Cart Tek Gri 1500li Electric Golf Push Cart Review

Cart Tek Gri 1500li Electric Golf Push Cart

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Review of the Cart Tek GRI 1500Li Electric Golf Cart

We first tested the Cart Tek GRI 1500Li electric golf cart as a new product in the spring of 2020. Since that time, we’ve been able to take the golf cart on several extended golfing and carting excursions, including an 80-mile golf cart trip from the Central Coast of California to the Lake Tahoe area, where we spent a week on the golf course and carted around Lake Tahoe for the entire week.

This is our most comprehensive review of the Cart Tek GRI 1500Li golf cart ever. We took this cart on an 80-mile trip from San Jose to Lake Tahoe, to visit family, and then spend a week golfing and carting around Lake Tahoe. In this review, we’ll show you how the cart performed and the various features embedded in it.

Our Cart Tek GRI 1500Li golf cart,’s overall performance was very good. The golf cart was comfortable and very easy to drive, even over very rough and bumpy terrain. The electric golf cart could easily take us from Point A to Point B, and it was very easy to drive.

Let’s find out more details in the review.

Key Features of the Cart Tek GRI 1500Li

Cart Tek Gri 1500li Electric Golf Push Cart

In order to review the Cart-Tek GRI 1500Li in its entirety, we know that not everyone has the time to read it all. Hence, in this section of the review, we will condense the Cart-Tek GRI 1500Li review into four key features:

  • Remote Control: Cart Tek GRI 1500Li can be controlled remotely. Using the simple buttons (think of an old-school gaming system controller), you can choose which direction the cart moves. It can move left, right, forward, and back. There are also four-speed settings depending on your pace.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery: Cart Tek GRI 1500Li comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. If you don’t use the maximum speed setting the entire time, the battery lasts for two full rounds of golf.
  • Aluminum Framing: The Cart Tek GRI 1500Li is also known for its durability. Since it’s made of aviation-grade aluminum, we tend to agree. The Cart Tek GRI 1500Li also has aluminum joints and casings, which are usually made of plastic on other carts.
  • Folds Away Neatly: The biggest selling point of the cart is its ability to fold away neatly when it isn’t in use, which is rare for an electric cart. That means you can easily store it in your trunk.

Observations on Cart Tek GRI 1500Li:

Upon receiving the Cart-Tek GRI 1500Li, our first impression was that it would be hard to assemble. We were wrong. Upon arrival in its box, it’s already mostly assembled by the factory.

It’s really as simple as putting the wheels on. The four wheels also caught our eye. They’re not your traditional four wheels. The front and rear axles are connected, and the vertical axle is divided by another axle.

Nonetheless, there is one wheel at the back of the cart that prevents it from rolling over, which makes it more stable on steep terrain. Cart Tek GRI 1500Li is a traditional 3-wheel pushcart with an additional wheel in the back.

Other Features

golf cart

We’ve covered the most important features, but there are plenty more to consider. Let’s look at the operating modes. Of course, the Cart-Tek GRI-1500Li can be controlled remotely, of course. Additionally, it can also be operated manually like a regular pushcart.

We’ve already mentioned that there are 4-speed settings to match your pace on the course. You can also adjust the turning force on the Cart-Tek GRI-1500Li to prevent your bag from flying when you switch directions as you traverse the course.

Cart-Tek GRI-1500Li cart bags are secured with dual bungee cords. There are two sets of locking cords on the saddle: one near the bottom and one near the handle. Even when our bags were overloaded, they held onto them well.

Cart-Tek’s GRI-1500Li is easy to transport, too, thanks to wheels that can be detached to fit into tight spaces. As for the handle height, you can adjust it from 37 to 46 inches.

Cart-Tek GRI-1500Li comes with a cup holder, scorecard holder, umbrella holder, storage for golf balls, and an optional storage bag.

Cart Tek GRI 1500Li: Performance

The Cart Tek GRI 1500Li comes with twin 24-volt high-torque motors that provide a lot of power. The cart ran at its maximum speed for the entire round without slowing down. Cart-Tek’s GRI-1500Li is also very steady while going up inclines because of its rear wheel.

It takes a little getting used to the turning, but once you get the hang of it, it works perfectly. Furthermore, if you are using it as a manual pushcart, it may be quite heavy. Nevertheless, it is intended to be used at least most of the time as an electric cart.

Are they expensive?

The Cart Tek GRI 1500Li sells for about $1500 at most retailers, but we’ve heard rumors that it sometimes goes on sale for around $1000.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Cart Tek GRI 1500li

Pros Cons
Cast steel joints. Pricey
The drive train and motor are completely enclosed. Narrow-wheel stance
A detachable wheel Quite heavy
The wheels lock when stationary. Sometimes, the remote shuts itself off.
Slope control technology Larger bags won’t fit.
You can use it in the rain.

Final Evaluation

The Cart Tek GRI 1500Li was really nice overall. It would be nice if the wheel stance was wider for added stability. That would make this electric caddie almost perfect.

However, the long battery life, durable frame, and ease of operation more than makeup for that shortcoming. The Cart-Tek GRI-1500Li electric golf caddy is a great choice if you are looking for a reliable electric golf caddy.

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