Titleist TSi3 Driver Review

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Titleist TSi3 Driver Review.

The TSI3 driver is the new generation driver from Titleist that is designed for hybrid players as well as the next generation of golfers who want to use a driver with some spin on it. 

The TSI3 driver has all the features and performance of the TSI2 driver, but also has a new design that allows it to spin more. 

This is the third iteration of the TSI3 driver, and it is the most improved model from its predecessor. It is designed to be more forgiving. It will help improve your game, and it’s best left to lower handicap players.

Titleist TSi3 Driver: Design

  • Gorgeous looking
  • Traditional shape
  • The sole looks good.

Titleist TSi3 Driver Review


The TSi3 driver exhibits the fine line between bland and gorgeous. Certainly, that’s the most gorgeous-looking driver I’ve ever seen. ” The sole, in particular, has almost no color or branding–TSi3 and Titleist are only found on the very edges. Even so, the geometric design and slight changes in height and texture make it appear fast and futuristic. If I had to buy a golf driver based on the sole, I’d choose this one.

In spite of the “TSi” alignment mark, this driver appears good at address. In terms of its size and shape, it’s typical for a major release. Because of the deep face, it appears powerful behind the ball.

When comparing TSi2 and TSi3, there’s a major difference. From front to back, the TSi3 is shorter. Also, it’s symmetrical, maybe even elongated, whereas the TSi2 skews towards the heel.

Titleist TSi3 Driver: Sound & Feel

  • Exceptional sound
  • Solid contact
  • Powerful mid-bass timbre.

Titleist TSi3 Driver ReviewWith a beautiful design coupled with exceptional sound quality, the TSi3 driver sweeps the subjective categories. I would describe this club as “powerful.” The impact in the center is slightly louder than average, with a powerful mid-bass timbre.

Again, the hand-to-hand contact is strong and solid. Simply observing the feel, you wouldn’t be surprised to find that the ball has been smashed into an oblong shape. A great feeling is also provided by this club when it comes to knowing exactly where the ball hits the face.

Titleist TSi3 Driver: Performance

Titleist TSi3 Driver Review

I asked myself, “Can a mid-or high-handicapper play this club?” Titleist hints at the answer in its product description by stating that this is a driver for golfers who create more consistent contact. While the forgiveness of the TSi3 driver is impressive for its size, golfers who struggle to find the middle of the face and fairways should opt for the TSi2.

Titleist has improved the TSi3 driver by combining both materials and weighting to maintain ball speed, launch angle, and spin rates. During my testing sessions, I was pleasantly surprised by how few mishits I received. Though it won’t forgive poor swings as well as the biggest or most forgiving drivers, the TSi3 is a very solid driver for a player.

The TSi3 delivers a level of adjustability that Titleist hasn’t seen before, despite the fact that they’ve been dedicated to their SureFit hosel for numerous generations. The SureFit CG track at the back of the head has five positions: neutral, toe, and heel. 

The downside of this system is that the weight doesn’t move very far. Because of this, you probably won’t see much of a difference in your ball flight unless you’re a very consistent ball striker. This product is not for you if you need adjustable weighting to keep your banana slice on the planet. If you want a straight shot out of a baby fade, you’ll be delighted.

Titleist has also provided club fitters with a wide range of stock shafts that they can use when dialing in their players’ club fit with SureFit hosels and SureFit CGs.  Mitsubishi also offers three RDXs: Kuro Kage Black, TENSEI AV Raw Blue, and TENSEI AV Raw White. This spans weights from the high 40s to the high 70s and combines stout and active bend profiles. The Kuro Kage and TENSEI Blue both feature MCA’s Straight Flight Weighting technology for players who struggle with a slice. 

Reasons to buy or not

Pros Cons
There is a noticeable improvement in how it looks and feels high-priced
More effective adjustability that will tighten dispersion without reducing distance. Some may need more assistance with alignment.

Final thoughts

When you look at and hit the Titleist TSi3 driver, you can’t help but be enthralled—few drivers look and sound this good. It will also be thrilling for skilled players to get results from this club.  Nonetheless, for golfers who prefer more consistency, the TSi2 will provide a more forgiving performance.

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