Cobra Golf King Wedges

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Cobra King Wedge Review:

A unique wedge that will add some style to your game.

Cobra King Wedges are made from carbon steel, a material often used in golf clubs because of their strength, durability, and high-quality feel. They’re available in an impressive array of different face shapes, but each face shape features a slightly different grind pattern, resulting in a unique blend of versatility and style.

The Cobra King Wedges are designed to complement most golfers’ game styles, and they also boast a range of advantages. They’re crafted from a quality material that’s resistant to rust, and they’re available in a variety of colors. They’re also equipped with a modern design that’s easy to hold and use, as well as a firm grip that provides a comfortable, secure feeling.

The Cobra King Wedges are also well-suited for golfers of all skill levels. Their price point is very affordable, and they’re built to last.

Cobra King Wedge: Overview

This has been the year that Cobra has really stepped up its game. Over the last couple of years, I’ve enjoyed what they’ve done, but this year is the “King”. There is no comparison between their top and bottom club line-ups. The same goes for wedges. They took what they had and made it better. I had a great performance with their “Trusty” wedges, but they looked odd. With the King wedges, I have even better performance and an even better look. The Cobra engineers did a fantastic job.

Cobra King Wedge: Design

golf wedge

The shape of the new Cobra King Wedges stands out immediately. They are much more rounded and smoother than the old ones. The ball sets up better behind the ball with a cleaner leading edge and a softer appearance overall.

Three types of grinds are available: wide, normal, and versatile. The versatile grind is my favorite. It gives me more creative options on every shot. Although I don’t need more on the trailing edge of my wedge, I keep wanting less.

The trailing edge still has the signature notch. The large “cobra” looks cool on the back of the bag, and the words “king” and “cobra” give the bag a pretty bold look.

Cobra King Wedge: Performance

Cobra King Wedge

When using the Cobra King wedges, I saw improvements in two main areas: setup and feel. Using Cobra King wedges has given me a lot more confidence behind the ball. The second benefit is a better feeling. Using the 8620 carbon steel in the Cobra wedge, coupled with the taller muscles in the back, has really softened the feel of the wedge.

As I found in previous versions, the Cobra King Wedges provide excellent spin. While not quite as crazy to spin as in the days before CC grooves, I’ve learned to adjust and am still able to stop these in a flash. The key is to control the spin so that you can have it when you want it and take some off when you don’t. The King wedges do this well. The ball mostly performed as I expected.

I found the Cobra King wedges to be well suited for my game. My handicaps were 50, 54, and 58. Since the King Pro irons don’t have a gap wedge, I used the 50 as my gap wedge. I wish these wedges came in black to match the irons. The 54 is somewhat like a gap wedge, but it’s shorter by about 100 yards. In addition, I used it to run-out lower shots near the green. I found the 58 to be a versatile wedge. With this wedge, I hit sand shots, lob shots, flop shots, chips, pitches, and full shots. Regardless of the lie or location, this wedge performs well.

Cobra King 58* Wedge Specs

  • Spin: 9489 RPMs
  • Launch Angle: 51.4*
  • Dispersion: 2.9 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 78.7 mph
  • Ball velocity: 83.3 mph
  • Total Distance:  85.1 yds
  • Carry Distance:  83.8 yds

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
3 grind options A black finish is not available.
Great control
Excellent spin
Softer feel
Improved shape

Final Verdict

This year’s lineup of Cobra clubs is outstanding. Golfers’ needs are well met by their King Wedges. In addition to offering great performance, they feel pretty good too. Cobra wedges may not be your first thought, but these are definitely worth a shot. I’ve had great success with them in my bag and am now dialed into them.

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