golf sack with the strong carabiner cut, it has a retractable line that broadens 2 feet, long enough to clean the base of your shoes and clubs easily. The Stixx Golf Brush and Groove Cleaner likewise accompany a 100 percent unconditional promise.

Pros Cons
Features a wire brush for irons/wedges and nylon brush for driver/woods Doesn’t include a brush cover.
Includes a sharp point to clean the club head grooves Available in only 1 color.
Retractable cord extends 2 feet for convenience Features some sharp pieces, so use with caution.

Jef World of Golf Club Cleaning Kit

Jef World of Golf’s Club Cleaning Kit is featured by the cleaning glue, which is intended to expel ball markings, the tee shot imprints, grass stains, and more from your irons, wedges, and metal woods.

Likewise remembered for the group are delicate wipes and a towel to clear off the glue and to keep your club heads looking pristine.

The double-sided brush has nylon bristles for your driver and woods and wire bristles for your irons and wedges. The brush has a clasp so it can without much of a stretch and advantageously append to your golf bag.

Pros Cons
Includes soft sponges and a towel Some users didn’t receive instructions.
The dual-sided brush can attach easily to your golf bag Doesn’t include a storage bag.
Cleaning paste can be used on all irons, wedges, and metal woods Some users prefer to use soap and water rather than the cleaning paste.


golf club cleaner kit

Why get 1 when you can have 2 golf club cleaner brushes? Keep one for yourself and gift the other to a golf player companion. Or on the other hand, keep them both so you can have a backup. Each owns a brush for drivers and woods (nylon fibers) and irons and wedges (wire bristles).

There’s likewise a joined sharp spike, which can be utilized to tidy out specks of dirt in the clubhead grooves just as hardened dirt/mud on the base of your shoes. The brush can connect to a golf bag for simple accommodation on account of the carabiner cut. Also, the zip-liner can reach out up to 2 feet so you can clean your clubs without evacuating the brush.

Pros Cons
You get 2 brushes at the price of what 1 normally costs There is no protective cover for the brush.
Perfect for all clubs and can also be used on cleats Some users felt the retractable line wasn’t very durable.
Retractable zip-liner extends 2 feet for easy cleaning.

Test Process

Time and resources were put into researching the most effective and best golf club cleaner on the market. Before making our final selection of the best golf cleaner, about 20 different golf cleaners were considered. They were properly reviewed, screened and over 20 user reviews were read online (both positive and negative). All of this result adds up to what makes this list of the best golf cleaner you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would I get my golf clubs to sparkle once more?

Add soup and water in a can to make a light cleanser arrangement. Plunge a club brush or toothbrush in the container of sudsy water. scrub the groove of your club to evacuate dirt and garbage. On the off chance that the dirt won’t come free, soak the clubhead in the foamy water for 10 minutes and afterward have a go at scrubbing it again.

Are golf groove sharpeners legitimate?

Truly, groove sharpeners are legal, all things considered, it’s only a device. It’s your main thing with it as D4S has expressed that it can make your club non-adjusting. All clubs currently have their grooves machined to the greatest resilience, in the event that you increase the size of them through scratching your club becomes non-adjusting.

Are ZIP Grooves legitimate?

Cleveland calls them “laser-processed” and there are grooves on the essence of the club notwithstanding the “Zip Grooves” that are the same grooves that the CG14 has (yet are banned). To the undeveloped eye, mine, they sure look illegal, however, no, The USGA has affirmed them.


If you’ve read our review on the best golf club cleaner kits, it implies you’re searching for a golf cleaner kit and you’re ready to buy. You don’t need to stress yourself again searching for cleaner kits all over the web or in stores. The golf cleaner kits we’ve reviewed on this list are the best in the market and are manufactured by top brands in the golf industry. However, before making your choice, we suggest you take as much time as needed to check each product over again paying closer attention to its pros, cons, and features before buying.

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