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The ST200 drivers from Mizuno delivers a clubhead speed up to 240 km/h and a low CG for increased ball speed across the face. The ST200 features Mizuno’s exclusive Wave Face technology with primary and secondary waveforms that enhance ball speed on off-center hits while keeping the face square for better accuracy.

ST200 Driver

Mizuno ST200 Drivers Review

The standard ST200 includes no movability except for claims to be seriously forgiving because of a fixed back weight while as yet delivering low degrees of twist. Mizuno considers it a high-soundness driver and recommends it is intended for golf players searching for ‘straight line distance and consistency’.

The back weight, which is 11.6g, pushes the center of gravity more profound into the head while additionally raising MOI to make the driver really forgiving. The head state of the ST200 has been overhauled because of solicitations from players on Tour, bringing about a compliment crown and somewhat compliment lie point that will speak to better players.

ST200G Driver

ST200G Driver

The ST200G has ultra-customizability because of the Fast Track framework which comprises two 7g sliding loads on the sole which can be utilized to increase or lower turn rate, just as present draw and blur predisposition.

Intended for higher swing speeds, the ST200G gives quicker ball speeds than last year’s ST190G and is likewise more solid on mishits as well. This is the driver Luke Donald is gaming in 2021.

ST200X Driver

The ST200X is the ‘game-improvement driver which highlights heel-one-sided weighting to assist with advancing to a greater extent a draw predisposition and a high dispatch, just as a lighter shaft and grasp for further developed clubhead speed. Like the ST200 and ST200G heads, the ST200X is space movable by 4 degrees and you can likewise change the untruth as well.

Mizuno says that it fits a greater degree a customary Japanese particular and is best combined with their 39g MFusion shaft to assist those golf players with slower swing speeds, albeit the driver has likewise discovered its direction into the pack of PGA Tour player Chris Kirk.

The Test

To attempt to discover for you golf players whether you need to burn through £500 on a driver to get the most outcome, I tried the Mizuno ST200 and ST200G Drivers facing the TaylorMade SIM Max, which is my top pick of the ‘large four’ drivers this year. I previously gathered information inside on the Trackman 4 Simulator and then headed out to Houldsworth GC to attempt the drivers in some ‘genuine game circumstances, utilizing my standard Titleist ProV1x balls for the afternoon.

Mizuno ST200 Drivers Review

Looks and Feel

Mizuno ST200 Drivers Review

First of all, where has the blue gone?! Mizuno has dumped their famous blue and gone for a brilliant dark completion all things considered. The crown configuration is currently extremely straightforward and I think it looks perfect down at the location. It’s anything but a truly conventional feel now and I believe that the ST200 territory is among the most attractive drivers of 2021. There’s nothing to dislike.

In case you’re into your headcovers you will undoubtedly be fulfilled here too as the ST200 drivers accompany a tasteful white, striking boxing glove style headcover which is striking and acceptable quality as well. The ST200 sole is really straightforward in looks, with simply the load at the back, Mizuno running bird logo in the center, and the Wave innovation at the front. There isn’t anything to yell home about here yet I do think the turns are a stage upward from the past ST190 – Mizuno have cleaned everything up a little and it surely searches better for it.

The ST200G comes because of contribution from any semblance of Luke Donald and Keith Mitchell. It seems to be comparative at address however has significantly more going on under on account of the two-track loads. These were not difficult to move around, in spite of the fact that it’s anything but somewhat hard to change the spacing sleeve now and again. I discovered it’s anything but somewhat feeble.

As far as feel, both the ST200 and ST200G were somewhat metallic in solid, despite the fact that Mizuno says they have endeavored to make a Tour Preferred acoustic and clearly this is generally down to singular inclination. The ST200 felt a little lighter in weight, apparently on account of the shortfall of the Fast Tracks, while the ST200G felt a little more sizzling falling off the face and this is something which affirmed in my testing, which you’ll see now…



The performance of this driver on the Trackman Simulator was very acceptable, despite the fact that I never figured out how to arrive at my sacred goal of 220 yards convey. This was enormous in light of the fact that the twist rate was somewhat high for me at around 2900rpm overall, just as the way that the driver comes fifty-fifty degree lofts (for example 8.5, 9.5) thus I was unable to set it to my ideal 9 degrees. All through my testing I even got a drive that was up more than 3300 rpm, with a pinnacle stature of 113 feet.

This is a lot for me, yet it demonstrates that the ST200 performs on Mizuno’s guarantee to give a higher dispatch and more twist, so for golf players who need that mix it very well may be great. I chose to excuse this driver after indoor testing and spotlight on the ST200G on the grounds that the numbers were substandard compared to the ST200G and the TaylorMade SIM Max, and I needed to invest somewhat more energy contrasting the two head-with head on the course.

Pros Cons
Looks fantastic Higher spin may put some people off
Plenty of forgiveness Slightly tinny sound
The very reasonable price point No 0.5-degree loft settings


This driver felt fitter to me as the twist was a touch below normal, and when I struck this appropriately the rate was down around 2500rpm. This created a convey of 223 yards with a decent, solid ball flight. I would in general miss reliably to one side of the objective during my indoor testing. I wouldn’t fret about that a lot as it ordinarily likens to somewhat more distance, however, it was something that I needed to watch out for out on the course.

By and large, the ST200G turned somewhat higher than the SIM Max, with somewhat more twist, albeit these were both lower than the levels created by the standard ST200. Distance-wise, the ST200G (blue shots) was nearer to the SIM Max (purple shots) albeit not exactly there, however, I was dazzled with the snugness of the scattering and it’s consistently helpful to be sure of your patterns when you’re hitting the driver.

Pros Cons
Perfect for players looking to lower spin rates A bit expensive
Looks fantastic A touch too loud
Adjustability is easy to understand and use

On The Course

The ST200G Driver had a better performance out on the course than it did during my indoor testing and I was additionally intrigued with the distance I accomplished, despite the fact that I was all the while having a tendency to pull my shots a little to one side which added a couple of yards.

Anyway, I’d say I was dazzled with how the driver ventured up and I figured out how to hit some tee shots which were long by all accounts, completing 250 yards in addition to off the tee and beating the TaylorMade SIM Max and Cobra Speedzone drivers. The ball flight was exceptionally solid and showed little impact when hitting into the breeze which is continually consoling.


Mizuno has surely ventured up their driver execution in the course of recent years and the ST200 series is their best ever as far as looks and execution, addressing a further improvement over the ST190. I didn’t discover them to be perceptibly low-turning as the organization claims, yet ball flight was solid and reliable. Usefulness was maybe a touch harder than I might want, however, that is the thing that a 3 wood is for! The ST200G truly sparkled outside contrasted with inside and stunned me with its distance.

The numbers were very acceptable on the Trackman without being anything unique so I never figured it would be so predominant outside, however it was and that is where it really matters, so generally I can’t actually contend with that. The ST200G is estimated at £50 more than the ST200, however, this is still £100 not exactly the TaylorMade SIM drivers for a club that produces numbers that are comparable. So next time you consider upgrading your driver, add Mizuno to your rundown to test!

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