12 Most Important Golf Cart Accessories Every Golf Cart Owner Should Have in 2024

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golf cart accessories

Golf truck mirrors are truly clear as crystal! This extra is unfathomably prevalent with our clients since most production line trucks have only one little focus mounted back view reflect on them (which is ideal for the fairway, but not safe on the road). Adding mirrors to your golf truck permits you to command the street with expanded security while you’re out riding.

Mirrors are an unquestionable requirement for driving your golf cart out and about or through your neighborhood. Our mirror packs commonly come in either a more extensive point (multi-board) center mounted back view arrangement or a side-mount (traveler and driver’s side) set, which gets mounted on the rooftop.

Golf Cart Covers & Enclosures

golf cart accessories

Never get trapped in the downpour while you’re out at lunch or visiting a companion’s place again! Golf cart walled in areas enables you to make the most of your cart in a wide range of climate. What’s more, they are so well known in light of the fact that they installed in only a couple of moments with no instruments.

When purchasing golf cart enclosure search for excellent ones that are made with uncompromising defensive vinyl entryways made of solid canvas with 12-measure, marine-grade, excessively clear PVC windows. Purchasing an enclosure made of these heavier obligation materials will guarantee you’re not supplanting it after only a couple of seasons.

Golf Cart Steering Wheels

golf cart accessories

Another custom golf truck controlling wheel will make your truck feel like another creature and is a mainstream decision by numerous individuals.

Industrial facility guiding wheels are not awful, however, they are ordinarily made of a material that doesn’t feel good to hold for broadened timeframes and looks “modest”.

A custom controlling wheel can in a flash make the leader’s seat of your cart look (and feel) like a million bucks! The entirety of the controlling wheels we sell additionally accompany a connector (chrome or dark) for your golf cart to guarantee the fitment of your new wheel.

Golf Cart Rocker Panels

golf cart accessories

Golf truck rocker boards, kick plates, and stun covers are an economical method to spruce up the appearance of your truck and to secure the hard edges on your truck too. Most rocker boards, kick plates and stun mount spreads arrive in an “aluminum jewel plate” style, yet we likewise have smooth complete accessible.

Golf Cart Rocker Panels: Cover the sides of the “section of flooring” of your golf cart. The rocker boards are usually sold in sets (one for each side of your truck).

Golf Cart Kick Plates: Shields the body of your cart right where the impact point of your boot/shoe lays on the section of flooring of your cart

Golf Cart Shock Mount Covers: Protect/spruce up the front of your golf cart, covering the point where your front stuns mount to your edge/body.

Fender Flares

golf cart accessories

Golf cart bumper flares are an extraordinarily prevalent expansion (particularly for lifted golf cart with balance haggles mud tires).

These flares help keep the mud off your travelers and give your haul them away from the street look you want at the same time!

There is an explanation that Fender Flares are utilized in rough terrain tracking, on ATVs and Side-by-Side vehicles and in rally dashing: they simply work when it comes to keeping the mud off the driver and segments!

Golf Cart Light Kits

golf cart accessories

Regardless of whether you are hoping to illuminate your evening time rides around the area and campground, or you’re hoping to transform your golf cart into a road legitimate machine – a golf cart light kit is what you need to accomplish it!

Golf truck light units regularly come in either street-legal or non-road legal styles. When you select the style of golf cart light pack you need, you should simply choose whether you would like LED type lights or Halogen type lights.

Golf Cart Windshields

golf cart accessories

A golf cart windshield is an ideal embellishment for keeping the breeze, bugs and different components off of you and your travelers while riding. We offer windshield packs in either tinted or clear finish, Depending on which style you like. All of the golf truck windshields available here are sway adjusted so they can withstand moderate impacts during use without splitting.

Golf Cart Lift Kits

lift kits

Genuinely, golf truck lift packs are tied with #2 underneath (golf truck back seat units) with regards to prevalence! The truth is: on the off chance that you need to fit greater haggles on your truck, or are hoping to assault new go romping landscape – you will require a golf cart lift pack to take care of business.

Golf Cart Rear Seat Kits

golf cart accessories

It’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why adding a back seat to your golf truck would be one of the most prevalent embellishments available. A back seat pack enables you to convey additional travelers and gives your truck greater utility when all is said in done (additional freight space/payload bed). Families and organizations the same love them!

When acquiring a golf cart back seat kit it is significant that it is high quality and we prescribe that it is consistently a FLIP SEAT/FLIP-FLOP SEAT -which means the seat can fold down to be utilized to pull substantial freight. Stationary seats work fine, yet limit what your truck can do, and since flip-flops cost a similar value they are the simple decision when acquiring!

Tires and Wheels

One of the speediest and least demanding value for-the-money things you can do to refresh the look and feel of your golf cart includes a lot of a new arrangement of tires to it!

Custom wheels and tires come in many configuration styles, colors, and sizes. It can appear to be overpowering. All in all, golf cart tires come in distances across (range from ground to top of the tire) extending from 18″ tall to 23″ tall for aluminum and steel golf cartwheels measured 8″ through 14″.

Tire size is the most significant factor (not wheel size) when deciding whether a particular golf cartwheels and tires combo will fit on your golf truck. The entirety of the postings for golf truck tires and haggle combos on our site determine whether they will accommodate your specific golf cart.


If you’ve read this review, it implies that you are searching for accessories for your golf cart and you’re probably ready to buy one or more. In light of that, we suggest that you take as much time as is needed before settling on your choice with the goal that you make certain of what you need.

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