Bushnell Excel GPS Watch Review

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Are you looking for a reliable GPS golf watch to buy? Look no further than the Bushnell Excel GPS watch. This device is made specifically for tech-savvy golfers looking for reliability, durability, and accuracy.

Having said that, let’s check out what this device is made up of below.

Bushnell Excel GPS Watch: Features

Bushnell Excel GPS Watch Review

GPS watches like the Bushnell Excel give you a lot more information than just distance and hazard information. Aside from the three-round battery life, it has additional features like a color display, a pedometer, and an odometer.

In addition, you can record shot distances, player pace, and distance traveled from the time the GPS first found the course. With its integrated Swing Pro feature, it captures swing speed and tempo data, which is useful for improving your swing when you practice.

It can also pair with your phone to receive notifications.

Bushnell Excel GPS Watch: Design

Let’s start with how they look. There is no doubt that the Bushnell Excel (below right) is more stylish than Bushnell’s old Neo ION GPS watch (below left). This screen’s black background both creates a sleek look and allows the numbers to stand out easily. Aside from its lightweight and its practical size, it was also pleasant to wear.

Bushnell Excel GPS Watch: Performance

Bushnell Excel GPS Watch Review

It took less than one minute for it to lock on to satellites and begin working. To operate the watch, there are two left and three right buttons.

When playing, the main screen displays the yardage between the middle and back of the green in a large font, with the number and par of the hole in a smaller font. Using the auto-advance function between holes made it very simple to use.

You can tap into yardages to hazards using the middle button on the right. There are only four hazards displayed at a time, which is generally plenty but can become a challenge on heavily bunkered courses.

Additionally, a number of features are available that help enhance the experience. The device can record shots distances and time your round, in addition to displaying phone notifications, an important feature of modern GPS devices. As a last option, it offers information on the temperature and pressure for the day, though it does seem redundant since it is outdoor.

The Swing Pro feature stands out as it measures the tempo and speed of your swing when you tell it what club you’re using. The accuracy of this function wasn’t quite on par with its promise, even in theory.

Having mentioned the few negatives, let us recommend that you read the user manual thoroughly to learn from the watch’s many functions, which even a gadget enthusiast may find overwhelming.

All in all, it works well on course and looks every bit like the modern sports watch for less than £199. For us, it doesn’t offer as many practical golf features as the GolfBuddy WTX (also 199) and is more expensive than the Garmin Approach S20 (179.99) and SkyCaddie Linx (169.95) to be considered the best-in-class.


  • It offers clear distances and yardages at a glance, as well as weather and phone notifications, blowing the competition out of the water.


  • You should spend some time with the manual and do a few practice runs to get to grips with all the features, some of which were better than others.


The model would be a perfect fit for tech-savvy golfers looking for a reliable tool for their practice and play.

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