TaylorMade SIM2 Golf Drivers Review

The new TaylorMade® SIM2™ is exquisite from any angle. Even at address, where the low-and-forward CG location makes it incredibly easy to hold your posture to the ball. From behind, there’s the precision of Fujikura® FUTURA Speeder 661 shafts in a carefully constructed high-speed head shape.

Contrast that with an aerodynamic teardrop crown and rim design that generates more speed from seemingly every head speed. And on every aspect of performance, the SIM2’s remarkable adjustability allows you to find your optimal launch and spin characteristics by face angle, loft, and lie angle.

TaylorMade SIM2 Golf Drivers: Looks

TaylorMade SIM2 Golf Drivers Review

The TaylorMade SIM2 driver goes all-in on carbon fiber.  most of the crown is dark carbon fiber with simply a slim band of white close to the ball and a stripe of blue around the sides and rear. On the sole, the carbon fiber gives a base to huge designs in blue and white. As far as size and shape, the SIM2 driver looks compact with a slight pear shape that is upgraded by the graphics.

Compared to the SIM2 Max, the SIM2 is perceptibly more limited from front to back.  It’s additionally significant that the SIM2 sits totally square at the address in the impartial setting. At long last, a speedy holler for the stock headcover. 2021 has been a decent year for stock covers, and the SIM2 is at or close to the top. I especially like the limited utilization of the blue.  It looks sharp currently however will not glance dated in a year.

TaylorMade SIM2 Golf Drivers: Sound & Feel

I LOVE the vibe of the SIM2 driver.  Yes, all covers L-O-V-E.  This is, undoubtedly, my number one driver feel of 2021 and potentially returning far past that.  On center (and surprisingly off) it is unfathomably strong, such as driving a stake with a sledgehammer.  The vibe makes this driver habit-forming to hit.

The sound at impact is a mid-pitch “crack.”  The sound supplements the vibe well, yet certainly takes a rearward sitting arrangement to the way it feels.  I tracked down that the sound doesn’t change a ton among unadulterated and helpless strikes, yet there is sufficient criticism through the hands.

TaylorMade SIM2 Golf Drivers: Performance

TaylorMade SIM2 Golf Drivers Review

As we’ve generally expected from TaylorMade, their new SIM2 driver accompanies a dump truck loaded with innovation buzzwords.  Several of the advances are conveyed forward from past ages: Speed Injected Twist Face, Speed Pocket, and SIM Inertia Generator.  One exclusion is portable weights.  This is the first run-through in late memory that no driver in the TM line has customizable weights.  There is still space and face point flexibility at the hosel.

The new publicity is around Forged Ring Construction and Split Mass Weighting.  Forged Ring Construction alludes to the aluminum piece that interfaces the back weight, clubface, and carbon sole.  Split Mass Weighting, as the name infers, is the possibility that there are two huge slugs of weight – one close to the face, one at the back.  When testing the SIM2 driver, I found that the low dispatch, low twist claims were surely true.  This driver needs to deliver infiltrating shots with heaps of potential for rollout.

For the player who favors a lower direction or requirements to drop some twist, the SIM2 is an extraordinary choice.  What shocked me about the SIM2 driver is the degree of forgiveness.  Based on TaylorMade’s portrayal, I anticipated that this should be their “players just” model, however, I found that it was very predictable as far as both ball speed and direction.  Particularly in my first meeting, I was not swinging the SIM2 well, yet I actually got strong results.  when I brought a superior swing, the outcomes were completely fantastic.

Pros Cons
Faster off the face than SIM Minimal improvements over SIM
Easier to align and feels better at impact


While the hobbyists may miss the flexible loads, I think they’ll get over it when they experience the absolution and consistency of the TaylorMade SIM2 driver.  If you’re the sort of player who needs lower dispatch and spin-off the tee, this should be close to the highest point of your demo list for 2021.

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