Best Golf Ball Markers of 2024

Golf ball markers are one of the simplest and smallest ways golf players use to express themselves. They come in different styles, sizes, and shapes.

Most golfers place their markers behind their balls on putting greens to allow players to pick up and clean their balls without losing their spots. Golf ball markers also other golfers eliminate the distracting presence of another golf ball in their line of sight. Markers can also be moved to accommodate a playing partner if it’s in the way of their putting line, as long as it’s been moved back afterward in accordance with the rules.

Irrespective of what you need golf ball markers for, we’ve got them all lined up here for you.

Best golf ball markers Compilation Chart

Where to Buy
Insta Golf Spider Divot Tool
golf ball markers
Sleek design
Available in 3 colors
Compact and portable
Get it on Amazon
NFL Divot Tool Pack With 3 Golf Ball Markers
golf ball markers
All 32 teams available
Get it on Amazon
Birdie Hunter Golf Divot Repair Tool and Ball Marker
golf markers
Cool camouflage design
Magnetic ball marker
Get it on Amazon
GoPick Divot Repair Tool With Detachable Ball Marker
go pick golf markers
Low price
Available in 3 different styles
Sturdy construction
Get it on Amazon
Golf Divot Tool with Pop-up Button & Magnetic Marker
Low price
Available in two-packs
Bright colors
Get it on Amazon
MLB Divot Tool Pack With 3 Golf Ball Markers
best golf ball markers
All MLB teams available
Good bargain
Get it on Amazon
Pinmei Divot Tool with American Flag Golf Ball Marker
Low price
Sleek design
Get it on Amazon
Pitchfix Divot Tool
golf ball markers
Available in multiple color combinations
Excellent grip
Lightweight and compact
Get it on Amazon
Collegiate CVX Ball Mark Repair Tool & 2 Ball Markers
Stylish colors
Excellent grip
Get it on Amazon
Switchblade Divot Tool With Personalized Markers
switchable golf ball markers
You can it personalized
Get it on Amazon

Best Custom Golf Ball Markers

Insta Golf Spider Golf Ball Markers

golf ball markers

The primary divot instrument on the rundown is presumably the most imaginative. Rather than the conventional two-dimensional instrument, the Spider Divot Tool by Insta Golf highlights four spikes.

Everything you do is basically push the apparatus into the ground and marginally contort as you pull it back towards you. In addition to the fact that it is better for the fairway greens, however, it’s progressively productive and easy to use for you.

It arrives in a sturdy aluminum case and furthermore has an attractive golf ball marker included. It is accessible in three colors— red, dark, and silver.

Pros Cons
Innovative product design is better for the greens Some users felt the cap came off easily and wasn’t as secure as it could be
The tool mechanism is better for the golf course Can’t attach it to your hat or belt

Switchblade Divot Golf Ball Markers

switchable golf ball markers

Presently in the event that you need to stand apart on the course, get yourself Switchblade’s Divot Repair Tool with customized golf ball markers. The divot device itself is open by a push-button system like a switchblade. You’ll likewise get these show-on-the-road golf ball markers made of attractive tempered steel/nickel silver.

It’s up to you what you need etching on the ball markers. You can get names, images, and emoticons, the potential outcomes are unfathomable. Also, the personalization is forever laser engraved by Indiana Metal Craft.

You can pick what etching you need when requesting. With regards to customized devices, this is extraordinary compared to other golf ball markers you can get.

Pros Cons
Personalization is permanently laser engraved Comes with only 1 ball marker
Individually boxed for secure shipping On the pricey side

Giggle Golf Ball Markers

In the event that you need to shine on the course, get a Giggle Golf custom ball marker. The round metal markers highlight a ring of precious stones around the outside edge that will all things considered gleam in the sun to briefly daze your adversary, or if nothing else make them jealous.

The shading and inside plan of the markers are up to you, and Giggle Golf offers a close perpetual exhibit of choices to browse. There truly are structures for everybody, regardless of whether you’re a “Golf Diva” or a “Golfaholic.” With a few Christmasy plans accessible, you can make a Giggle Golf ball marker an ideal stocking stuffer.

Pros Cons
Customizable a bit expensive

Dune Jewelry Golf Ball Markers

Excellent golf ball markers shouldn’t be excessively ostentatious. That depiction fits Dune Jewelry’s ball markers consummately.

The custom markers include an improving treated steel edge, however, the best part is the inside.

Golf players can get the sand or grass from their preferred club implanted in the face. The outcome is an appealing, tasteful ball marker that celebrates a significant spot in a golf player’s heart, ideal for the golf player closest to your heart.

Pros Cons
Great design non

Best Personalized Golf Ball Markers

Athletic Works Neon Golf Ball Markers

A few golf players like to get extravagant with their decision of golf ball markers, however, that doesn’t mean you do.

In case you’re the sort of player who thinks dropping large bills (or medium-sized bills) for a basic marker is off the mark, at that point Athletic Works Neon golf ball markers are for you.

For under three bucks, you get around twelve straightforward, plastic markers in a few translucent neon colors. They likewise have a peg at the base to stick in the turf and keep your imprint set up, so somehow or another, they work far and away superior to some costlier alternatives.

Vertini Gold Quattro

In case you’re the sort of golf player who pulls out all the stops and appreciates a bit (or a great deal) of energy on the course, look at Vertini’s Gold Quattro Zero golf ball markers. The lavish markers are produced using 24K gold and platinum plating, giving all the sparkle you need during a radiant day on the course.

The structure is taken to another level with 20 shaded Swarovski precious stones implanted in a round example in the focal point of the marker. They convey a strong sticker price, however, you get four markers with various color gems, all bundled in an alluring dark gems box. Have confidence, you won’t stir up your marker with your playing partner’s.

NFL Divot Tool Pack

golf ball markers

Tell everybody on the course who you pull for on the turf with the NFL Divot Tool Pack, which accompanies three golf ball markers.

Accessible in each of the 32 NFL groups, the charged markers include the group logo on the two sides.

The markers have a nickel shading finish and the divot device includes a delicate PVC embed with the NFL logo on it. Simply fly out of the market and just connect it back on for simple storage. The Dallas Cowboys are imagined here.

Pros Cons
Includes 3 magnetic golf ball markers Some users said not all team logos are accurate
Each piece is durably made and features PVC team logo inserts The divot tool doesn’t have a clip on the back

Best Golf Ball Markers with Divot Tool

The Birdie Hunter Camouflage

golf markers

An ideal instrument for the golf player who likewise cherishes the outdoors, the Camouflage Golf Divot Repair Tool and Ball Marker from The Birdie Hunter couple a smooth camo plan with a down-to-earth apparatus.

Including a retractable divot device, the helpful gadget has a clasp on its rear so you can without much of a stretch connect it to your cap, belt, or pocket when you’re not utilizing it.

The attractive orange golf ball marker interfaces and evacuates the apparatus effortlessly. Another decent touch is that it comes bundled in a blessing box.

Pros Cons
Retractable divot tool with the press of a button A few users experienced some durability issues
Clip-on the back makes it easy to attach to your hat or belt Only 1 ball marker is included

GoPick Golf Divot

go pick golf markers

The GoPick Divot Repair Tool includes a one-of-a-kind switchblade activity to utilize. Just press the button and the divot apparatus flies out and it’s prepared to utilize.

Tough as it’s made of hardened steel and aluminum, the divot device likewise accompanies a polarized, separable golf ball marker and chamfered cutting edges for sheltered and snappy club groove cleaning.

It’s sufficiently compact to fit in your jeans pocket or a little pocket on your golf pack. This GoPick item is accessible in four distinct colors and the value is outstanding amongst other golf ball markers with divot fix instruments accessible.

Pros Cons
The compact size makes it easy to carry around in your pocket or golf bag Some users felt the magnet is a little weak
Durably made of stainless steel and aluminum Only comes with 1 ball marker

Golf Divot Tool with Pop-up Button

golf ball markers

You’ll get a great deal of value for your money with the Golf Divot Tool from NKTM. Accessible in various colors, you have the alternative of getting a couple of packs and both are at extraordinary costs.

Including a retractable divot apparatus and attractive golf ball marker, the advantageous contraption has all you require for a day on the course.

Other valuable features incorporate a golf club groove cleaner and club rest highlight.

Pros Cons
The magnetic ball marker releases easily No, attach clip on the back
Lightweight and portable for easy carrying in pockets or in your bag Comes with only 1 golf ball marker

MLB Divot Tool Pack

best golf ball markers

Hotshot your group pride with the MLB Divot Tool Pack With 3 Golf Ball Markers. Accessible in every one of the 30 Major League Baseball crews, it incorporates a stylish mode divot instrument including a delicate PVC embed with the MLB logo.

The three golf ball markers are polarized for a simple fit and hotshot your preferred group’s logo on the two sides. The markers have a nickel shading finish for additional pop.

In case you’re a baseball fan, these from MLB are the best golf ball markers with a divot fix apparatus you’ll discover.

Pros Cons
It has nickel finish for an added color pop No hat or belt clip
Compact enough to carry in your pocket Some users felt the product isn’t durably made

Pinmei Golf Divot Tool

Featured by a decorated American banner example golf ball marker, the Golf Divot Tool by Pinmei is an extraordinary method to show your nationalism on the course, just as help, keep the grass kept up.

The strong divot device includes an opening close to its highest point to make expelling and connecting the attractive golf ball marker extremely straightforward and speedy.

The ball marker estimates 24.4mm and the instrument itself is made of iron. What’s more, at just under $10, it’s an incredible deal.

Pros Cons
The magnetic ball marker easily can be taken out and put back into the tool No hat or belt clip on the back
The hole in divot tool top makes removing the marker easily Only comes with a single ball marker

Pitchfix Divot Tool

golf ball markers

One of the most exceptionally evaluated Divot Tool on Amazon, Pitchfix’s gadget joins usefulness and style in a truly reasonable item.

Accessible in various colors and various shading mixes, it has a rubber-treated body for additional comfort when fixing your divot. The divot itself opens in switchblade style, which means you click the button to open and close it.

At the point when not being used, you can keep it shut and it’s small enough to convey in your jeans pocket or little golf bag pocket securely and safely. It additionally includes a removable golf ball marker.

Pros Cons
The tool has a rubberized handle for added comfort No hat or belt clip attachment
Simply hit the release button to use the divot tool Other golf ball markers won’t fit in the tool

Collegiate CVX

golf ball markers

Hotshot your group pride with the Collegiate CVX Ball Mark Repair Tool, which accompanies two markers. Highlighting a molded hold, your fingers will adjust securely, safely, and serenely when fixing ball blemishes on the fairway.

Likewise, the arched bend will assist you in fixing those divots accurately and rapidly. Collaboration has a patent pending on this divot fix apparatus.

The ideal present for the school sports fan or graduated class as the golf ball markers strikingly flaunts your preferred school’s logo.

Pros Cons
Contour grip for safety and comfort Not all major schools are available
Over 50 schools are available No hat or belt clip

Best Golf Ball Line Markers

Pinmei Clip Ball Markers

golf ball markers

Pinmei golf ball markers are among the more viable ball markers accessible available. That is on the grounds that they accompany a clasp that snaps effectively onto your cap, belt, or anyplace else you need it, so you’ll never lose it.

The markers themselves hold fast to the clasp with a solid magnet so you don’t need to stress over it regularly tumbling off, either.

A lot of two-ball markers will run you under $10, and you get the chance to browse many decorated designs, running the extent from American banners to lucky charms.

Da Vinci Golf Ball Marker Poker Chip Collection

Break the ice in your foursome and help up the state of mind with a couple of jokes, and civility of your new Da Vinci golf ball markers. The Da Vinci marks arrive in a poker-chip design, yet the selling point is what’s on the facade of the chips.

Everyone contains an exemplary golf joke or joke (i.e., “Putt Now, Wine Later”, “May the Couse Be With You” and “Kiss My Putt”).

You can get your hands on a 16-pack of Da Vinci ball markers ideal for your up-and-coming trip, or decide on 3-, 4-, or 8-packs in case you’re shopping only for one.

Team Golf licensed NFL, MLB, NCAA, NHL Ball Markers

Group Golf is the spot to go on the off chance that you need ball markers that fly the banner for your preferred games group. Group Golf makes authoritatively authorized frills from the NFL, MLB, NCAA, and NHL, so you’re certain to discover your squad, regardless of how awful their record is.

You can settle on a 3-pack of poker-chip style ball markers with your group’s logo embellished on the front for $15, or you can go for the metal cap cut variant including a somewhat extraordinary structure for two or three bucks less.


Golf ball markers are used on the golf course to mark the position of a golfer’s ball so that he or she will be able to remove their golf ball to allow another player to put without obstruction. They can be anything from a lucky coin to a paper marker, so long as the object doesn’t get in the way of the other player’s line. If you’ve found any of the golf ball markers we’ve reviewed above, don’t hesitate to purchase one.

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