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With regards to picking the best golf mat for practicing, things can get somewhat entangled. This is on the grounds that there are numerous golf mats out there, each with its outstanding features, advantages, and disadvantage. For this reason, we’ve researched and reviewed all the best golf mats you can find in the market today.

So, if you’re looking for the best golf mats, here is the right place to search. However, before choosing any of these mats to buy, a portion of the crucial components that you ought to consider are included in this post below.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Golf Mat

Price: There is a wide assortment of price focuses on which you can buy great golf mats. Most focused costs are going to fall in the $150 USD value extend and give you great quality and craftsmanship. Any top-level entertainer will disclose to you that they know the estimation of a decent golf mat since it has helped their games to such an extent.

Depending on whether you need a full-size mat or only a hitting area mat you can pay somewhat more or somewhat less dependent on your needs. Dull execution of value golf swings is the best way to instill the propensity for reaching every single time. With a decent golf mat, performing endless redundancies is far simpler.

Quality: The quality development of the golf mat you decide to utilize will be of high significance since it can mean genuinely harming your present arrangement of clubs if not made well. When investigating the development of a specific golf mat give exceptional consideration to the disorder and material utilized on the grounds that they will play an enormous factor in how safe the mat is.

The thicker a golf mat, the more stun it will retain, and in view of this golf mats can really be hazardous. Another significant element to give close consideration to is the filling material that the mat is made out of. A few materials will either leave a buildup on the base of every one of your clubs or really cause scratch harm to the sole.

Size: There will be a couple of significant sizes that most golf mats remark. The most widely recognized sort of golf mat that you will discover will be a full-size golf mat which will, for the most part, extend between 3 x 5′ and 5 x 5′. These mats will, for the most part, be a couple of inches thick and give a hitting region as well as a level set up a territory. The second most regular sort golf mat will be the hitting territory-only mat this golf mat will typically just be around 1′ x 1′.

This sort of mat will give enough hitting areas for the entirety of the club’s in your sack anyway you should locate an appropriate leveling mat. You would prefer not to work on hitting golf shots with the golf ball an inch or increasingly over your feet. The last kind of golf mat will be the divot reenacting golf. This mat moves and withdraws to mimic the divot taking that really occurs on a genuine green.

Best Golf Mats Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy
PGM4860 golf mat


This material combination simulates playing on a perfectly manicured fairway or tee box for each and every swing.

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TT3660 best golf mats

The surface material of this mat is made of 100% spring crimped nylon, which gives it a very real hitting sensation.

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Heavy Duty Driving Mat

heavey duty driving golf mat

This hitting mat does not provide a standing portion and therefore must be leveled off with another slightly raised platform.

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Golf Mat 4′ x 5′ Dura-Pro Plus

best golf mats

The durable pro golf mats go through an intensive manufacturing process that involves thermal welding and industrial bonding which prevents any form of delamination.

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FairwayPro Divot

fairwaypro divot golf mat

The first pro to using a mat like this is that you can avoid the painful shock and impact of hitting fat shots with the traditional mat.

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Callaway FT Launch Zone

Callaway ft launch zone mat

This small hitting mat also offers a heavier weight, than the majority of its competitors, so that it will not slide upon impact.

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Best Golf Mats in Quality

PGM4860 Golf Mats

PGM4860 GOLF MATThe PGM4860 4′ x 5′ Emerald Par Golf Mat is just about the standard best golf mat you can purchase today. This full-size golf mat offers you both a spot to stand and a surface to hit off of. This golf mat is produced using a half-inch thick nylon turf that has been woven together. This woven surface is a flawlessly protected hitting stage that will keep going for a huge number of shots. Underneath this woven nylon, outside is a 5 mm thick froth cushion that averts slippage and hoses sway vibrations.

This material blend mimics playing on a consummately manicured fairway or tee box for every single swing. So as to hit your driver off of this golf tangle, you should use the 2-inch elastic tee that gets strung through the underside of the hitting mat. This golf mat is made in the USA so you can believe that it worked in light of the most excellent norms. The PGM4860 4′ x 5′ Emerald Par Golf Mat is the go-to choice for anybody searching for an essential hitting mat.

Pros Cons
One (1) 2″ rubber tee holder is included none found
5mm foam backing that prevents the mat from moving

FairwayPro Divot Golf Mats

fairwaypro divot golf matThe FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat is a smart expansion to the golf mat family. This is one of the main mats to use sliding technology to give a progressively practical ball striking experience. There are numerous upsides and downsides to utilizing new innovation like this to recreate a true occasion, however. The principal star to utilizing a mat like this is you can keep away from the excruciating stun and effect of hitting mat shots with the customary tangle.

The primary con to this mat is that with all the more moving pieces comes an increased chance for a breakdown. Standard golf mats won’t break similarly to what this gadget breaks. A standard golf mat essentially gives the client a stage to rehearse his swing; this gadget uses a system to falsely move your hitting surface forward and in reverse with every trashy take.

This hitting mat works uncommonly well for lower volume however when you start hitting hundreds and several golf balls a day you can run into difficult issues with moving parts. The FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat is the main decision for individuals who need the most reasonable experience they can get while as yet hitting off of an artificial surface.

Pros Cons
FairwayPro is manufactured with the finest materials wears out quickly

Heavy Duty Driving Golf Mats

heavey duty driving golf matThe Heavy Duty Driving Mat is a tough hitting zone tangle that is very thick and significant. It offers a thick elastic sole that will ease level and gives padding like help on your high-sway golf shots. This hitting mat doesn’t give a standing part and in this way should be leveled off with another marginally raised stage.

This hitting mat can use one serrated elastic tee to hit raised golf balls off. This mat is generally 1.5 inches thick and is nailed level to your entryway dissimilar to other moved-up choices. This hitting mat won’t twist in any generous manner due to the quality development constructed. This mat goes connected at the hip with an incredible hitting net to get golf balls.

There is such a wide assortment of golf hitting nets available today that this high-sway hitting mat will match splendidly with any of them. The Heavy Duty Driving Mat is incredible for individuals who as of now have an artificial hitting zone set up however need a superior ball-striking stage/zone.

Pros Cons
Weight: 6.4 pounds none found
Brand; Great Lakes Sports

Dura-Pro Plus Golf Mats

best golf mats dura pro plusThe Golf Mat 4′ x 5′ Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Hitting Mat is a multipurpose indoor and open-air hitting mat. This hitting mat accomplishes something other than give you a hitting zone to remain on, this hitting mat assimilates club head stun, gives an extraordinary feel, and is secured by an eight-year UV insurance plan.

The solid star golf mats experience a concentrated assembling process that includes warm welding and modern holding which averts any type of delamination. While different mats are stuck together and break separated in weeks, this mat was produced to last.

This family-claimed and worked golf tangle organization makes the entirety of their mats in the USA and furthermore ships to the mainland United States as it were. The producers of this mat guarantee that it is 30% denser than some other golf mats available today. The Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Hitting Mat is evaluated number one by buyers and can likewise be appraised number one by you on the off chance that you decide to make this your golf hitting mat sooner rather than later.

Pros Cons
Dura-Pro Tough Turf is 30% denser. none found
Warranty with 8-Year UV Protection!

Best Golf Mats in Price

Callaway FT Launch Zone

Callaway ft launch zone matThe Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat is one of the littlest hitting mats accessible today. The bit of leeway to purchasing a littler hitting mat is that you should concentrate on reliably being in an ideal effect position or you risk harming your golf clubs and harming yourself all the while. This little hitting mat additionally offers a heavier weight, than most of its rivals, with the goal that it won’t slide upon sway.

Callaway has incorporated its protected tee holding innovation, which can hold any sort of tee straightforwardly in the mat. This hitting mat is incredibly helpful for individuals who are working with restricted space and a constrained spending plan.

The quality and work of this mat are top-notch when you consider the solidness that this little mat brings to the table. The Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat is an extraordinary swing mat for the more experienced golf players.

Pros Cons
True-turf surface simulates hitting from a real fairway or tee box Heavier weight minimizes slide on impact
Well built

SKLZ Glide Pad Divot Simulator Golf Mat

Sklz golf matThe SKLZ Glide Pad Divot Simulator Golf Mat indistinguishably recreates normal grass development while rehearsing your golf swing. This divot recreating innovation significantly diminishes stun and damage to your body. This hitting mat can be utilized either at the driving reach or at home however you should make sense of an approach to make it level with your position stature.

These SKLZ float cushion is amazingly convenient at just 10 pounds and can be brought any place you have to rehearse your golf match-up. The exclusive sliding system is the thing that gives this item its focused edge. This hitting mat highlights a 10″ x 19″ hitting surface that can likewise support genuine wooden tees legitimately in the mat. The thick and tough turf that this mat is developed with guarantees that it won’t separate or break down for a great many shots.

The main point that may exist on this golf mat/preparing help is simply the real sliding instrument. It is misty what the number of shots around this golf mat can deal with yet inevitably, the sliding component should give. The SKLZ Glide Pad Divot Simulator Golf Mat makes rehearsing without genuine grass a mess simpler.

Pros Cons
Use at the driving range or home
Gives authentic feedback regarding your shots and provides a truer ball flight

Best Golf Mats in Size

Callaway Golf Pro Series

callaway pro serise mtThe Callaway Golf Pro Series Hitting Mat is an enormous, full-size hitting stage that works with the two golf irons and woods the same. The real size of this hitting surface is 34″ x 60″, which is a lot of space to stand and swing all clubs. The material used to develop this golf mat was a solid, genuine turf that reasonably recreates a well-manicured fairway.

The thicker, premium sponsorship is an extra layer of padding and backing so as to assimilate the effect of hitting. Alongside the entirety of their other hitting mats, Callaway uses their licensed tee holder innovation which gives you a chance to hold your favored tee at whatever statures you like. The main issue with this hitting mat is that the thickness of the material utilized may not be sufficient to adequately assimilate the effect of constant iron effects.

This is an incredible golf mat to use to jump on a level with one of the more premium hitting territory style tangles that you would then be able to join with this item. The Callaway Golf Pro Series Hitting Mat is an extraordinary practice device, particularly when joined with a better quality hitting territory mat.

Pros Cons
A durable true-turf surface simulates a real fairway none found
Premium thicker backing creates additional padding to protect clubs and soften the impact

TT3660 best golf matsThe TT3660 36″ X 60″ Monster Tee Golf Turf is another full-sized golf hitting mat that gives both a standing stage and a lavish hitting region. The surface material of this tangle is made of 100% spring pleated nylon, which gives it an undeniable hitting sensation. The mat is 1.125″ thick and uses a urethane sponsorship to retain stun.

With this hitting mat, you can straightforwardly put a genuine wooden tee into the ground and swing ceaselessly with your driver. This mat is made in the USA with only top-notch materials. Quality is such a significant factor with regards to hitting mats in light of the fact that an ineffectively developed mat can cause irreversible harm to your golf clubs.

Doing your examination heretofore could really wind up sparing you several dollars over the long haul, rather than settling on an inappropriate choice in the short run and totally harming your golf clubs. The TT3660 36″ X 60″ Monster Tee Golf Turf is balanced best golf hitting the mat in almost any circumstance.

Pros Cons
Easy on your elbows and wrists
3′ x 5′ Golf Mat

Test Process

Enough time and resources were put into researching the best golf mats on the market. Before making our final selection of the best golf mats, serval golf mats were considered. They were properly reviewed and tested and lots of online reviews were read (both positive and negative) to ascertain the most effective, durable, and comfortable golf mat for you. All of this process adds up to what makes this list of the best golf mats you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to practice golf on mats?

One ordinarily communicated grumbling is the mat can harm your golf clubs. Often, mats have concrete or elastic underneath them. depending on your swing, your club may interact with the underneath surface, and it can expand the speed of a club’s weakening. Genuine grass permits a golfer to make divots.

Does hitting practice golf balls help?

Practice balls are intended for players with constrained existence. They gauge significantly less than real balls, and travel less distance when hit (although a decent quality ball will still impersonate the state of your shot). Also, you don’t have to stress over crushing windows or hitting bystanders.


The truth is that all golf mats are not created equal. Some golf mats can actually do more damage than good to your equipment if not seriously researched. And now that you’ve known what golf mats are best in the market, it’s time to go get you one.  However, before you do, we recommend that you take as much time as is needed to check through each product again before settling on your choice.

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