Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood Review

Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood Review

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Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood Review.

Last year, I wrote a review of the Cobra RADSPEED Pro Tour fairway wood. I was pretty excited to try the new Cobra RADSPEED fairway wood because I’ve been a fan of Cobra’s fairway woods since the ’90s. They have always been a favorite of mine because they were a great-looking club for the money and the feeling was great. The ’99 version of the RADSPEED fairway wood wasn’t bad either.

The RADSPEED fairway wood is a great driver for any golfer. If you are looking for a driver that is built for a controlled ball flight, this is the club for you. The Cobra RADSPEED fairway wood is constructed with a carbon steel shaft and a forged sole. The forged sole is made from chrome vanadium steel, which gives the RADSPEED durability that is unmatched by any other fairway wood on the market. The RADSPEED fairway wood features Cobra’s Dynamic Fit grip that is designed to fit the hand perfectly and help you achieve a consistent golf swing.

Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood: Design

  • Various colors are available.
  • Nice and attractive shape.
  • Bold design

Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood Review

The RADSPEED fairway woods always catch my attention with their vibrant colors and bold designs, but the RADSPEED woods also impressed me with their shape and size. I like the head because it hits that sweet spot of being big enough to inspire confidence and small enough that I’m confident of doing well on the turf. Additionally, the shape is round and symmetrical. I only have one complaint: it sits a bit tight in the neutral position, but the hosel can be adjusted easily.

Although I focused on the size and shape, I don’t think Cobra messed up the bag on the other design elements. A sliver of carbon fiber peeks through the matte blue crown, and it looks very slick. It has a lot of weights, rails, and branding, but Cobra pulls it together into a sharp, cohesive look.

Cobra’s RADSPEED fairway woods are available in blue/red, or black/yellow.

Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood: Sound & Feel

  • It sounds like a fairway wood.
  • Nice feedback
  • A noticeable sound difference between a hit and a miss.

The Cobra prides itself on being unconventional, especially in looks, but the RADSPEED fairway wood plays it straight. It sounds similar to the sound of a fairway wood, which is low-mid pitched and metallic. As you move off the center, the sound dulls to let you know you missed one.

However, despite the stability of the head, the feedback through the hands is quite good. The difference between a quality strike and a miss was easily noticeable to me.

Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood: Performance

Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood Review

Due to the myriad ways in which fairway woods can be used, it is difficult to design one that fits a wide array of golfers. It’s not a club that fits every golfer, but the Cobra RADSPEED fairway wood is the closest I’ve found to fitting everyone.

Let’s start with what everyone wants: ball speed and forgiveness. Both are present in RADSPEED. The smash factor remained consistently at 1.5 or higher when good strikes were made. The performance remained consistent even when the ball was hit by other parts of the face. When you miss a little thin or toward the toe or heel, speed, spin, and launch angles are all impressively robust.

Finding the proper face height for fairway woods is one of the challenges. In general, a shorter face is preferred for hitting shots off the turf, while a taller face is preferred for tee shots. The RADSPEED fairway wood strikes the perfect balance and inspires confidence regardless of lie.

The RADSPEED fairway wood allows loft adjustments at the hosel, as can be seen in the picture above. When this setting is changed, the loft will be adjusted as well as the address’s face angle. Since I wanted a more open face angle, I reduced the loft by a degree. The RADSPEED FW is launched at a respectable angle with moderate spin even with less loft and when played by a low-launching player. I would probably choose a higher lofted version of the RADSPEED FW if I were to bag it so I could open the face without losing loft.

Reasons to buy or not

Pros Cons
This year’s best fairway wood for the money? The area where the crown meets the face is not the cleanest.
great in rough conditions. 
It is extremely versatile, fast, and forgiving.

Final thoughts

If you use your fairway woods to replace your driver, for long approaches, as rescue clubs, or for a combination of all three, the Cobra RADSPEED is a great choice. It looks just as good in the bag as it does on the field, and it provides strong, consistent performance.

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