Callaway Odyssey Red O-Works Putter Review

Callaway Odyssey 2018 Red O-Works Putters Review

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Callaway Odyssey Red O-Works Putter Review.

A lot of companies have putters in their lineup, but the Callaway Odyssey 2018 Red O-Works putters are the first to combine the awesome feel of Callaway’s Red Hot putters with their new Odyssey shafts.

These putters are a product of Odyssey’s long and hard work to deliver a truer roll for more consistent putting. With Microhinge Technology and Versa Alignment, these putters set new standards on the greens, and come in a stunning ‘Red’ finish–a popular choice among Tour professionals.

Thanks to an elastomer insert, Microhinge Technology produces greater topspin for consistent golf ball rolling. This technology is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, thanks to a stainless steel Microhinge insert. As a result of this innovative technology, the golf ball is also raised for more topspin for a better ball flight, regardless of the putting stroke you use.

The next step is Versa Alignment Technology. From address to impact, the contrasting color helps players’ eyes focus on the linear designs to highlight the correct face angle from address to impact for alignment throughout the putting stroke.

There is also a branded headcover available for Odyssey O-Works Red Putters.

Callaway Odyssey Red O-Works Putter: Key Features

  • With the Thermoplastic Elastomer Insert, weight can be moved away from the center of the face for increased stability.
  • The Microhinge Technology insert flexes upon impact to reduce the skid effect so putts roll off the face more quickly.
  • Players have a wide array of options when choosing a putter with 18 different head designs and a variety of lengths and balance options.

Callaway Odyssey Red O-Works Putter: Design and Technology

Callaway Odyssey 2018 Red O-Works Putters Review

Manufacturers usually pay attention to feedback from the best players on the planet. That is exactly what Odyssey did in creating the new O-Works Red and Blackline of putters. In response to feedback from Tour pros, the 2018 head designs lack some of the flare characteristics of their competitors but do not compromise performance or technology.

A stainless steel Mircohinge plate is co-molded with a thermoplastic elastomer feel a layer in the O-Works line. With the combination of these two layers, players can enjoy the solidity of stainless steel as well as a soft, responsive sensation, which is ideal for distance control. Unlike solid-face putters, the insert permits the weight to be distributed more evenly throughout the entire head, enhancing stability on mishits.

The Microhinge Technology is scientifically proven to get putts rolling faster. A stainless steel L-shaped hinge is embedded into an outer layer of thermoplastic elastomer, and the hinge is upside down. During impact, the hinges flex and create 70 rpm of overspin, which causes the ball to hug the ground instantly. 

In order to test the theory of Microhinge design, Odyssey inverted the hinges so that they faced upward in a normal L shape and the results produced equal amounts of backspin.

One can tell there is something special about a brand of the club when it is the #1 preferred brand by the best players in the world year after year. The Odyssey O-Works Black and O-Works Redline are no exception when it comes to putters. A new line of O-Works putters might be your best bet if you like a clean look and dependable performance on the greens.


  • Stabilizes on mishits while providing optimal control
  • Fast, straight, and controlled line movement achieved by Microhinge Technology
  • With 18 new head styles in various lengths, players have plenty of options


  • For some, lack of adjustability of head weight and lie angle may be an issue
  • Some customers have complained that the delivery time is too long because of the high demand
  • Models from 2018 have similar technology to those from 2017


There are 12 different head designs in the Odyssey O-Works Blackline and six new designs in the Odyssey O-Works Redline. There are both face balanced and toe hang options available for both lines of blade and mallet heads. Both lines of putters are available in lengths of 33, 34, 35, and 38 inches. They feature a three-degree loft and a 70-degree lie angle as standard. A variety of grip options are available, including the Superstroke Pistol GT Tour with Counter Core Technology, Superstoke Slim 2.0 with Counter Core Grip Technology, and the Superstroke Tank grip (available only for tanks).

Final thoughts

Odyssey’s O-Works putters are among the best on the market. They are designed and built with extensive feedback from the world’s top players, making them among the best putters on the market.

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